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"My sources are unreliable but their information is fascinating."
Ashleigh Brilliant

Those who oppose Freemasonry do so for a variety of reasons. With the advent of the world wide web, a broad - and FREE - venue allowed anyone to get attention, especially those whose views are ridiculous to the point of absurdity. While anti-Masons in the past have regularly copied from one another, the 'cut and paste' options inherent with website material make the repetition of foolishness far more easy than ever before in history. This list, then, has grown more rapidly than it did several years ago as this 'monkey see-monkey do' behavior, particularly as adolescents, the ignored, and the disaffected seek to have a voice of importance in a society which has ignored them. As we move into the 21st century, self-publishing creates a false facade of legitimacy with the claim that an individual is a 'published author'.

This page, then, is designed to identify more succinctly the 'person behind the objection' and permit a more comprehensive view of their arguments and beliefs.

Our rationale for 'naming names'

Why create a listing of those who speak disparagingly of Masons or provide erroneous information about Freemasonry? Those who pay careful attention can usually see through the arguments founded on prejudices and agendas but the casual observer may not have the time or ability to get 'all the facts' involved. A condemnation of Freemasonry is rarely superficial; rather, it is generally part and parcel of other hatreds and prejudices that have rendered the person doing the condemning as much less than objective.

Because their rants against Freemasonry are generally presented separately from their other 'material', it's not always easy to see the 'whole picture'. If it were from simple ignorance, the venom might be overlooked but when they repeat lies knowing them to be such, put profit ahead of honesty, or lie in the name of religion, we think that it's only appropriate to also provide 'the rest of the story'. Even when lies or falsehoods are exposed time and time again (the classic example is reuse of the Taxil hoax by anti-Masons), these individuals persist in their defamation. Why? Perhaps because it gives them a brief importance that they could have otherwise never, never achieved.

And let's be honest: no Masonophobe who's ever created a list of Masons has given even a smidgeon of concern to what those Masons might think. Certainly rolling in the mud with pigs is far from seemly but the plain fact is that if you don't know the WHOLE story behind these individuals, you might mistakenly assume that they know what they're talking about.

The "Hit-List" - so some say....

Claiming that one is an underdog, loudly and with much theatrics, is a pathetic way to get attention. Nevertheless, that hasn't stopped a few pathetic souls from trying to garner sympathy and/or evoke fear and/or hatred by referring to this page and this site as a "Masonic Hit-List". It' just SO laughable. This site is one individual's thoughts and opinions, uninfluenced by any Masonic organization or individual and it's funded entirely by it's owner, Ed King.

Below is a listing of those names you might encounter during your travels through cyberspace, libraries, and life. These are not the 'one-time' complainant who might make an off-hand remark that would be offensive to Masons. Rather it is a list of those persons whose behaviors and/or published works - clearly documented for the world to see - exhibit malice and ill intent towards Freemasons and Freemasonry. As you'll notice, most also seem to do this towards a whole bunch of other groups, races, etc. as well. This list can never be complete - obviously - yet (comically) a couple of folks have condemned it for not having every single internet gadfly or centuries-dead individual who might have spoken ill of the fraternity. Using the typical 'ignore the facts' and hide behind insignificant detail, it allows those who eschew our efforts to avoid the truth.

Anti-Masons from the past are shown in italics. Names with underlines have direct links to our information on them. We add detail as time allows. 

Please Note: Before accusing someone of being anti-Masonic, be SURE you're addressing the same person as the one you find outlined here. Many of these names are common ones and the person you know may very likely NOT be the person we've profiled.

Also: MANY of the opponents of Freemasonry are really little more than 'copycats', seemingly finding a boogey man in every thing they see in the world around them. Not everyone named here is a 'big deal' anti-Mason. Most, in fact, are VERY small bit players who have no influence on anyone but whose name or antics you might encounter on your travels through cyberspace.

A Acacia Press, Ben Acheson, Ken Adachi, John Quincy Adams, Barbara Aho, Tom Albrecht, Marshall Almarode, John R. Amick, Raymond Amundsen, John Ankerberg, Jason Appleton, Rick Artu, Leonard Ashdown

B James M. Baker, Eric Barger, Dave Barley, Evarist Bartolo, Gordon "Cardinal" Bateman, David Bawden (a/k/a Pope Michael), David Bay, Mark Bayonne, John and Kathy Beardsley, Steward Bedillion, Mark Beeston, Jaye C. Beldo, Josh Bempechat, Pope Benedict XVI, John Benefiel, David Bernard, Harold J. Berry, Paul Bersche, William A. BeVier, Kurt J. Billings, John Birkenshaw, Jonathan Blanchard, Lawrence Blanchard, (Madame Blavatsky*), Gary D. Blevins, Michael Blunk, James Bolden III, Salvador Borrego, W. Brian Boggs, Martin Nisbet Boyd (a/k/a "Mars"), James Allen Breesem, Patrick Cracroft-Brennan, Neil Brick, Ed Brown, David L. Brown, DeVita Brown, Tony Brown, Grant Bruer, Paul A. Bruni, Bishop Bruskewitz, Mark Bubek, David Buehler, Rev. Josh Buice, Roger "El Gato" Bullock, Keith Burd, Sean Burden, Larry Burkett, Cathy Burns, Lora Burton, 'Rev.' Richard G. Butler, Dale A. Byers

C Edward Cahill, David Cameron, Ron G. Campbell, Rick Carey, Daniel D. Carlen, Ron Carlson, William Guy Carr, David/Donna Carrico, Daryl "Plutonium" Carstensen, James Caufield, Anton Chaitkin, Richard Chartrand, Barry Chamish, Darren Champen, Roger Chernoff, Jack Chick, Jason Christie (Louisiana), Tony Ciarlante, Richard Clark, Brad Cofield, John Coleman, Phillip D. Collins, James J. Condit, Jr., John Conner, Benjamin L. Cook, Ezra A. Cook, (Milton) William Cooper, Tony Copple, Dan Corner, Jim Coor, Bernard Cough, John Covici, Stan Cox, Bill Creel, Rowland Croucher, Dennis L. Cuddy, Rex Curry

D John Daniel, Richard Henry Davis, James Daugherty, Lorraine Day, M.D., William Deagle, Ed Decker (Jason Decker, Carol Decker), Greg DeLong, Lewis Dent, Gen. Primo deRivera, Dyson Devine, Harold Dewberry, Judy Diarya, Lee Dickinson, Brother Michael Dimond, Pierce Dodson, Jerome (Jeronimo) Domínguez, Barry Domville, Clay Douglas, Frederick Douglass, James Shelby Downard, Albert Dryden, Eric Dubay and his father Roger Dubay, Ronald Joseph Dubois, Gordon Duff, Neil Dunfield, Greg Loren Durand, John Durr

E Errol Eardly, Eliza Earsman, Jean Eason, Jack R. Elliott, Dr. Peggy Elliott, Ephesians 5-11, Ralph Epperson, Kourosh Etmad-Moghadan, Billy Evertsen

F Michael Fackerell, Fr. Denis Fahey, George Farquhar, Bernard Fay, Father Leonard Feeney, Eddy D. Field II & Eddy D. Field III, Rev. Charles Finney, Paul A. Fisher (US), Paul Fisher (UK), Rick D. Flavin, Mark A. Flynn, Ray/Pauly Fongemie, Gen. Francisco Franco"Freemasonry Watch", Sandy Frost

G Ed Garner, Dan Genbrack, Michael C. (Mike) Gentry, Hutton Gibson, Joseph Goebbels, Hermann Goering, Jerry Golden, Robert Goldsborough, Alan W. Gomes, Father Manuel Guerra Gómez, Cirino Gonzalez, Tony Gosling, Dean Gotcher, Theodore Graebner, Anthony Grigor-Scott, Jason Guenther

H Nicholas Hagger, Larry Edw. Hall, Tony Hammack, Hank Hanegraaff, Walton Hannah, Tony Hardin, Jack Harris, Shanda-Lee Harrachsingh, Keith Harris, Dan/Augusta Harting, Fred Hatchett, Michael Haupt, Gianni DeVincent Hayes, Ernest H. & Melody D. Hays, Chuck Helton, Rudolph Hess, Leslie H. Higgins, Martin Hill, Thomas Hilton, Adolph Hitler, Mark Hines, Richard Hoagland, David Hobson, Michael A. Hoffman, II, Larry Holly, Daniel Hopkinson, Thomas Horn, Dr. Len Horowitz, Jay Howard, Michael Howard, Robert Howard, Wendy B. Howard, Mark E. Howerter, Jerry Huffman, Grayling Hunter

I David Icke, Larry Ingram, Charlotte Iserbyt

J Wayne Jackson, David S. Janssen, Paul Jenkins, "TJ" Jensen, Alan/Keith Johnson, Diarmuid Johnson, Stan Johnson, Alex Jones, E. Michael Jones, Ray M. Jurjevich

K Nick Kaffes, Gary Kah, Gennady Kalmykov, Kansan1225, Nathanael (Milton) Kapner, Peter Fortis Kapnistos, Glen Kealey, Jim Keith, Maurice Kellett, Brian Kennedy, D. James Kennedy, Steve Keohane, USN (Ret.), Devvy Kidd, Rev. James C. Kinchen, Jr., Alex Kline (a pseudonym of Sam Moser), Stephen Knight, Marion Knox, Philip Kramer, Bela Kun (Hungary), Larry & Dianna Kunk

L Izak Labuschagne, Greg Lambert, Christoper Lancaster, Eric Landstrom, Lyle Larrigan, Lyndon LaRouche, Bob Larson, Cardinal Bernard Law, Vivienne Legg, Connie Lentz, William Leonardi, Stephen C. Lewin, "Librarian", Juri Lina, J. G. Llasa, Rev. Msgr. Pedro Lopez-Gallo, Roy Jose Lorr, R. Lothamer, Erich Ludendorff, Robert Lyons

M Keith & Lorrie MacGregor, Bro. Charles Madden, Stan Madrack, Henry Makow, Paul Makucha, Paul Malcomson, Brother André Marie (a/k/a Louis Villarrubia), "Mars" (a/k/a Martin Nisbet Boyd), Jim Marrs, Texe Marrs, Doc Marquis, Willie Martin, George Mather, Kenneth Matto, Randy Maugans, Jordan Maxwell, Rev. Alva McClain, Rollan McCleary, Noel McDonald, Hugh McFarland, Kelly McGinley, Keith McGregor, Steve McHenry, Thomas C. McKenney, John J. McManus, C. F. McQuaig, Muhammad Shamsaddin Megalommatis, Terry Melanson, Zenith Harris Merrill, David J. Meyer, Rick Miesel, Edith Starr Miller (a/k/a Lady Queenborough), Elliot Miller, Lloyd Miller, Tom Millington, Daniel Joseph Min, Robert E. Miner, Tom Minogue, Ken Mitchell, Gordon "Jack" Mohr, Stan Monteith, John Errol Moore, Philton & Rema Moore, Robert A. Morey, Capt. William Morgan, Alan Morrison, Robb Moser, Samuel A. Moser, Lynne Moss-Sharman, Eustace Mullins, Benito Mussolini, Roger & Sidney Mytton-Watson

N Steven Newcomb, {Jerry Newport}, Larry A. Nichols, Luke Nichols, John Nicholson (probably an alias for William Leonardi), Michael John Nisbett, James Randall Noblitt

O Adnan Oktar (Harun Yahya), Alfred Olsen, Mike Oppenheimer, John M. Otis

P Georg Michael Pachter, Lawrence W. Page II (pseudo: Seven Star Hand),  Ian Paisley, Rita Pal, Mike Palevo, Michael Jerome Pardo, David Pawson, Rod Pead, Todd K. Pedlar, Daniel Perez, Pamela Sue Perskin, Helen Peters, Jefferis Kent Peterson, Eric Jon Phelps, Chuck D. Pierce, Christian J. Pinto, Charles T. Powner, Jim Prange (Pseud: Alex Parma)Timothy Prankerd, Karl C. Priest, Greg Pudwill

R Debra Rae, Ken Raggio, Zander Raines, John Rally, A. W. Rainsbury, Robert Randall, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, Trevor Ravenscroft, Dean Roger Ray (Teslacoils2001), Ronald D. Ray, Raybert, Douglas Reed, Joseph Reinckens, Mike Restivo, Dr. Harrell Rhome, John R. Rice, Kraig J. Rice, Fritz Ridenour, Pastor Ron Riffe, David Allen Rigsby, Jon Riley, Michael E. Rippie, Alberto Rivera, David Allen Rivera, Derek Robert, Pat Robertson, John RobisonDavid Roblee, Scott Roeder, Don Rogers, Shella RomaEdmond Ronayne, L. James Rongstadt, Alfred Rosenberg, Don D. Ross, Eddy Ross, Gary & Lisa Ruby   

S Ehsanul Islam Sadequee, John Salvi, John Salza, Richard A. Salzer, Skip Sampson, Mel Sanger, Raum Sariel (another pseudonym of Brad Cofield), Bill Schnoebelen, Stephen Michael Schroeder, Geoffrey Scriven, Jim Searcy, Bruce-Eddie Segrum, Phil Serpico, Per Sewen, Doyle Shamley, Vic Shannon, Lynne Moss-Sharman, John Sharpe, Jim Shaw, Stoney Shaw, Martin Short (Author, UK - NOT the actor!), Barry R. Smith, David J. Smith, William Bryan Sorens, Kenneth Speer, James R. Spencer, Fritz Springmeier, St. John the "Sublime Reformer", "Evangelist" J. W. Stansell, Sonny René Stermole, Christopher Stevens, Selwyn Stevens, Thaddeus Stevens, David J. Stewart, William T. Still, Joe Stirling, Tim Stines, Nicholas A. Stivers, John Stokes, Kevin Strom, Bill Sudduth, Kenneth Symington, Rebecca Wagner Sytsema, Greg Szymanski  

T Harmon Taylor, Walter Taylor, Roger Thibault, Gigi Thomoure, Kevin G. Thompson, James Todd, John Todd, Michael Tozer, Karen (Poulin) Trenouth, David Trosch, Michael Tsarion, Steven Tsoukalas, Solomon Tulbure, Pastor David Turner

U Corr Uilleand

V Daniel Vandinja, Steve Van Nattan, John Vennari, Richard Vizzutti, VOMIT

W Martin L. Wagner, Val Waldeck, Paul Walker, Jerry L. Walls, William C. Walter, James K. Warner, Lee Warren, Duane Washum, Jon Watkins, William Watson, Alan Watt, John Weatherly, Robert Tom Weaver, Ken Webber, Thurlow Weed, Charles Douglas Wehner, Jeffrey Weinhaus, John Weldon, Daniel Wellman, Harry E. Werner, A. J. West, William Whalen, John Whitley, Charlie Wiley, Brian Samuel Williams, George & Rita Williams, Matthew Williams, Dore Williamson, Greg Wilson, Edward Wilson, Gordon/David Winrod, Russ Wise, Daniel A. Witchen, Gary Wohlscheid, Steve Worrall-Clare, Slade Lucas Worsley, James Robert Wright

Y John Yonge

Z Leo Zagami, J. Zeke

How many are there?

Over the years, the above list has grown a bit larger as we've added some names of the VERY 'bit players' who, seeking their fifteen minutes of fame, have ranted online to garner attention. The majority of them who've been added are simply 'one shot wonders' whose verbal aggression has been memorialized and locatable thanks to internet search/storage.

Also, the list above has grown because it includes a number of people who use more than one moniker (James Todd and VOMIT, for example, or Nick Kaffes also known as Kansan1225). Let's also put this into perspective: if we assume that the number listed here is understated and we simply multiply it by 100, dividing that by the world's population would show that anti-Masons number about .000000002% (rounded up several places) - a pretty insignificant percentage by any measure.

One can also compare their totally unknown names and non-existant 'stature' with a list of approximately the same number here. We think you'll be able to quite clearly see the difference.

Most of those named on this site don't really like being 'exposed' in this manner: having the 'light of day' showing the broader picture of their prejudices and/or behavior is NOT what they want. Readily accessible information which refutes their rhetoric is a great problem for them. It would seem that they often prefer to push their agenda of anti-Masonry without the world realizing the 'rest of the story'.

We encourage our readers to consider this:

On web sites where there are anti-Masonic postings, how many also provide direct links to Masonic sites where contradictory information can be found? We could count the number we've found on one hand and those seem to have been added only because Masons have been vocal in pointing out this inconsistency. Ours appears on a couple because they want to rant and rave about this site and its creator. It's so comical! Link to us! We DARE ya!!!

However, when looking at the personal websites of Masons, you can regularly find a cross-reference to Masonry's opponents. It's part of the principles of toleration and fairness which Masons practice. If those who're against Masonry have nothing to fear from the truth, why don't they include links to sites such as this? We wonder....

All the best: Dictators galore!

Individuals who oppose Freemasonry are pretty regularly shown to be those whom you'd not care to befriend. Benito Mussolini or Adolph Hitler aren't persons whom most would find to be enjoyable companions. This is not to say that all who speak against Freemasonry are inherently evil or totally self-serving. In our personal  experience, however, those who knowingly lie or are profoundly paranoid are simply not pleasant company.

Do all anti-Masons fit into this category? Certainly not - and it's not only anti-Masons who believe in alien domination, overarching government conspiracies, and that they alone have the 'correct' religious beliefs.... 

* Note: We've identified a couple of folks in the list above simply because their writings are often used by anti-Masons to support their screeds. These folks, though, aren't in and of themselves anti-Masonic. They're noted with an asterisk.

The impact of it all

And let's be clear here: while we've named some folks who are no more than a drop of water in the ocean relative to the effectiveness of their arguments against Freemasonry. The world-wide web has given these individuals two minutes of 'fame' and thus they are 'covered' on this site. Just because someone with a 'big mouth' is described on a page here doesn't mean - by ANY stretch of the imagination - that they're an important anti-Mason. 

     One usenet poster - a Mason - a few years ago was publicly posting on the alt.freemasonry newsgroup that our selection of a particular individual for description here somehow diminishes Freemasonry. He whines that having anyone "insignificant" (how he decides that has never been explained) is simply this site author's vengeance to 'get even' because of what he imagines was an online confrontation with the author. Another Mason posting on a blog has alluded to the fact that this site is too 'fundamentalist' in its approach, seeming to 'pick on' those who the owner perceives as a threat to Freemasonry.

     In fact, this site provides knowledge: nothing more and nothing less. Those who wish to challenge what is written here - IN WRITING - will have their concerns addressed publicly. There's no need for cuddly phone conversations or soapy showers together. (That last phrase comes from a Clint Eastwood film some years ago, lest there be any question!)

     Let's be clear: in the final analysis, the choice of who is highlighted here is based on several factors including the availability of material which may show yet another side of the often incomprehensible behavior of anti-Masons, the current visibility of the individual, and the time available to create a readable and comprehensive memoir. Personal animus, an assumption at best, is in no way involved. When we think folks might ask, "Who is this person?", we attempt to provide background.

     A charge of revenge (from our admittedly biased perspective) could be simply 'sour grapes' based (in one case) on that person's own inability to impact on the anti-Masonic movement after multiple years of his own very hot rhetoric and unquestionably un-Masonic online behavior or (in the other case) an inability to see what is really going on, preferring instead to be lured by some Pied Piper. We feel this site made a significant impact in a VERY short period of time and has continued for over a decade to provide helpful information using objective and verifiable facts, without name-calling and without resorting to exposing an individual's personal life except insofar as it relates to their anti-Masonic activities. In point of fact, we caused the anti-Mason with whom the 'critical Mason' referred to above was obsessed to give up his multiple years of online argument and deceit within just a few months of this site's creation. Jealousy is such a terrible vice!

     We put this statement here lest any doubt exists: all entries on this site are made based on material and time available to the site owner. Should anyone (and particularly any Mason) find our site inadequate or lacking information they feel essential or should they wish to add essays or explanations about individuals, concepts, or ANYTHING they've read here, they should PLEASE not hesitate to have them send us their submissions IN WRITING. We'll be happy to consider them for inclusion - and will give full and total source attribution.

     Rather than whining about our site elsewhere on the internet, we would also encourage ANYONE to do their own research and create their own website about anti-Masons and anti-Masonry - or about ANYTHING for that matter. The web-viewing public can then decide which is the better and vote with their mouse (mice?). Maintaining a growing an interesting website takes far more than the 'sunshine soldier' who flails at another's attempts.

    We'll repeat it again: we encourage anyone to write their own essays telling folks why they feel a particular anti-Mason should NOT have been 'honored' with our attention. We'll attach it to what we've written. If we still feel we've been justified in including a particular person, we'll be glad to discuss it in a rational and restrained way. We strive for a balanced view and wouldn't want anyone - especially a Mason - to become disturbed, feeling compelled to whine that we'd given more 'ink' to someone than they felt deserved it! Enough said....

     Finally, for any person who feels that they've been unfairly singled out for attention, we'd be happy to explain the full details behind the inclusion. If you're the person profiled, rest assured that your anti-Masonic behavior merited our including you on this site. And, although we're awfully darn sure of what we write BEFORE we write it (unlike Masonophobes who regularly lash out at everyone), we might have made some error which warrants correction - beyond just your concern that you should be listed as the greatest Mason hater of all time. If you think we have made a mistake or you have more information to share, let us know. Be sure to follow the instructions at the link below to avoid spam filters.


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