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For the past three hundred years, Freemasonry has been blamed for many things - and rarely with any evidence whatsoever. Claims that Masons organized the French Revolution or control the world are seen by most rational persons as creations of fancy. These charges are often made by people exhibiting a high degree of paranoia and/or an overly developed persecution complex.

Neil Brick, however, makes charges which are far, far more insidious. He claims that Masons practice Satanic ritual abuse of children. Even more distressing is that through his use of field-specific terminology and persistence, his claims are being accepted by a couple of people in the abuse field as having legitimacy - although he has been forced to admit that they are simply "allegations" and has never once produced proof of his wild charges!

Neil is the founder of S.M.A.R.T. (which ostensibly stands for "Stop Mind control And Ritual abuse Today"). This Massachusetts, USA resident hosts an annual conference addressing "Ritual Abuse, Secretive Organizations and Mind Control". He describes himself on his web page  as "...a survivor of alleged Masonic Ritual Abuse."

While Brick's claims will seem both crazy and stupid to any Mason, he has nevertheless managed to attract invitations to events where he is able to preach his anti-Masonic agenda under the guise of stopping abuse. He has also been able to attract persons who have genuine interests in the evils of abuse to appear at his programs, the attendance at which he closely coordinates.

"Current members of secret organizations, current perpetrators, and/or members of unsympathetic organizations are excluded from the conference. This is for the protection and safety of those in attendance.". 

One of his speakers for 1999 was reportedly a "Captain" with the responsibility for animal abuse at the Animal Rescue League of Boston. Repeated requests were made to the Animal Rescue League for confirmation that an employee of theirs was representing them at Brick's events - and a request for explanation of why they would believe that Masons were involved with abuse of any kind - but they have produced no response whatsoever. We note too that this person has supposedly now died and Brick's year 2000 was being held in his memory. Strange coincidence?

Using phraseology to endear himself with others in the abuse survivor movement, he consistently adds wording throughout his site warning, "Caution: this material may be triggering." 

His anti-Masonic position is never fully explained. In one of his sample newsletters, he gives links to four sites including the Scottish Rite and their Museum of Our National Heritage (described here on our site) indicating "...may be very triggering and/or are sympathetic to alleged perpetrators. Please use caution when visiting these sites." In a totally contradictory and bizarre turn, however, there are two other links are to a primary writer for Lyndon Larouche, Anton Chaitkin. For someone who wants to help abuse victims, we hardly think Larouche's diatribes about government control and violent protests is appropriate - but Mr. Brick doesn't seem to think that sort of thing is triggering when a display of farming tools of the 18th century might be....

A review of Brick's web site fails to reveal his specific charges against Freemasonry. Those who might tend towards the sympathetic should, at least, require some of the details of his claims which might be verified. We doubt they'll be forthcoming: they are, after all, "alleged". 

In addition, Mr. Brick regularly has welcomed other anti-Masons as speakers for his conference including Lora Burton who advertises herself as a "Former Rainbow Girl" and was one of three participants in the 'Survivor and Co-survivor Forum' of the 1998 (first) Ritual Abuse Conference he ran.

Brick's newsletters regularly promote other anti-Masonic sites and activities including the Hoffman material (extra-terrestrials) and the Ministries to Masons Conference discussed elsewhere on this site. You can read his repetition of the many lies in Cathy Burns' book which defames Freemasonry and, of course, repeats the Taxil hoax

It appears that Brick has decided that discretion is the better part of valor and has edited all of his newsletters on his web site to belatedly add that "All accusations are alleged."

For his year 2000 conference, Brick recruited two more "alleged" survivors of Masonic ritual abuse as follows:

"Mary Jo Schneller is the director of the South County Christian Counseling Center. She has been actively educating the public about the connection between satanic ritual abuse, mind control and the Masonic connection. She will speak about "Training for Therapists for Survivors with Mind Control.""


"Gigi Thomure is a survivor of RA, SRA and mind control programs ranging from alleged Masonic to military programming. Her programming includes many areas of New World Order and top secret global planning. She has found many timed programs and she is finding ways to carefully use this information for the protection of others. The title of her presentation is "A Smelting Pot in the Year 2000.""

We find these charges raised by Brick and his cohorts as despicable and disgusting - and more so because of their equivocated claims by using the word 'alleged'! 


Brick is an Illuminati and mind-programmed killer
- - - so he claims....

Neil Brick's September 2000 Newsletter should put to rest any modicum of credibility that could have been given to his bizarre claims of "Masonic satanic ritual abuse". We can only wonder what Mr. Brick will remember when his little song and dance loses steam the next time. Perhaps he'll recall having been the King of Siam....

Oh, and do note the word "alleged" sprinkled liberally throughout.

Survivor Article

This article was written by Neil Brick, editor. Please use caution while reading this. It may be very triggering. All accusations are alleged.

After the last conference, I realized that I am an alleged survivor of mk-ultra programming, and Illuminati programming. I had known for many years that I was a survivor of alleged Masonic ritual abuse. The last few years I had been having more memories about being experimented on in lab settings and electroshocked.

While talking to friends, I had a very strong emotional feeling, like I had been hit by an incredible wind in my midsection and I felt very disorientated. I realized that all sorts of walls had gone down in my system and that I was very confused and disorientated, like spin programming. I really knew at that moment I was Illuminati. This fits with the Masonic piece I had talked about for years. Bessel van der Kolk in a video recently said that the body doesnít lie and I knew my body was telling the truth about this.

I didnít fully realize this until this particular moment, but I had always kept my mind open to whatever memories or feelings I had, thinking about them to see if and how they fit.

After talking to my friends, I had an incredible deal of trouble finding my way out of where I was via car and drove around lost for about ten minutes or so until I could find the highway. I realized that this was a disorientating program that I was supposed to have once I got to this layer of programming. That whole night until I fell asleep I was terrified someone was going to come and get me or kill me because I had remembered all this. I realized this was also programming. The next day I felt a lot better, having worked through the feelings accompanying these programs. I began to work on unraveling the memories and programs that had been put in me.

I realized that I was trained by delta force programs, to kill. I had memories of being put on planes with groups of other mk-ultra delta survivors to do certain jobs, usually to kill, but sometimes to get information. My jobs varied on different missions. Sometimes I killed but I was also supposed to clean up and/or be a lookout.

I donít think I have many details. I have memories of sometimes being drugged or blindfolded or having a rope tied around me so I wouldnít know exactly where we were going or what we were doing. It was usually dark and my vision had never been very good anyway. Missions were on a "need to know" basis.

The experimentation memories I had were varied, some of them were being trained to kill on command. Others were being made to learn long sequences of numbers to learn command sequences and/or memorize information. Other times I was spun or electroshocked to be made to forget what I did or what I had learned subliminally. After certain missions we were also electroshocked and given the suggestions to forget everything, including programming that if we told we would die. I also have programs that make me sleepy and/or fall asleep when I am working on programming or beginning to remember things.

Now I realize I am a survivor of Illuminati programming, Masonic section. The Illuminati symbols had always bothered me, they are sometimes similar to the Masonic ones and historically, I believe the groups are connected. I was also used in mk-ultra type experiments to see how someone would react and how much pain they could take before passing out, at least on the East Coast. This fits with my extremely high pain threshold.

After having all of these memories, I felt like a huge weight had been lifted off of me. I had not had any major memories in a while. I also felt much stronger and much more confident. I am now much more aware of triggers and much more in tune with my gut feelings about what and who is and isnít safe. This increased confidence had helped me state my needs clearer and stronger in my relationships with others. I am also a lot less afraid and terrified of the world. I think that this is due to the fact that I have worked through a lot of fear and confusion or disorientation type programming. I have increased clarity and energy because I no longer need to hold all of this inside me anymore behind amnesic barriers.

I plan on continuing to work on my recovery, remembering what I need to to heal and get stronger, so that I can continue to improve the quality of my life and to continue the advocacy work in the survivor movement I have done.

Taken from Neil Brick's S.M.A.R.T. September, 2000 Newsletter

Some people want to blame Freemasonry without ever really providing evidence - or making Freemasonry guilty by association (ignoring any other associations which might exist). 

On one web site, an individual claims that a group of Masons were involved in child pornography and further alleges that she saw a child killed by them - and then further says that when the child's body was found months later, "It was assumed to be a simple accident.". These self-contradictory statements are totally ludicrous. The person making these charges further claims to have become part of a Baptist cult and watched people being murdered there as well. The person also claims to have 'multiple personality disorder'.

The highly respected web site religious has a separate page devoted entirely to "Satanic Ritual Abuse" (SRA) here. Their comments include the following:  ( note: While this article points out how religions have been slandered, it is relevant in this case with Brick doing the same thing using Freemasonry.) 

"There remain many individuals and groups who still attempt to raise public awareness of SRA through seminars, Web pages, articles, books, etc. They often teach that many benign, gentle religious groups are abusing, mutilating, programming, and killing children and adults. SRA is thus a religious tolerance concern, because so much hatred and misinformation is directed by the SRA industry at small religious groups.

Often forgotten are the victims of this panic:

bullet Thousands of young children (now in their late teens or early adulthood) who were convinced, by dangerous interview techniques, that they were subjected to sexual torture
bullet Hundreds of adults who were convicted of crimes and jailed for which they were innocent -- in most cases crimes that never happened.
bullet An unknown number of adults who were victimized by recovered memory therapy and multiple personality disorder, who came to believe that they were Satanic abuse survivors, became disabled, and in many cases, committed suicide
bullet Followers of many benign faith groups who were targeted by the SRA industry and labeled as child abuse perpetrators."

And another interesting article - this one debunking the myth of Satanic Ritual Abuse - can be found here.

Cashing in on ritual abuse horror!

At Mr. Brick's 2001 conference, one of the top-billed speakers was Judith Remet, a former Medical Doctor (MD) psychiatrist who lost her license due to negligence based on eight counts of professional misconduct including inappropriate sexual contact, sexual relations with a patient and improper prescribing of drugs over a period of some 6 years! You can read the charges and the decision as made by the New York State Board of Licensure in Medicine here where you can read much of the paperwork. Ms. Remet apparently wanted conference attendees to believe that she left her profession as a life choice rather than by law a couple of years earlier. You can read her remarks thanks to the online transcript here

And because Mr. Brick refers to their book as " of the best sources on evaluative research....", readers might also be interested in our review of the book "Cult and Ritual Abuse" by Noblitt and Perskin here.

Updated 23 Jan 2005 and 15 Sep 2006.


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