Leo Zagami

The Illuminati renegade - and Freemason

It's pretty spooky: here's a guy who's CLEARLY a big deal - and he'll certainly be glad to tell you so! He wants to be on every conspiracy radio broadcast you'll find - but this is, perhaps, not surprising in view of his knowledge of that particular medium (as you'll see below). On his website, he'll tell you that he's an ex-member of the Comitato Esecutivo Massonico - Masonic Executive Committee (MEC) of Monte Carlo. He claims that, until recently, "...a high level member of the Italian Illuminati, a 33rd degree freemason, a true insider and a high-member of the infamous Freemasonic P2 Lodge." Further, his website claims that "He was the "prince", prepared to take over after the older Illuminati "king", Licio Gelli. He is of Illuminati aristocrat bloodline and therefore involved in the Illuminati Order since childhood."


Simply, NO! You may have missed the bio that's on his website which doesn't - quite strangely - mention ANY of those things. Instead, it presents Mr. Leo Young (one of his 'other' names) being far less a 'man of mystery' and much more  a very insecure and self-aggrandizing musical promoter. Maybe he ISN'T a milque-toast wannabe but based on the exhaustive detail he provides, it really should give you some clue as to the narcissistic factors at play in this man's world. Does YOUR biography talk about the importance of haircuts in your life? If it does, then you probably will just love Leo.

What's particularly interesting is that his biography NEVER mentions his living in Monte Carlo where his imaginary memberships are supposed to exist.  Perhaps we're being too picky....? Let's examine this further:

'Masonic Executive Committee of Monte Carlo'?

How curious. Monte Carlo - and, in fact, ALL of Monaco - has only ONE Masonic Lodge which was founded there in 1924 by the United Grand Lodge of ENGLAND (headquartered in London). It is governed directly FROM London and is the only lodge of the English Constitution still remaining in "French" territory. Port of Hercules Lodge #4626, EC, meets in the Library of St. Paul's Church House, Avenue de la Grande Bretagne on the 2nd Thursday of January, March and November with their installation on the 23rd of April each year.1 We'd guess that Mr. Young/Zagami never realized that someone might know about what goes on in Monte Carlo but.... well, here we are! Would it surprise you to know too that the "Comitato Esecutivo Massonico" stuff only appears in search engines with Mr. Zagami's name attached to it? If you're completely conspiracy-addicted, you'll already have the answer: it's a CONSPIRACY and only Zagami has the courage to talk about it. If, on the other hand, you have a modicum of common sense, you'll know that it's only because this individual has gotten a bunch of like-minded paranoids to repeat his fairy tale.

A high level member of the Italian Illuminati?

Well, for a group that doesn't exist - and Mr. Zagami has produced exactly ZERO proof of said membership except his own self-serving statements - frankly, only the most gullible would swallow those. Nevertheless, today that would seem to include a great many conspiracy-minded folks who, because of some psychological need to bring order into their lives by providing explanations for random acts of horror, accept ANY claims that 'sound good' without the slightest hint of proof. And we've got to wonder why a former "high level member of the Italian Illuminati" would write the following as his biography:

BIOGRAPHY OF LEO LYON ZAGAMI AKA LEO YOUNG  (and now identifies himself as Khaled Saifullah Khan)






1988 "Beat Romance" - Backstage / Lunatic Records - Disco Magic (Italy)

1990 "Shining" - Brothers Brigade (Leo Young, Cirillo, Markie) / White Label (UK)

We found it pretty odd, frankly: here is is claiming HE is a "WANNA BE" with a smiley and yet, when ranting about conspiracies, he claims with all seriousness that he was one of them? Odd - or schizophrenic - or both? You decide!

And then there's that other problem: Mr. Zagami (Young, Khan, whatever) claims that the Illuminati is controlled by the Jesuits in the Vatican. Yet, strangely, they're also Freemasons? Who would have thought....

A 33rd Degree Freemason?

Mr. Zagami is neither the first nor will he be the last to claim for himself honors and awards never received. Probably the most scurrilous of such claims involves a former Mason, Jim Shaw, who - with the prodding of his co-author - created a complete fantasy about receiving this honorary degree/recognition. Perhaps Mr. Young/Zagami would be good enough to produce his patent of membership? Perhaps he would deign to reveal where and when this event occurred - since they are all recorded by the governing Scottish Rite jurisdiction?

Oh, and on what basis did Mr. Zagami/Young receive this honor? Because he was so gosh-darn cool as a disc jockey perhaps?

Or how about his age? From this website, we learn that Mr. Young was born in about 1970. Since he's been running around in conspiracy circles for several years now, that would mean that had he received the claimed award, he would have been aged 30 or younger. Now how likely is THAT, do you suppose? Well, they must have bent the rules for someone so talented....

A true insider and member of the Freemasonic P2 Lodge?

Now here's the real problem. The P-2 Lodge was closed in 1976 - at a time when he was SIX YEARS OLD. Why young Mr. Young probably wasn't even Zagami at that point. Oh, and then, when he was about age 11, Italy banned all secret societies so it's bye-bye P2 - except in the fantasy world of this individual.

Again, for the completely clueless, his story will leave you breathless. For most others, it's probably the stench of lies rather than the story that will take your breath away.

And, of course, anti-Semitic as well....

According to this site, Mr. Zagami / Young doesn't think too highly of Jews either!

"LOOK, LOOK" - A cry for attention!

We've mentioned elsewhere on this site that some individuals decide to rail against Freemasonry because they want attention and it's one area where they feel they can amass information which will ostensibly make them a 'subject expert' thus giving them the recognition they so desperately crave. We've also noted that there are a couple of actual ex-Masons running around on the internet who want everyone to believe that they were top leaders whose information is accurate and unimpeachable. Mr. Young falls into both of those categories, in fact but as you'll soon see, his information is not only absurd but is based on the lies and falsehoods of others.

It's particularly interesting to compare and contrast the rants of the self-styled Leo Zagami with those of Bill Schnoebelen who ALSO claims to be a 95th Degree Mason. Mr. Schnoebelen, curiously, never mentions any world-wide conspiracy to overthrow governments but rather, rants about Freemasonry's incompatibility with Christianity. Zagami/Young, on the other hand, seems to be oblivious to Schnoeblen's themes and instead revels in the far-right conspiracy faction that sees boogey-men under every bed.

Don't you wonder how they were both such "high-ranking Masons" and yet seemed to see something completely different?

Not long after this page went live, we discovered that we'd been subject to a barrage of e-mails from Mr. Young designed ostensibly to prove his case. What they showed was quite interesting. First, of course, was that they'd sat in our junk mail box for some time because he had failed to read the simple instructions for mailing us as found on the bottom of each and every page on this website. Then, seemingly miffed that we'd not responded sooner to his whines, he actually sent along a message in the proper format causing us to go back and find his prior 'stuff'.

Mr. Young, according to the documents he's sent, was actually a member - for a preciously short time - of a regular/recognized Masonic lodge under the United Grand Lodge of England. However (and this should come as NO surprise to anyone who has noted the similarities amongst anti-Masons), he was expelled not even two years later, failing to even attend the hearing which was held about his behavior. It is interesting to note that among the charges against him were his extreme use of profanity.

Zagami's make-believe IDHe likes to send this photo to 'prove' something about his make-believe memberships. On the right is - as you can see clearly - a copy of the by-laws of the Masonic Lodge from which he was BOUNCED! Since when do people carry around a set of lodge by-laws as part of an identification? Apparently when they can be matched with a picture of one's self pretending to be some kind of an ID on the other side. Looking carefully, you'll see that the picture ID is for the "Club Creativita Armonica" - something which isn't QUITE a Masonic lodge, do you think? Gym membership perhaps? Perhaps his hair salon admission card? (From the looks of that haircut, he may be getting hairplugs there....) When doing a Google search, this "Club" appears to be located in someplace called the Cattura Hotel with an Italian domain. (There are several listings for that hotel including descriptions of Hepitatis A - so perhaps this is a warning that Zagami must carry or something? Bizarre!) There's only ONE Google listing for this "Club" Curiously, Google places a very prominent warning on their results for BOTH the Club and the "hotel" itself that these sites will attempt to steal your personal information or damage your computer as you can see by the graphic to your right. (Masonicinfo Note: having used Google to search for information about anti-Masons and anti-Masonry for as long as Google has been around, this is the VERY FIRST TIME that I've encountered such a warning. That's got to tell you something about Mr. Zagami's associations - and honestly, do you really think that the Illuminati - the all-powerful Illuminati - is forced to resort to stealing computer identities? Really?) This all is reflective of the type of bizarre things that poor Mr. Zagami (or Kahn or Young - depending on who he's pretending to be today) uses to prop up his fantasies.

Doesn't he realize how stupid this appears? It would be like taking a pocket-sized timetable from a railroad route and setting it beside an identity card for your local liquor store to claim that you're a member of the Board of Directors of the railroad. Masonic Lodges/Clubs/whatever don't need ID photos of their members since, as everybody knows, Masons have that secret handshake!!!! {Grin}

According to the the bunch of attachments he sent, he then joined forces with the bogus Regular Grand Lodge of England whose Grand Secretary also has quite a penchant for profanity. Birds of a feather.... Quite a bright boy, Mr. Zagami/Young/Khan too, to have learned all about Freemasonry world-wide - including its many conspiracy plans - in less than two years time.

But here's where things all fall apart: because the RGLE's Grand Secretary also sells memberships in an internet Memphis-Mizraim group that gives degrees numbering into the nineties, Mr. Zagami can thus make his bizarre claim that 'he's a 95th Degree Mason' - even though it's a tree-house club consisting of only the truly gullible and/or absurd. Gosh, two supposed adults who can't communicate without resorting to obscenities playing dress-up. Who would have thought, eh? And recently we've gotten another bunch of photos, proving nothing, along with this cry for attention:

On the 10h of Jannuary 2008  I was invited at the Garibaldi Lodge of the Grande Oriente Italiano  in Rome ,  this invitation was made  by  a group of courageous Brothers who are not scared of the Vatican neo illuminati and  dont have any problems with my anti masonic and anti NWO revelations ,  inviting  me instead  to speak in open Lodge as their special guest they demonstrated  their unique tollerance and their true fraternal spirit .

Now many Masons will recognize that for decades anti-Masons have been invited to speak at meetings. Ed Decker, in fact, has been invited to speak at Masonic lodges on several occasions. However, Mr. Zagami's invitation is nothing at all like this. "Garibaldi Lodge of the Grande Oriente Italiano" is simply another paper creation of Mr. Gabirro and his self-created Regular Grand Lodge of England. You can see it all right here.

As to the rest of his claims, he relies on a bunch of bizarre assertions ostensibly linking men dead for a half-century with groups that he now wants you to think he has some part in. His most recent message had what was supposed to be an e-mail to a well-known UK Mason turning down an invitation to join a United Nations Club. Mr. Zagami/Kahn/whatever wrote forcefully (and with his usual horrible spelling) that he wasn't going to be involved in a Satanist, Illuminati conspiracy. What was this message that he'd received and had to share with us to prove he was 'right in the thick of things'? We almost fell on the floor laughing: it was an ANNOUNCEMENT of a monthly ROTARY Luncheon being held at the UN building's cafeteria. Zagami wasn't being invited to JOIN anything and would be neither eligible to attend that luncheon NOR would he qualify for Rotary membership anywhere as far as we can tell. 

Crying Zagami


Mr. Zagami has also taken great delight in having been noticed by this site, using it to revive an obviously sagging interest in his pandering of idiocy. Actually, when he was first brought to our attention we thought that his act was such a joke we didn't even bother to list him. However, when the second query about him in four years arrived (yeah, big interest, huh?), we decided that the joke was too funny not to share. We're glad he thinks that he's even more important now due to his being profiled on this site. We'd suggest, though, that he can save his time and effort by not sending us further blurry, out-of-focus, and meaningless pictures as they'll be dumped without opening. We're glad that he's gotten his 15 minutes of fame appearing here on this website but even a joke as good as this one gets old quickly.... Perhaps the euphuism "Get a LIFE" might be best used in this situation.

Tedious and a total boor....

We're not sure at when Mr. Zagami Young Kahn LEO is going to stop trying to look even more foolish than he has already but it obviously isn't just yet! Always on the outlook for online mentions (such desperation!), he immediately found our last update to this page and proceeded to send us yet another blather-filled e-mail which he had sent to someone else.

Once again, he's tried to bend facts to suit his fancy. Among his claims are that:

1.  (He) "...was invited at the Garibaldi Lodge of the Grande Oriente Italiano of Piazza del Gesu' in Rome, this invitation was made by  a group of courageous Brothers who are not scared of the Vatican neo illuminati and dont have any problems with my anti masonic and anti NWO revelations ,..." 

Masonicinfo.com reply: Now THAT makes lots of sense, doesn't it? A group of supposed Masons wanting to listen to 'revelations' from someone who is absolutely convinced that they're all evil. Did they buy him a few glasses of wine afterwards? But, as we'll quickly see, this is yet another bogus group he's talking about.

2. "...inviting me instead with the permission of their Grand Master to speak in open Lodge as their special guest they demonstrated  their unique tollerance and their true fraternal spirit ."

Masonicinfo.com reply: Setting aside the MANY spelling problems Mr. Zagami experiences, NO regular/recognized Masonic body allows non-members to speak in "open lodge". But that is covered in our response to this:

3. "The Grande Oriente Italiano of Piazza' del Gesu' is a regular and legittimate Obbedience recognized internationaly by the CLIPSAS."

Masonicinfo.com reply: This one had us rolling on the floor, laughing. LITERALLY! Mr. Zagami is SO wrapped up in himself that he thinks organizations involved with CLIPSAS are regular and recognized. In fact, despite the completely irregular status of CLIPSAS, NO SUCH GRAND LODGE IS LISTED on the CLIPSAS membership rolls! Three strikes in just one sentence - and many points subtracted for egregious spelling errors as well. Poor, poor Leo....

His e-mail, sent to somebody in Norway and subsequently sent to me - apparently thinking I'll care - seeks to 'out' my Masonic affiliations. Gee whiz: you'd think he was the only guy who knew how to use Google. Identifying me as a Senior Mason" (I wonder what the heck that means. Am I THAT old? Maybe I should ask for more hush money, huh? Oh, but wait: Little Leo was a 33rd and a P2 member and he tries to pass himself off as a 'Senior Mason' too. Gosh, that must mean we're EQUAL! So what's he doing.... Oh, never mind. The irony here is so thick you couldn't cut it with a hack saw.) He then moans,

"...has been done to ruin my reputation and protect their true Masters of Freemasonry the Jesuits and their Zionist allies , and Brother  Edward L.King also seems to spread alot of disinfo on Rui Gabirro's real position in Freemasonry and the illuminati. A High level position clearly stated in many documents in my hands."

You will believe just ANYTHING, won't you Mr. Zagami? According to internet reports, you've even changed your religion back and forth. We were offered information on this website which we find somewhat less than credible themselves but even they seem to think you're a bit daft. Sad that you're doing this on the soil of my ancestors there in Norway!

1. Freemasonry Universal - a new guide to the Masonic world: Volume 2 - Africa, Europe, Asia & Oceania by Kent Henderson & Tony Pope.

Last updated 25 November 2010 with a warning about Leo's "Club" Google results.

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