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"The world is for thousands a freak show; the images flicker past and vanish; the impressions remain flat and unconnected in the soul.  Thus they are easily led by the opinions of others, and content to let their impressions be shuffled and rearranged and evaluated differently."
Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe (1749-1832), German Poet (and Freemason)

For some three years, this site identified Acacia Press as one and the same as Regis Crocker. In April, 2001 an e-mail from Mr. Matthew Crocker advised that he was the son of a woman by that name, that she was the founder/owner of the ISP used by Acacia Press and that they were in no way related to them except as an internet service provider.

We certainly apologize for tying Ms. Crocker and her firm to Acacia Press. We did so based on misleading messages posted by Acacia Press' owner.

We wish the Crockers the best in their endeavors.

Acacia Press, Inc. - in its heyday as the internet was coming of age - was very attractive to anti-Masons. Combining both self-serving and conspiracy theory in their negativism toward Masonry, the online postings, and the promise of a book that would 'reveal all' gave those anti-Masons who thought the religious argument was 'nuts' a real option. One wonders if hopes for sales didn't prompt the choice of a word deeply embedded in Masonic ritual - particularly since there aren't a lot of Acacia trees in Massachusetts.

Acacia Press was convinced the world had conspiracies galore and they were right there with loads of books to sell that would 'prove' it. The ending of the Cold War probably came as a great blow to them because it was far more difficult to weave tales of international intrigue while watching bumbling former Communist leaders trip over themselves.

In their mind (although it was most likely that Acacia Press was but one individual), the Masons were responsible for American President John Kennedy's Assassination ("The organization that could have pulled off the Kennedy assassination cover-up is American Freemasonry.") and you could have read a VERY detailed explanation of why they thought so here. All of the Acacia Press pages, however, now seem to have only a 'work in progress' sign on them. Don't hold your breath since that's been there for a couple of years already.

It was a bizarre 'world-wide Masonic conspiracy' coupled with an 'X-Files mentality' that was their stock in trade. In addition, they would post occasionally in newsgroups to challenge (or instigate dissention on) some small point of Masonic claims, particularly involving American patriot founders. 

For example, they were actively engaged in a campaign to discredit the involvement of US President George Washington as proud Mason, specifically indicating that at the end of his life, he was had lost faith in Freemasonry. (This charge is one made by other anti-Masons as well.) In reality, Washington's affinity for Freemasonry extended throughout his life and documents formerly unpublished but now online through the Library of Congress clearly show that anti-Masons have lied. We note that much of the work of Acacia Press (now gone from their web site) started to languish after that. Too bad; how sad! The actual facts got in the way of their lies - and book peddling.

The Papers of George WashingtonThe University of Virginia has an outstanding online project which interfaces nicely with the Library of Congress. You can find more papers of Washington by clicking on the graphic. Martha Washington asked the Masons to take charge of George's funeral. 5 out of 6 pall bearers were Masons. Can we really believe the charges of an unnamed person who wants us to believe that the US's greatest hero really thought unfavorably of Freemasonry when every act during his life - and the acts of his family following his death - so completely contradict this?

Acacia Press also asserted that the actions and activities of John Quincy Adams, a president of the United States nearly two hundred years ago, and of a political party that existed for about six years in the very early part of the 1800s both have major relevance today. If you want to read more about Adams and the Anti-Masonic party, you can do it for free right here on our site!

We've found it interesting too that Acacia Press was quick to point out the value of books they sold yet would regularly ignore others that could prove them wrong.

NOTE: As explained above, Acacia Press as of 4/2001 seems out of business at their prior location although we must wonder why their website continues to exist having been totally 'barren', save for the signs saying that it was a work in progress, for over four years.

In February, 2003, Mason Justin Ormsby wrote to us noting that we had frequently resorted to referring to "Acacia Press" as simply "Acacia" in our comments above. Bro. Ormsby is right - and we've made the changes to ensure that no confusion appears between the odious Acacia Press and the Acacia Fraternity, founded by Freemasons and retaining strong ties to it with a great many of their members ultimately becoming Freemasons!

Last updated: 15 December 2005


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