Sam Moser

Let us not consider mental illness an excusing condition.
By treating offenders as responsible human beings,
we offer them the chance, as I see it, to remain human.
Thomas Szasz (1920 ), Hungarian-born U.S. psychiatrist. 
Law, Liberty and Psychiatry

Before proceeding further, readers should note that the individual described here suffers from clinically-diagnosed ongoing mental health problems which he himself has publicized at great length through websites he created or contributed to along with thousands (perhaps tens of thousands) of his own messages on USENET as well as a wide range of bulletin board systems LONG BEFORE he was listed here as an anti-Mason. His mental health problems have, in fact, been so severe that he has been hospitalized - he is proud to proclaim that it has been on multiple occasions - for a condition that he has claimed as both (either?) bi-polar disease or manic depressive. Not having been a particularly trustworthy historian relative to other aspects of his life, it is difficult to know if these are the true medical assessments of his condition or not. During the spring, summer, and fall of 2003 he was incarcerated in a mental care facility arising from the charge of criminally stalking his ex-wife, a fact in public view on a court website and brought to the attention of Masons in alt.freemasonry by an online pseudonym who also posted anti-Masonic material. (Sam's court problems were NOT ferreted out by Masons but rather by someone who - like Sam - seems to despise Masons!)  On December 22, 2003, he pleaded guilty to this charge and was subsequently incarcerated. In the Fall of 2004, he was released and he returned to online harassment including bizarre claims that this site's author is the source of all his problems. He then apparently found his way to the Philippines where he married a local woman and, according to him, fathered two sons despite being adjudged by clinicians as sterile. At the beginning of 2006, his Filipino wife had him incarcerated in a mental facility there. He has since been released and apparently now spends huge amounts of time in an internet cafe (in the Philippines) where he accesses a group of online 'numeric translators' that allow him to insert various phrases and, in one of the many calculators there, it will 'prove' that there's a connection with that phrase to Satan. As 2006 ends, Sam prattles about George Bush going to murder him. It's tragic to watch such dementia.

Our brief recitation of Sam's psychiatric problems (far broader than that capsule synopsis) is not to provide 'validation' of our assertion that "he's crazy" but rather to help the reader better understand why some of his charges about Freemasonry seem so totally 'off in left field'. His interpretations of the religious beliefs of the Jehovah's Witnesses (his self-claimed religion) are similarly removed from reality and despite his problems, Mr. Moser not only ignores but expresses great disdain towards conventional treatments for mental illness, preferring instead to self-treat. We do not want our references to Mr. Moser's illness to inhibit anyone from receiving legitimate and appropriate medical treatment for any mental health problem in fear of being labeled. The claims Mr. Moser makes are simply 'nuts' and would be so even if he were adjudicated the most sane person in the world. We do recognize, though, that his mental illness may well be responsible for their creation/adoption.

Mr. Moser's religious persuasion, his repeated incarcerations for his inability to deal with mental health issues, and his criminal record would certainly be sufficient - in our opinion - to cause him huge problems in his life. His attempts to place the blame on this website page or on Freemasonry seems awfully disingenuous (as well as paranoid).

In reality, we should/could simply pass over Sam Moser, who formerly used the identities of Jerry Newport and Alex Kline, but we felt it necessary in light of his continued  prodigious (albeit in 2007, sporadic due to repeated incarcerations) postings on various Usenet newsgroups and websites forums. Most of his diatribes are rambling and incoherent, linking unrelated facts (or fantasies) into a fabric of conspiracy and, increasingly, telling his version of his personal difficulties. It is, sadly, through the skewed lens of a mentally unstable person but not realizing his background, internet denizens will regularly abuse him verbally.

In the past, Mr. Moser had used a large number of different 'screen names' and frequently had attempted to disguise his identity. He then had a period where he bragged about using his real name trumpeting the claim that he had nothing to fear and that Jehovah would protect him. Following his 2003 incarceration, however, he reverted to the pseudonym ploy. Sam has publicly written in several places that the moniker of Jerry Newport was taken from the name of one of his mental health workers and Mr. Moser appears to truly and deeply believe that the movie 'Conspiracy Theory' was all about him personally. Because not everyone wants to cull through the kilobytes and kilobytes of a Jerry Newport/Sam Moser message, we've provided here a fairly short synopsis in his own words which, we believe, will clarify:

<<I am the real Jerry Newport. They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. I posted at Parascope under the name of Jungle George while that person was imitating me. I could no longer tolerate it so I posted under Jerry Newport again. Ask M. Vipsanius Agrippa at .** There are many things known about Jerry Newport one of which he lives near Dayton Ohio. I live in New Carlisle OH. It is also known that Jerry Newport posted in a library at first. That library I posted in was in Springfield OH. which uses OPLIN as their ISP. Ask parascope if the IP numbers for the Jerry Newport post originate from OPLIN. I guarantee you they do because I am the one who posted under the name of Jerry Newport. My real name is Samuel A. Moser. Jerry Newport is the name of a man that worked for Mental Health of Clark County who now works in Madison county. Jerry Newport is one of the "Men in Black". I chose to use his name when I first started posting to the internet at the library. I was posting to the Alien Technology wwwboard at the Men in Black web site. I posted under the name of Jerry Newport because I thought using his name was funny because he is one of the "Men in Black". The makers of the movie Conspiracy Theory obviously was inspired to make thier movie because of my activities. If not then it is an extremely strange coincidence. The star of the movie's name was Jerry Fletcher and they mention the word "Newport" repeatedly in rapid sequence in the middle of the movie. I had posted a message saying that I knew of a person who was placed in a psychiatric ward because he was figuring things out actually referring to myself. I even posted the name of the hospital and revealed that it was right next to Wright Patterson Airforce Base. I mentioned the round mirror in a corner in the room I was placed in. I later said in another post who the Men in Black really were. I said they were with the CIA and the military and psychiatric workers. I explained why they wear black and why their cars are black and why the person being visited by the men and black are disoriented and have trouble remembering clearly. I said that it was because the person is being beamed with electromagnetic radiation and the men in black wore protective clothing. I explained that black absorbs and blocks light and not just visible light especially depending on the materials used. I explained that the car is black so that the microwave systems do not disable their car. I later started posting to Parascope. It was right after I started posting to Parascope that I found a web page announcing planned shooting of a new movie "Conspiracy Theory". I spoke about fluoride, eugenics, and Freemasons and so did Jerry Fletcher in the movie. I also bashed the Catholic Church and so did Jerry. Maybe it was just a coincidence but I don't think so. Also Jerry Fletcher's apartment was lined with metal. To block electromagnetic weapons perhaps? Or just so he could torch his apartment? Was the movie "Men in Black" also by Warner Brothers?

I am working on a story that explains all the strange things I have went through and continue to go through. My apartment is being irradiated from space. I hack and wheeze in my apartment now and can hardly breath. The light in my apartment is slightly defracted. This is because of the beams. They think I am some sort of threat. I will tell the whole story as soon as I finish it. It is in my word processor now.

Sam Moser >>

Mr. Moser is just another example of anti-Mason, albeit increasingly unbalanced and perhaps even prone to violence. He has been found guilty in a court of law of stalking and in addition, has done so with this web site's author. You can read far more of Sam's beliefs at this link - but you do so at your own risk.

And per Sam's request in 2001, we had added several links to things he'd written which appeared on the 'Parascope' website. That site is now down for an 'overhaul' with a promise to return by early 2002 but they're still gone so we've deleted those links.

In 2002, Sam provided a summary of his life by posting in the alt.freemasonry newsgroup message as follows (with Sam's spelling errors left in tact):

From: "Samuel Antoine Moser" <>
Newsgroups: alt.freemasonry, alt.illuminati, alt.conspiracy,
Subject: The Undamable Tripod that Received Damnation!!!!
Date: Sun, 1 Sep 2002 22:24:40 -0400

The USA military attempted to place three very evil satelites into space that were worth one billion dollors each not counting the cost of the titan rockets used to launch them. Because they were irradiating me from space i always prayed to JEHOVAH and JEHOVAH blew the first one up. I ended up on a psychward because the beams gave me a "crisis" and i told the patients rights advocate on the telephone that they were going to use that satelite against JEHOVAH's people. i have a GPS chip in me and i can be tracked wherever i go. Anyway after i left that message on the telephone a special psychiatrist from Wright Patterson Airforce Base made a special trip to the hospital just to see me. He spoke to me for a half hour in the presence of the medical director of the hospital. He said nothing of what i said to the patients rights advocate and i did not tell him about the military plane from Wright Patterson Airforce Base that came out - before i went to that hospital - and hovered over me. He seemly hovered in the air. It has a shape like a bat wing and there was red and white lights on it. It shined a light down on me and became a little disoriented. The next thing i knew i was standing in the yard of my apartment and i saw it hovering over the street - which was Lake Street in New Carlisle USA - and i peddled my bike to see it and when i was under it shined a light down on me and i experinced "missing time" because the next thing i remembered was waking up in my bed. This happened before i was placed in that hospital and spoke to that CIA psychiatrist. Well anyway since that first titan rocket blew up three more rocket and satelites were lost. One is now in a decaying orbit and will eventially fall back to Earth. The horrible news is that these were nuclear satelites and they spread radiation. i wonder where that satelite - in the decaying orbit - will fall down on?

<Masonicinfo Note: a reference to Sam's perverse website is omitted due to common decency. Sam has a fixation with some very strange things!> 

Samuel Antoine Moser - Who uses his real name on the internet because i have nothing to hide or to fear from any man because JEHOVAH protects me.

Sam is clearly a 'fringe' anti-Mason. Nevertheless, his bizarre ideas and odd interpretations will surely be repeated by others, ignoring the source from which they sprang.

In a totally bizarre incident, Sam posted online that he had identified the police Deputy who fatally shot William Cooper as being a Mason but Sam really had NO clue about this since his information was based on an AP Wire report which indicated the Deputy's name was "withheld".... <sigh> You can read the message that started that rumor right here.

The Court Agrees....

In August, 2002, Sam sent us (and others) an e-mail indicating that he was having some legal difficulties and because he knew that the Freemasons controlled the justice system, he wanted help. In the message he promised that if we helped (in some unexplained way), he'd remove all of the anti-Masonic blather on his website. It was later reported that the charge involved was for violating a protection order from his ex-wife and for stalking.

Are all anti-Masons like Sam? No, he's probably one of the more unique but our experience has shown that there are MANY in the world today who're constantly demonized by thoughts that Freemasons and Freemasonry are controlling their lives somehow. Sadly, many of them have encounters with either the law or the mental health system. It's also not uncommon for someone to take material such as the tripe Sam has created and use it as the basis (sometimes even with attribution) for their own egregious charges against Freemasonry and Freemasons.

** Concurrent with a December, 2003 update we received a brief e-mail note from Sam asking for our help in finding a job. The note also contained a somewhat sarcastic comment about Masons not wanting him to be jobless. Subsequently, Sam - using an internet identity of Alex Kline - began a barrage of very caustic behavior both on and offline causing police to once again become involved. "Alex" brayed loudly that this site was the cause of Sam's continued un/under-employment - disregarding, apparently, both the employment conditions in Ohio and his exhaustive mental health and criminal history (and ignoring what we can only assume to be a less-than-relevant work history). Sam apparently believes that because this site appears so highly in internet rankings, potential employers come here to read about his behavior and then don't hire him.... <sigh> Events continue to unfold and we continue to hope that Sam will find some peace.

Fall, 2005 brought Sam's return to the alt.freemasonry newsgroup spewing bizarre and often sophomoric messages filled with all sorts of se xual explanations. He claims that he is providing the teachings of the Jehovah Witnesses and trying to - again - blame everything on Freemasons yet as before, he eschews suggestions that the Jehovah Witnesses have no such teachings. Having left living with his parents, he now is apparently in the Philippines - the native country of the woman he'd been stalking previously. He is convinced that the Freemason-controlled internet is intercepting his messages and 'break them up' in order to thwart his putting forth the 'truth'. In consequence, he regularly puts links on multiple lines, encouraging the reader to paste them together. Every day's messages are more shrill and less controlled.

Winter, 2005 finds Sam in the Philippines. Ranting ceaselessly, he claims Freemasons are following him and have purchased property across the street from where he's living (in Cebu?). He asserts that the American Psychiatric Association is an 'Order of Freemasonry'. He eagerly encourages readers to view - as if it were actual fact - a spoof by an MIT student on wearing aluminum hats and how they've been proven to protect the wearer from mind control processes. We can only wonder if Sam isn't awfully hot there in the Philippines wearing his aluminum beanie. Perhaps he'll discard the idea when the rainy season comes next May and his head starts to rust!

In addition, Sam warns about cellular phone towers being used to track those individuals who have had mind-control chips implanted in them although he says those folks have been programmed to believe that the aliens did the implants!

He also is currently writing that he is, without a doubt, one of the 144,000 Jehovah's Witnesses who will go to Heaven. Despite his having praised that group heavily in the past, now points readers of his bizarre messages to their website with the admonition "For a start at learning the truth but they are wrong on many accounts." He now brags brazenly that he will help 'clean' the organization from "their errors". Sam is currently posting as "love_will_rule_very_soon". Since our December update, Sam was - once again - involuntarily institutionalized, this time at the behest of his Filipino wife. Perhaps it had something to do with the picture of the young child he claimed was his son that he was proudly calling to everyone's attention: it had a huge snake wrapped around its neck! In addition, Sam has now found a website where one can enter words and find out what their numerical equivalent is. Amazingly, just about every word either through Sam's atrocious spelling, jiggering to include capitals and lower case or binary, hex or whatever, or - if none of the above work - some combination of 'this word equals that word and that word equals something else' is able to convince himself (and no one else) that words are evil. Needless to say, his fantasies mentioned above reflect what he seems fixated on. Apparently when you know you're going to Heaven, you can do just about anything you want. Sam says he was released after being tortured by the Masonic Catholic Nuns at the hospital but doesn't seem to be talking too much about his family these days. In fact, at the end of 2006, he was posting that his mother hated him. We empathize with his parents that the mental health care system in the United States is unable to cope with problems such as Sam's.

2007 finds Sam still in the Philippines making sporadic appearances in alt.freemasonry. It appears that he does so when he's not incarcerated for his ongoing aberrant obsessions. Sam no longer writes messages but merely posts sentences that he has found to be the 'work of the devil' using various online calculators designed to produce an answer of 666. In fact, when Sam can't make any of the several available produce the desired results, he simply changes the sentence structure making it totally incomprehensible but capable of giving him the answer he so desperately wants. According to him, Yehovah has told him to make spelling mistakes and to add the letter 'a' in order to help obtain the results he wants to believe. And after a brief flurry in late 2007, there then began another period of absence running from the end of 2007 on in to early 2008. We commented that he was likely incarcerated in some way. Little did we know: on January 1, 2008 he was arrested in his home town in Ohio for obstructing official business. Apparently unable to post the $2,500 cash bail or surety, he was held until the end of February when he was found not guilty by reason of insanity! His online return in March, 2008 was more religiously fanatical and now complains that his arrest was because the police are against his marriage to a Filipina woman with whom he has "biracial" children.

It's a tragic, tragic story and we only wish that Sam could get the consistent, sustained care he really needs.

Updated September 10, 2004
Additional update October 18, 2004
Removed links to court records as inoperative February 10, 2005
Added comments as to Sam's current activities November 7, 2005, December 27, 2005, August 5, 2006, December 27, 2006 and May 17, 2007.
Some minor wording changes March, 2008. January 2008 arrest info and photo of record added April 2008.


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