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I welcome the thoughts and opinions of those who visit this site, be they complimentary or not. Try to remember that. I'll repeat it a LOT on this page because SO many folks seem to totally ignore it.

I welcome the thoughts and opinions of those who visit this site, be they complimentary or not.

If you're looking for information on how to join, click on the HOME button in the upper right.
That brings you to the home page where there are THREE (count them! - THREE) links to that information.
Save us BOTH time and effort. Read that material instead of asking "How do I join?"

Writing from Africa? VERY IMPORTANT that you click HERE!!!

You should understand that I do not suffer fools gladly nor will I subject myself to a barrage of e-mails or fits of obscene hysteria simply because you don't like what's written here. All I ask is that you use appropriate 'netiquette'. I understand and appreciate that I may have burst your balloon or that you may have read something you're angry about: that's no reason, though, to engage in name-calling, profanity or multiple duplicate mailings.

Please don't waste your time or mine with proselytizing about your religious or political beliefs. This web site is about Freemasonry: not the religious and/or political beliefs of me, you or what you might think are those of Freemasons. I will not (please read that carefully: not!) engage in debate about religious or political issues so don't bother. I don't CARE what religion you are and mine is none of your business, thankyouverymuch.

If you feel threatened by my insistence that you conduct yourself as an adult, then I do feel sorry for you.

For those who are about to write to me saying, "You threatened me..." or "Your page about e-mails is far too strong!", take a deep breath and go back to read what I've written again - and again - and again until you get it straight that I'm NOT threatening you or anyone! I'm simply trying to make sure that those who have legitimate, honest questions/concerns don't have to stand in line behind a bunch of <insert pejorative here>.

And there's more: Folks, I really don't need e-mails telling me that you're praying for me. I haven't asked to be notified of such things and if you feel that you should pray for me, please know that your prayer doesn't need to be announced in order for it to be effective. In fact, in light of the recent study that showed those in the hospital who knew others were praying for them had worse outcomes, I'd quite prefer to NOT know about any prayers you might offer on my behalf, thanks! I also believe that those who feel compelled to pray for me should instead consider the much worse plight of those suffering from famine, flood, fires, genocide, torture, terminal diseases, or the many other problems of the world. Your thoughtfulness, however misguided I may think it is, is appreciated though!

And if you've just spent several hours being totally fascinated by what you've found on this website, do let me know! Yes, I really enjoy getting those messages and appreciate knowing that you've found this little corner of cyberspace.

The "Famous Freemasons" listing on this site is NOT designed to be all-inclusive - by ANY stretch of the imagination. I wanted to simply name some men whom you might recognize but it was never my plan to become a repository of all Masons in all times. I didn't "forget" anyone, folks: I simply didn't try to name them all! If, on the other hand, you have someone with whom you've got a personal affinity and feel should be noted on our site, do write. Providing Masonic membership credentials are essential (lodge name and location at a minimum).

Oh, and did I say this before? (Well, yes: it's in blue up above - but people ignore it regardless.... <sigh>)  Please don't write to just say "I want information on joining." Go back to the home page and click on any one of the three links there and you'll be brought to nearly two dozen pages about it. If you have some PARTICULAR question or issue you'd like information or my thoughts/comments on that is not addressed there, please do feel free to write. I do NOT have local addresses in Kenya, Nigeria, or wherever. Grand Lodges are the contact for those who cannot find a local lodge.

I appreciate your cooperation and understanding!

You can contact this site's creator at (BEFORE YOU CLICK, READ THE NEXT PARAGRAPH OR YOU PROBABLY WON'T GET THROUGH!!!) reply@masonicinfo.com but please know that I receive hundreds of e-mails each month (not counting the untold others that get rejected by the spam filter because folks didn't follow the instructions in the next paragraph) and as a result, I may not always be able to answer every one. This is one person's site, funded by one person's own funds and using one person's own time. Mail is answered by one person only. It's a labor of love, granted, but it's also AWFULLY time consuming and there's more to life than being tied to a website - although some of Freemasonry's detractors with no lives themselves don't seem to realize that.

This is important - PLEASE make sure the subject line of your message includes the words MASONICINFO WEBSITE.  A spam filter is in place to separate the wheat from the chaff - and if you've at least been diligent enough to read all of this, then I'll definitely try to answer you. We all get SO much junk mail and a lot of it is designed to look like 'the real deal'. If your subject line is "Hi" or "Get real" or even "I'd like help joining Masonry", your message will just wind up in the spam file rather than my inbox. You MUST use the word MASONICINFO in the subject line - and if you don't, please don't blame me or feel ignored when no response ever arrives.

Oh, and one other thing: if YOU have a SPAM filter service set up to challenge incoming e-mails, PLEASE add me to your white list BEFORE you send a message. There are few things more frustrating than to take the time to reply to someone (and sometimes I write some awfully detailed responses) only to find I've got to go through a little dance before getting that reply to you. I won't do it! I ignore challenge requests so if it's important enough for you to write to me about, please take the extra step of making my reply available to you.

On privacy

This site does not use any type of tracking which identifies individuals. Like most other sites hosted by major web hosting firms, records are kept of which pages are visited most and how long folks spend on various pages. This information is provided to me in aggregate form ONLY! I have neither a need nor desire to 'snoop' and don't appreciate it when other sites try to do it to me/mine. If you write, you will NEVER be added to any list anywhere. I don't have a mailing list and don't ever plan to. (After over a decade, I've had plenty of time to think about it - and the decision is NO! Not then, not now, and not in the future.) I also will never sell or give your address to anyone else. Period.

I also recognize that some emails are personal in nature. I keep confidences and the emails I receive about this site are read by NO ONE other than myself - ever!

I use e-mail software that's not prone to search/spoofing unlike the most common products on the market. Don't fear. Sometimes when a question asked or issue raised is something I think others would benefit from knowing about I might add it to the site but I won't associate your name or e-mail address to it EVER! I value my online privacy and I try to treat others as I want to be treated. Many of the pages on this site have been created as a result of questions from readers. Thank you!

My search engine provides information on which words are used for searches. I believe that this too helps me provide information relevant to your interests. Again, none of this information identifies individual visitors and is in aggregate form only.

If you have any other questions about these policies/procedures, please let me know. I'll try to answer - and answer honestly! And thanks a LOT for visiting. When I envisioned this site, I never in my wildest dreams imagined it would become what it is today. Visit regularly, check the What's New page for a running, dated list of new and changed material, and let me know how the site can be made better.




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