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"One can never pay in gratitude; one can only pay "in kind" somewhere else in life."
Anne Morrow Lindbergh (b. 1906), U.S. author

There are SO many to thank!

Denying the Holocaust - LipstadtWhen someone insults or defames something you care about deeply, it's hard to remain calm and detached. Seeing the vocal detractors of Masonry use the internet to serve a bigoted, hate-filled agenda, it was frustrating to not be involved. Time constraints imposed by business demands, however, often precluded a more timely response. However, when I read Deborah Lipstadt's remarkable book, 'Denying the Holocaust: The Growing Assault on Truth and Memory', my goal became clear: the 'lie' could not stand unchallenged, something several of my Masonic brothers had been saying for years. For many Masons reading or hearing a smear against their fraternity which they know does so much good for the world creates a desire to respond - and strongly!  Ms. Lipstadt's book - which I'd encourage anyone (and everyone) to read - points out the peril of allowing misrepresentations to go unchallenged.

A bit of recognition is in order because without some truly great examples on the road before me, this site could have never blossomed as it has. Brothers Mike Ermel, Gene Goldman, Mike Wells and (while last, certainly not least), Michael Poll have proven time and time again to be excellent models of calmness in face of fury, objectivity in spite of denigration and lies, and fearlessness when confronted by threats, both implied and actual. They've been great teachers and were, cumulatively, the genesis of this web site. Thank you, Brethren!

The self-styled "simple French peasant" Mike Segall has never ceased to amaze me with his depth of knowledge while he, Bill Wine, Chuck Tupper, Dave Bosworth, Dick Lodge, Ronnie San, Nelson King and others made me appreciate that Masonic research could lead to great friendships as well.

Allen E. Roberts, one of the most prolific Masonic authors of our time, had a rare and unique ability to greatly inspire others. His enduring efforts to promote "Seekers of Truth" and his quiet, private boost helped convince many that they had abilities perhaps even they didn't realize. This web site is also ultimately a result of his encouragement that I be a Masonic Educator! I'll "Keep pluggin'", Allen. Rest well, my Brother.

Brothers Art deHoyos, S. Brent Morris, and Jim Tresner have taken leading positions in exposing the often less-than-ethical methods of anti-Masons. If my efforts are considered even a tenth the value of theirs, I'll consider myself highly regarded indeed!  While I never knew the late attorney and author, Brother Alphonse Cerza, his book on anti-Masonry was one of the first Masonic books I ever purchased. His efforts to debunk the myths extended over decades. It brings enjoyment to have in my care some books from his personal library on this very topic."Dad" Robert F. Pye Square marker

There are numerous others who've also been instrumental in my travels in Masonry including thousands of fellow DeMolays. Most significant, however, is the late Robert F. Pye. His memory is fresh though he's been gone for over twenty years now. We've missed FAR too much fun together, Bob, but it was great while it lasted!

To these Brethren - and many, many more in the chain of history from Masonry's beginning to now - THANK YOU.

Thanks too to my family which has provided SO much support and encouragement over the years!

And last but certainly not least, to my wife for her encouragement, support, help and time spent working on HTML code, uploads, and my irreproducible computer problems. Again, THANK YOU!!!!!

At the site inauguration, July 1998 (And slightly modified 25 Nov 2004 as well as on 23 July 2006)

November, 1999 - We also wish to thank the Board of Directors of Freemasonry.Org for naming this site's originator as E-Mason of the Year for 2000. This recognition was truly unexpected and is greatly appreciated.

May, 2000

We didn't mention Preston Burner as one of our 'motivators' at the inauguration of this site but his death this month brings into sharp focus that omission. Preston was the creator of "Hiram's Oasis" which was the first popular Masonic bulletin board online. There were a couple of other 'boards' but Preston's seemed to attract the most attention. He invested an enormous amount of time and effort keeping balky equipment working and learning new technology at a time when many were ignoring it. He made us aware of Kena Shrine who encouraged his efforts and everyone knew that his beloved wife Freida was often dragged into doing tasks to help her husband in his 'labor of love'. 

It was my personal loss that I never used Hiram's Oasis: I was just too technically incompetent. By accident almost, I found the Compuserve Masonry Forum on the week it began and using it meant that I wouldn't have to call Virginia - Preston's location - long distance. It was that option that caused Compuserve to quickly surpass Hiram's Oasis in terms of activity and membership but in the spirit of true Masonry, Preston wished those on Compuserve well and participated himself when time permitted. 

In 1994 it was my honor to finally meet Preston face-to-face: it was a unique experience to talk to a man whose warmth and generosity was without peer. Freida was there as well and patiently endured while I absorbed the reminiscences of 300 baud modems and more. 

Now Preston has departed for the Celestial Lodge above and it becomes much more clear to me that he influenced not only me but - by extension - ALL Masons online! He was the pioneer that made it all possible. Rest well, Bro. Preston. Your memory remains in the electrons and pulses of every Mason who goes online in the future!

With humble thanks for your contributions,


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