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A Labor of Love for Masonry....

"When a subject is highly controversial . . . one cannot hope to tell the truth. One can only show how one came to hold whatever opinion one does hold. One can only give one’s audience the chance of drawing their own conclusions as they observe the limitations, the prejudices, the idiosyncrasies of the speaker."
Virginia Woolf (1882–1941), British novelist. A Room of One’s Own, ch. 1 (1929).

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This site was created by a Mason in hopes he would more fully 'appreciate' the thinking of those who - either as an avocation or on a 'lark' - chose to defame Masons and Masonry.

Anti-Masons make their arguments wherever they can garner attention. "Cyberspace" is the new frontier for their endeavors. While many online Masons had addressed Masonry (and there are some great links below), we found no single place where the many facets of anti-Masonic activity were addressed. This web site is the result. As others have found our site, though, they've made us aware of the works of others. Below are some great links to some other sites which also debunk the foolishness of anti-Masonry.

We continue to add enhancements here: no web site is ever really 'finished', is it? Funds to produce and provide this site are exclusively from the site owner; no 'ministries', free sites, or income-producing links have been involved.

The amount of written material on Freemasonry is nearly overwhelming; there are few other subjects which have been addressed so extensively during the past three centuries yet today Freemasonry is still referred to by some as 'Secret'. We hope that this site will provide a beginning for those who still think so!

Important note: no trees or animals or synthetic fibers were harmed in the production of this site.
Well, maybe one gerbil - but he was askin' for it! <grin>

We've tried to be fair and honest in presenting questions, answers, and opinions. We have not - like some 'antis' - used 'loaded' (leading) questions to present information here.

We know too that regardless of our efforts, those who arrive with a closed mind will leave with one as well.  Those with open minds, however, may find their horizons broadened.

Compuserve Masonry Forum Logo (Copyright)While our interest in Freemasonry began long before we joined, it was intensely piqued when we first discovered that we could share experiences and fraternity with those worldwide without leaving our own home. Compuserve's Masonry Forum was, for a decade, a place of refuge and fun. Corporate ownership by AOL determined that small, narrowly-focused forums would not be continued, the memory of those great times will long last in the hearts and minds of those who found renewed stimulation and close personal friendships there. And, refuting anti-Masonic claims that America Online (AOL) is somehow tied in with Freemasonry because they use a triangle in their logo, they've now closed what was the first true international Masonic online forum that for a decade fostered much Masonic communication and helped Masons worldwide meet.

Note: The image is © copyright to Wizops of the Masonry Forum of Compuserve
designed as its Forum Logo.

Please do NOT use the graphic without permission!

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And as no well-formed web site is without links, let us give you a few that we think are worth the visit:


Brother David M. Herman has an well-designed, fact-filled, and eye-appealing site here. It's certainly worth the visit.


Another site I regularly visit has been a staple for Internet Masons for some time and is the oldest Masonic site on the web! Brother Gary Dryfoos has done extensive work gathering this treasure-trove of information including everything from trestleboard 'fillers' to detailed treatises on various topics. Check out his site here. (Note: Bro. Dryfoos' site is even a link from the 1999 Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia entry on Freemasonry. Congratulations. Bro. Gary!)


Interested in poetry? Check out the Masonic Poets Society for some wonderfully inspiring reading!


Åke Eldberg has a really great site which debunks the "Ex-Masons for Jesus" claims. Do visit: we think you'll agree that it's one of the most sensible and definitive there is - and written from a very unique perspective! Congratulations, Brother.


Trevor W. McKeown has produced an excellent and frequently updated site titled "Anti-Masonry Frequently Asked Questions". While we cover much of the same material, Brother McKeown's information is in far more depth and written to appeal to a higher educational level than our site. We recommend it very highly!

Oh, and if you came to this page because some goofus had a link to it thinking that it would somehow.... well, we're not really sure why some people use this inside link. In February, 2008, a fellow in Arizona, USA who's decided that the 300 year old organization of Freemasonry wasn't the right place for him and so decided to join the currently vogue (for a few months, at least, but gone in no time just as all the predecessor ones have been) Grand Orient of the United States. You might want to check out THAT GOOFUS here.


Prince, the Search DogJust click on "Prince, the Search Dog" to find things on our site. He's on every page and he'll take you directly to our search form where you can see if we've written about whatever it is you're interested in. Prince has a great memory; he always remembers where things are!

This site and its contents are © (copyright) 1998-2014 by Edward L. King (Ed King). All rights reserved. All comments and opinions are mine personally.

Got some thoughts or reactions? We'd be interested in your comments - within reason of course.
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