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"People demand freedom of speech as a compensation
for the freedom of thought which they seldom use."

Søren Kierkegaard (1813–1855), Danish philosopher.

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On July 14, 1998, this site made its initial appearance. Since then, we've found that there always seems to be both new wine in old bottles to fascinate us and funny tasting things pretending to be fine wine to make us laugh and/or cry. We try to keep you abreast of what's going on and we also archive some past items of short term interest on this page for your amusement.

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Misinformation and Disinformation

The crazy season never ends....

Over 40 days of continuous rain at my house - and a mess in a lot of other places over the past several months. If you've followed Masonic-related blogs, you know that there's a battle of power in West Virginia that's making the organization look very bad (at best), a problem with racism in Georgia, and a Prince Hall battle in Virginia. We're not close enough to any of those situations to comment at this time.

Following on to the visit by an expelled Mason to Ohio, a lodge there decided to follow the Pied Piper's siren call and they're trying to disassociate themselves (and what they claim is "their" money) from the Grand Lodge of Ohio. A lawsuit continues. In addition, there are more internet scams and shams which would make one think that Freemasonry has run amok when, in reality, regular Freemasonry is seeing a turn-around in application numbers and more interested/involved members each day. You should know by now that not everything you see on the internet is either true or has the astonishing significance that it appears initially.

Mason continues his Masonic connections!

Updated April, 2008:

The article below tells of trials and travails of the NASCAR circuit including problems involving sponsorship. Bro. Brian Conz continues his dream while keeping Freemasonry foremost in his life as well. You can see his current endeavor to race with a car honoring the Shriners Hospitals on his website at www.brianconz.com

Scottish Rite Sponsors NASCAR - or not???
Blogger whinges!

When it was announced in December, 2006 that the Southern Jurisdiction of the Scottish Rite would be sponsoring a NASCAR driver in the upcoming season, lots of Masons scratched their heads, confused about the whole thing. One blogger, known for never missing the opportunity to make a disparaging remark about the fraternity, used this story actively to drive visitors to his site, probably in hopes of selling a few bottles of herbal medicines there.

It is undeniable that NASCAR is one of the fastest-growing and most popular 'sports' in the United States today. It attracts the largest audiences of any spectator event and support of race-car drivers at even the local track level provides advertising that reaches all ages. Race car fans, the pinnacle of which is the NASCAR program, DO support the companies that support racing. At the local level, it's your plumber or coffee shop while nationally, it's not only the car and tire manufacturers: it's drug companies, Betty Crocker, and the several branches of the US Armed Forces. Are they all so stupid that they are just doing this for no reason? That's what at least one person would like you to believe.

One Blogger (see footnote at the end of this article) tried desperately to berate the Scottish Rite for getting involved commenting on the beer-drinking and <other non-social behavior things> that the 'good ol' boys' who follow NASCAR engage in. He also commented about the appropriateness of having these men as Masons. We feel that generalizations are nothing but xenophobic racism. NASCAR now boasts that the median average income of its followers exceeds that of all other spectator sports, not something to dismiss lightly. In addition, there are many, many men from all walks of life who find NASCAR fascinating and many of them are upstanding young soldiers serving in the US military services, often in battle zones. (We believe that the Blogger involved has never seen military service of any kind so doesn't know the quality or the interests of those serving! As expected, in a post railing about this entry, he ignores that.)

Those men - those NASCAR fanatics and casual followers - will return to lead upright and patriotic lives as good, solid family men and as leaders of their communities. Perhaps they will also become Masons as so many have done following past military conflicts. Just possibly, that desire may have been sparked by seeing a Scottish Rite NASCAR on Armed Forces Television!

The original plan was for a one-year-long promotion of the car shown above complete with a NASCAR driver who is a Mason and Scottish Rite member, taken around the country in a shiny, brand-new 18-wheeler truck with a picture of the car (purple hood with the Scottish Rite logo) painted on its side. It was hoped that it would be viewed widely at various publicity events held at shopping malls etc. where they always draw crowds, including those who barely know what NASCAR is. Such events always attract wide-eyed teens who otherwise might not have been exposed to Masonic organizations. It was hoped that it would be an opportunity for Scottish Rite Masons to more widely publicize their FREE learning centers for children with dyslexia and related problems.  It was also reported that the (Southern Jurisdiction) Scottish Rite's Rite Care Clinics could receive as much as $400,000 through the promotion which would have cost them NOTHING!

It appeared at the time of our last update that the whole idea had fallen flat but while the blogger was gloating, the Scottish Rite folks apparently learned a lesson or two and realized that while they'd first hitched their wagon to the wrong horse... errr.... car - no, actually, promoter, that they could really be on to something. Beginning with a very low-key announcement and now moving to a separate page on their website (see below), they're involved with the 2007-2008 season despite the prior setbacks.

And as to the original attempt: while it's SO easy to criticize, arguing that the whole idea should have been studied more thoroughly before public announcements were made (and you'll note that in earlier reports we stated that "...this might easily fall on its face...."), when a member of your own organization arrives on your doorstep with what appears to be a golden apple, it's difficult not to take a little nibble. Further, if the opportunity had been turned down (or lost due to time delay), there would have been lots of folks (especially the disgruntled blogger) whining about the intransigence and 'ancient' ways used by Masonic/Scottish Rite leaders unwilling to 'try something new'. Damned if you do and.... Obviously any new venture is a risk and there are MANY other companies and organizations which have involvement with car racing for a time but then demur. Despite the petty attempts to denigrate the NASCAR audience, this seemed a wholesome and productive venture at worst AND it had the potential to help an awful lot more kids even if it didn't produce a single additional Mason or Scottish Rite member. As we've stated all along, "...there will be lots of opportunity to criticize, we're going to take a 'wait and see' attitude on it all recognizing that we don't have all the facts." As the facts continue to roll in, though, it's more clear that things are moving in a very positive direction.

Brother Conz, the originally-envisioned Scottish Rite Mason driver, appears to have moved on. Having watched the experiences of a local guy who fought his way up to the NASCAR circuit, drove for a couple of years having one big win, and then 'lost his ride', we've heard many reports of how drivers can be 'played' by their owners and how, after actually spending time on the circuit, they decide that other ventures are more attractive. We'll write more about the whining of anti-Masonic bloggers later - or maybe not since no one really seems to care about bloggers and their CD collections any more.


Just as we were going to 'press', the following arrived:

Missouri Scottish Rite and DeMolay Members
Enjoy Visit from Scottish Rite Racing Team
and Driver Blake Feese


imageScottish Rite racing was a big hit in St. Louis on May 5, 2007, as everyone was able to get up close and personal with the car at the Scottish Rite building in St. Louis. Several people were able to climb in and sit behind the wheel—while others found that getting in the car was not as easy as it looks on television. Driver Blake Feese signed autographs and thrilled the Scottish Rite and DeMolay members. Feese has been so impressed with the Fraternity that he has signed his petition to become a member in North Carolina.

imageJeff Kitsmiller, Executive Director of DeMolay, and members of DeMolay International were ecstatic over getting to see the race car. They took photographs with the driver and received autographs and a photo of the car. The DeMolays look forward to the car returning to St. Louis for the International DeMolay Meeting to be held June the 13-16, 2007.

The next race for the Scottish Rite car is on May 26th, when Blake Feese will attempt to qualify and run in the Busch race in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Photos: (Top) Scottish Rite Race Car in front of the St. Louis Scottish Rite Building. (Second): DeMolay members show off their DeMolay emblem on the car. (Third): DeMolay members meet Scottish Rite Racing Team’s driver, Blake Feese.


And one additional note: this is not the first time that DeMolay - an organization for young men 12-21 - has been involved in racing activities. At least one jurisdiction provided some sponsorship (through donations made by members ONLY) of a local DeMolay's race car. He had DeMolay decals, similar to the one above, all over it and it caused several adults to inquire about the organization and is credited with bringing in at least four members that year. All it takes is one little seed....

AND, as the topping on the cake, you can now find a section on the Southern Jurisdiction of the Scottish Rite's website for just this topic. Also, the headline news item when we accessed the page on May 21, 2007 was about SR Racing. Click on the graphic below - and as you cruise the web, be on the lookout for continuing denigration on at least one blog as things progress. Anti-Masons would rather curse the darkness than light a candle....

Footnote: When we'd added the moniker of "Blogger Boy" and a link to his tabloid-oriented blog designed to castigate Freemasonry and perhaps bring some attention to his herbal business, we made a statement which one reader interpreted to mean that the individual in question was not a Mason. Sadly, we suspect he was one of those who 'signed the confession' required by the Grand Master of Georgia and remained a member of his lodge although why we frankly don't understand since he and his compatriots seem SO dissatisfied with Freemasonry. We stated that he was "tied in" with the United Grand Lodge of America which we thought clear but was also questioned. For the record, the "naturopathic physician" who owns that blog and a number of websites selling herbal remedies is, at the very least, extremely sympathetic to their cause. He's done a blog post castigating this site's author for calling him a racist. It is our contention that racism is not bounded by skin color alone and that his disparaging comments about NASCAR fans are proof of his phobias, albeit not skin-color driven. Still further, the many sock puppets have returned to post anonymously deriding this site and, more especially, myself. Have fun, all 3-4 of you and your 15+ identities! <chuckle> By the way: we've removed the link to the site because he was SO enjoying the publicity that this site commands....

Self-Creating Grand Lodges

Fake Masonry never seems to take a vacation. The so-called Regular Grand Lodge of England continues (pretty unsuccessfully it seems) to lure folks by deceiving them into thinking that by joining them they'll become part of a big, progressive group rather than the dream-child of a disaffected Mason with dreams of glory. Curiously, though, they seem to have a whole bunch of leaders who don't want to be found. Is this for real? Read the story here.

So too, the United Grand Lodge of America another group created by an expelled Mason after several other failed groups has been using the internet to garner attention. In the former case, the so-called "Grand Lodge" was formed before an expulsion and in the latter case, after. Regardless, neither has any more recognition as a Masonic organization than do the fish that live in the pond near my house, despite the interest Masons might have in watching them.

We always find it intriguing that the folks who claim to love Freemasonry SO much that they'll go out and set up organizations to 'compete' with it. In fact, they love Freemasonry SO very much that they don't hesitate for a moment to 'bad mouth' it. They seem to think they - and they alone (or perhaps with a few close friends) - have the 'secret sauce' that other Masons have missed for some 300 years. The saddest part is that unknowing individuals can be and are mislead by these claims of legitimacy that sound so realistic to the uninitiated. Here's a clue: if the Grand Lodge in the US, Canada, or UK spends even a moment of time on its website telling visitors how legitimate it is, head somewhere else!!!!

A tragic and senseless shooting kills a Mason during a ceremony at a Masonic hall.

See the details here.

Ripping Off Masons and those who want to be....

Alharam - Liars and ThievesThose who use the internet, even for the briefest periods of time, rapidly become aware of the many scams that one can fall victim to. It's OH so easy to scam Masons because they are, generally, extraordinarily trusting - and regrettably, they sometimes don't look too very deeply at what's really happening when they believe another Mason is involved. This  has not escaped the notice of the most odious of the scam artists who've recently begun sending 'begging messages' for monetary assistance to help a child get care at Masonic hospitals (even though such hospitals don't charge for their services) and setting up make-believe "Masonic" groups to get people to 'join' and pay them money.

A case in point is the website of the so-called "Alaharam Club" and "Alharam Lodge". It's nothing but a couple of websites populated with Masonic iconography and pretending to be both a Club, a Lodge, and - it appears - a Grand Lodge as well. This particular shyster outfit came to our attention when we found our page of Famous Freemasons as well as our page of Famous Non-Masons appearing right there on their website, stolen with graphics and all! The thieves, when confronted, simply moved the stolen wares to their "members only" section of the site. Repeated attempts to have the material removed entirely have been completely ignored. Multiple messages posted at various times to their bulletin board are erased so that the unsuspecting will be unaware of their duplicity. Here's a clue: if someone wants you to send a CV for their review and then they'll make you a Mason as long as your check clears, you've been HAD! (You'll note too that you can be a man OR a woman according to their website....) If a Grand Lodge website also offers you a link to stock quotes, be VERY wary: Grand Lodges don't do such things! If someone wants you to pay $120/year for access to the 'secret' part of their website where they've got stolen website pages that you could get for free elsewhere - and they further claim that they're the greatest Masonic research group ever, PLEASE run away quickly. Grand Masters don't also serve as Masters of a Lodge (unless there's only one make-believe lodge as in the case of Alharam!) and you don't become a Mason by mail! There are LOTS of great research lodges and bodies available without resorting to internet scams. If you've been deceived by this group ("The Grand Lodge of the Princes of Jerusalem"), drop me a note and we'll see if we can't put a little pressure on to get them run off the web. Because of their foreign location, it may be difficult to prosecute for mail fraud but legitimate Masonic researchers know that the very first successful mail fraud case prosecuted in the United States involved the bogus selling of Masonic degrees so it might be fun to see if we can do it again! We've got more about "Fake Masonry" here.

"DAVID vs GOLIATH" now free!

While we've been busy designing web pages, another Mason, VW David S. Julian, a Past Grand Bible Bearer of the Grand Lodge of Washington (state) USA, was busy publishing a great book all about anti-Masonry. We've done a review of this excellent work and you can now download a PDF version for free right here. Easy reading and very informative! We certainly recommend you take the time to read this work!

U. S. News & World Report says .... It's a HOAX!

U.S.News & World Report issue of August 26 - September 2, 2002We're always happy when anti-Masonic myths are exploded in public. It happened in the August 26 - September 2, 2002 issue of U. S. News & World Report with half of the issue devoted to the foolishness of lies from the present to deep into the past.

Selecting twenty of history's 'greatest' hoaxes, the magazine prioritizes them as follows:

    #1) The D is for Deception - The story of how the Allies managed to deceive the Axis powers keeping the D-Day attack a secret and saving untold likes;
    #2)  Hooked on a crooked book - An Anti-Semitic fraud born a century ago wins new converts explains how the Protocols of the Elders of Zion continues to be defame today. While USNWR's article deals with the Jewish issue, it should be remembered that Freemasonry plays a central part in this fraud as well. You can read more information about it on our website here.
   #3)  Devil in a red fez - The lie about the Freemasons lives on which explains the infamous Taxil hoax. Regrettably, they've taken this issue offline now so you can't read it for yourself. It was, we'd say, quite good considering space and content limitations. We would note, however, that there was one small error in their reporting: we explain their error about the Ex-Masons for Jesus group here.)

Two of the top three hoaxes of our times - according to one magazine at least - involving Freemasonry: it should warn you to not believe it when you hear bad things about Freemasonry. If we can 'claim' both second and third place in such a situation, that should put things into perspective for even the most gullible.

More Misleading Internet Solicitations

#1 - Just as occurred about this time last year, Masons have been inundated by a series of e-mails offering a "course" on the Qaballah offered on their free Geocities website. They proclaim that you'll "Learn the hidden principles of Qaballah while applying the knowledge into the Freemasonry. Learn how to set up your magical room, learn how to work with the energies, the 4 elements. Learn the secret of the Master Mason etc..."  Of course it's just more foolishness designed for the gullible. Over the past three centuries, a few individuals who were Masons and who were also interested in esoteric matters claimed that there were 'connections' between Freemasonry and the Kabala. They can not point to a single specific thing in Masonic ritual or teachings, save vague generalities. Nevertheless, this scam will likely garner one or two people who want to expand their knowledge - even though it won't! This scam has already become grist for at least one anti-Mason and will surely be embraced for it's salacious value by more who're happy to accept anything which - to them - shows that Freemasonry is tied to some religious beliefs they don't understand (and thus hate). It would appear that as long as you use an e-mail address with a name which has relevance in Freemasonry (Hiram, in this case) then it's just GOT to be legitimate - according to our anti-Masonic friends. 

#2 - And then there are the threatening e-mails telling Masons to join the "Illuminati Order" - and warning that one should tell no one about this "letter" or suffer their wrath. Yeah, right.

P. T. Barnum was SO insightful....

Anti-Masonic Activity Increasing - or is it?

In an earlier release of this page, we noted that The Masonic Service Association of North America in a press release dated April 4, 2002 reported that inquiries to their offices seemed to indicate an apparent increase in anti-Masonic activity. They referred to author/researcher Chip Berlet who has theorized that much of this may be due to the continued need for scapegoating and the fact that the horrific end-of-world scenario imagined for January 1,2000 never materialized. (We've commented here in the months leading up to that date how the anti-Masonic faction were using such rhetoric to publicize their 'ministries' and hate campaigns.) 

Perhaps because of the demise of free web sites which has eliminated many of the 'sunshine soldier' anti-Masons coupled with the turn to more professional web appearance adopted by many Lodges throughout the world, our own experience has been contrary to that of the MSA. We see not only a reduction of rants in our daily mail but an increase in the number of those asking about membership. Prior to 2002, we received 2-3 such inquiries a week while now we're receiving in excess of 10 each week. 

On the one hand, we suspect that with local Lodges and Grand Lodges more easily locatable through the web, complaints and rants from misguided individuals which formerly went to folks like ourselves who explained Freemasonry online could now be going to webmasters of local lodges and to Grand Secretaries - although none of them has commented on such a thing.  On the other hand, it may well be that a 'return to basic human and family values' now places Freemasonry in a much more positive light.

You can read the news release of the MSANA here and are pleased to have such respected figures as Mr. Berlet writing about the fallacies in the centuries-old rhetoric against Freemasonry.

Freemasonry, Islam, Shriners and More

In light of the Attack on America, bizarre claims have been made by conspiracy theorist and 'Face In Mars' proponent Richard Hoagland. See our comments on his beliefs on Masonic connections to little green Martians here.

Jack the Ripper - Again

Movie goers in the US found the movie "Jack the Ripper" to be worth only one weekend in the top spot - perhaps arriving there after many others were held back in the wake of world events. UK movie goers got to see Johnny Depp and one of their biggest boogey men - Freemasonry - together.  Interested in some facts rather than the Hollywood hype? You can get a wealth of information about this topic here.

Illuminati recruiting by e-mail now!

Yes, it's true. The Illuminati - the organization that went out of existence a couple of centuries ago - is now recruiting by e-mail. Masonic webmasters and others recently received a message encouraging them to visit www.oneworldorder.org (link now used for harvesting private info only - do not use!) Arriving there, one found that they could be part of this 'organization' by sending only $95 to a post office box in Powell, Tennessee. 

We had originally identified the owner of this site as a Nashville radio personality.  That person has, however, written to us with strong assurances that he knows nothing about the site.  The explanation seems to be that the site host 'stole' some code which led to the identification we made. We apologize for the apparent error. We've also found a number of items pointing to a "Solomon Tulbure" including a conveniently locatable photograph but all it was simply 'planted' material as part of yet another money scam similar to so many others one finds on the internet. 

While there was nothing anti-Masonic on the site, there was an essay which expresses considerable disdain for the 'American's With Disabilities' Act.... The perpetrator of this particular scheme has since committed suicide. However, it wasn't the first and it won't be the last!

Multi-Level Marketing 'cures' FreemasonryEmpower The People

Radio talk show host Tony Brown has published a book in which he tells you all about the Masonic Illuminati Conspiracy that's  ruining your life. How can you 'get even'? Easy: by joining Mr. Brown's Multi-Level Marketing program.... Honest: that's his solution to his imagined problem! Read more about it here.

Saudi Arabia bans Pokemon

But what's that got to do with Freemasonry, you ask? The Saudi Islamic government has decided that Pokemon can corrupt Muslims and they need to take steps to protect both their morals and their money. Reuters also reports that the government "... also said the game contradicted Islamic teachings by promoting Darwin's theory of evolution and featured the Star of David which is linked to Zionism, Israel and the Freemasons." Head here for the Reuters news story.

What won't they claim next?

While this site's owner takes the position that virtually all of the charges against Freemasonry are patently foolish, one particular anti-Mason's accusations have always disturbed us greatly. Neil Brick of Massachusetts has made claims that he is the victim of Masonic "satanic ritual abuse". Of course, the details of this claim are never explained but because of our society's desire to protect the victim and extend to him/her every possible degree of credibility, Brick's charge has been especially vexing.

The Fall of 2000, however, brought proof to the rational person that Brick needs professional help - but certainly NOT as a result of any experiences with Freemasonry. He's decided that he's ALSO been the subject of mind-control experiments by the "Illuminati, Masonic section" and has been a trained killer sent off on secret and only vaguely-remembered assignments to assassinate people.

We hope that this recent 'revelation' will show to the abuse-survivor community that charlatans such as Brick simply do not deserve even a modicum of respect. Read his description of his amazing memories on our page about him. It's sad, really.... 

And another reason....

We like to know who's linked to us and once in a while, we check URL referrals. One we found is a web site where an individual offers to look up quotes in Albert Pike's 'Morals and Dogma' because he's so upset that Pike is defamed and misquoted constantly. Interesting, we thought: someone who believes in the truth. We found this sentence on the site outlining his position on Freemasonry, though: "I oppose aspects of Freemasonry, because their promotion and defense of free speech indirectly helps cancer cure con artists." Pretty curious, don't you think?

Hate on the Internet

Every day as we 'surf the web', we find more sites dedicated to hate and dissent. A percentage of these add Freemasonry to their vicious and often seditious rants. Fortunately, however, more sites spring up to challenge the fortresses of evil. In addition to the more well-known debunking sites, there are other, less-publicized ones that we've also begun monitoring. Two worth particular mention are crankdot.net which selects a 'cranky' website each day and Raymond A. Franklin's 'Hate Directory' which provides an exhaustive listing that's periodically updated. It's no surprise to us that SO many of those we've discussed on this site are also listed by these various anti-hate listings as being purveyors of viciousness. Independent individuals and organizations not related to Freemasonry identify SO many anti-Masons as persons filled with hate for their fellow-man: why would anyone want to ally themselves with such persons?

A new technique for Foolishness

Recently a very large number of online Masons were exposed to anti-Masonry for the first time, having been subscribed without their consent to a mailing list ostensibly for the purpose of explaining the evils of Freemasonry to Christians. A "Morgan Hawthorn" (which could be a pseudonym as far as we know) has found the e-Groups mailing service (a legitimate company used by many Masonic groups) and has co-opted it, using (like many other anti-Masons) dishonesty and deceit. Here are some facts you should realize:


It's a violation of the e-Groups terms of service to subscribe someone to a mailing list without their permission (fraud is something anti-Masons regularly employ: "Strike One")


"Morgan" provides no credentials from which we might judge his ability to accurately and dispassionately judge Freemasonry and hides his identity behind a mailing blind (typical obfuscation of anti-Masons: "Strike Two")


and anyone who has read his messages understands that both his logic and ability to express his thoughts are in severe need of improvement (incoherence is not uncommon in anti-Masons, many of which have a minimal education: "Strike Three"!)

So if you're a Christian (and, of course, he has no idea whether those he has targeted were or not), do you really want to get your information from someone who deliberately and willfully violates the principles Jesus taught? I certainly wouldn't.... "Morgan" (maybe this name is a pseudonym chosen deliberately? <chuckle>) has targeted hundreds of online Masons but we found it comical that he was careful to exclude us from his mailing list. We also are aware that he referred to our web site at length in his first mailings.

Sorry, "Morgan": you ARE a religious intolerant and your techniques - like those of the people who interrupt our meals with phone calls then lie about who they work for and try to sell us something we neither need nor want - mark you as being totally unworthy of consideration. Embarrassing to Christians, we're sure, that someone purporting to be a follower of Christ would stoop to such sleazy tactics. 

More "Good" Examples

On our site, we often point to the behavior of Masons when compared and contrasted with that of anti-Masons. An interesting example has presented itself with the arrest and subsequent guilty verdict at trial in Missouri of Rev. Gordon Winrod, his son Stephan and his daughter Carol. The former Lutheran minister who was suspended from ministerial functions by the Missouri Synod of the Lutheran Church. Subsequently Winrod was named National Chaplain of the racist and anti-Semitic National States Rights Party (NSRP) whom he left in 1962 to devote full-time to his attacks against Jews and Masons as the cause of America's social and economic problems. Following in his father's footsteps (Gerald B. Winrod, author of "The Jewish Assault on Christianity" published in 1935), he authored such tracts as "Freemasonry: Jewish Front" and "Wake Up America". His son David continues this line of hatred in Alaska. You can read about the Winrod clan on the ADL web site. Click on the search button and enter the name 'Winrod'.... More examples of hatred!  

R.I.P. Preston Burner

A man ahead of his time and the person who could easily wear the title of 'Father of online Masonry' has left our midst. Please see our comments on this great loss here.

Where objectors come from

A question sometimes asked by those arriving at this site is "Where do these people get these ideas?" From what we see on the internet, today it's coming from right-wing extremists. Head to nearly any web site that preaches hatred of the government and you'll also find hatred of the (imagined) "New World Order", hatred of Jews, and - usually included as well - hatred of Freemasonry. A web site of a government protestor in Chatam County, Georgia is but one example. (There are many others....) As these militants become more emboldened, we suspect that Masons and Masonic facilities may well be the site of attacks such as those seen throughout the world involving Jewish Temples. It's a sad situation for the members of those who try to do good work for society.  

Masons and the NWO

On New Year's Eve 1999-2000, a few Masons went down to the George Washington National Masonic Memorial on the outskirts of Washington, DC. They went there as a location to view the fireworks and NOT to wait for the arrival of the space ship of the anti-Christ which - despite the presence of a huge new Masonic emblem on the front lawn pointing the way - didn't arrive. As our friend and foolishness-buster, Virginia Mason Harry Lyons reported earlier this year, the rise in US postal rates was charged by some fanatical hypo-religious conspiracy theorists as being used to build that new emblem for that purpose.

Midnight came and went and the only thing worth watching was the fireworks - as expected! The Masons didn't take control of the world (YET AGAIN!!!) so a lot of people will be scrambling to provide some alternative explanation enabling them to seduce their followers. Surely they'll be able to come out with something weird; it is, after all, their only reason for being it sometimes seems.... <SIGH>

Flight 990 - and "Mason"

December, 1999 - We knew it wouldn't be long before someone tied Freemasonry to the crash of EgyptAir Flight 990, destined to be another of the conspiracy 'chestnuts' for decades to come. One of the rumors flying around on internet newsgroups claims a mysterious underground missile base under an abandoned Air Force base in Montauk, New Jersey was used by "...pro New World Order factions of the U.S. Navy...." to fire a particle beam which shot down the plane.  The primary purveyor of this fanciful myth is claiming that they've been "warned off" the story by an e-mail from a mysterious "George Mason". Before you know it, we may be told that there's a secret Masonic training site under Lake Erie!

The Devil Lives in Africa....

October, 1999 - When the story of a Kenyan presidential commission being appointed in Africa to investigate "Satanism" first appeared at this time three years ago (the London Independent reported the story on page 12 of their October 12, 1996 edition), few had cause to think that it might somehow involve Freemasonry.

In the report now issued, Masonry appears prominently. We discuss this in detail on a new conspiracy page here. Any validity to the charges? Read the reports for yourself!

Texas Killer showed Anti-Masonic Interests Too!

October, 1999 - Larry Ashbrook who brutally shot and killed seven people at the Wedgewood Baptist Church in Fort Worth, Texas on September 16th had, in addition to religious literature, a pamphlet on Freemasonry at his home as well. Based on his heinous actions, it's clear that this material was not for the benefit of joining or helping these organizations but rather to harm them. USA Today reported this story on the following day that Asbrook was quoted as saying "This religion is all bull----." Could Masons have been the target instead? It's impossible to speculate but strong anti-social emotions exhibited by some anti-Masons (protesting taxes, government, immigration, whatever....) as exhibited in websites and internet newsgroup postings (as well as e-mail sent to this site) certainly gives us pause. Because of Ashbrook's suicide, we'll never know the full depth of his hatred and the extent of his anti-Masonic feelings. We can only express our deepest and most sincere sympathy to the families of those killed in this rampage and our best wishes for a speedy physical and mental recovery of those injured in this carnage.

Yet Another Conference to Bash Masons - 
with a bizarre twist!

July, 1999 - If you missed the "Missions to Masons" meeting in July, here's another one to defame Freemasonry - although you must meet the approval of the conference organizer to attend. In August, the so-called "Survivors of Masonic Ritual Abuse" get together. Under the pseudonym of S.M.A.R.T, Neil Brick of Massachusetts has played into the fears of many (and the actual experiences of actual abuse victims) to push his vendetta of hate against Freemasonry. He has also managed to associate himself with a number of legitimate abuse-help organizations.

We strongly encourage Masons who may themselves or who may know those who work with abuse survivor/abuse protection groups to be alert for insidious and irrational claims regarding Freemasonry as a result of this individual's unsupportable claims. Click here to read about Brick and his activities.

US President Bill Clinton now a
33rd Degree Mason!!!

We were certainly surprised to see that bit of news on the web - and we suspect the Mr. Clinton would be surprised too. You can see the statement for yourself by pointing your browser to this site! Apparently everyone they don't like is somehow connected to Masonry - at least in their mind, whether it's true or not! <SIGH>

August 30, 1998 Update: The 30 year old owner of the Endtime Deception website reports that he has moved twice and has finally found work. We note too that he has changed his front page to de-emphasize his comments about President Clinton. Nevertheless, he's still listed on the "Famous Freemasons" page which you'll find there. Now apparently this person is trying to draw connections between the Promise Keepers movement, phallic symbols (or his interpretation thereof) and Freemasonry. When wanting to see how some of the very vocal web anti-Masons secure information, drop by the site above and note his many pleas for information and 'proof' of his wild theories!

It's those 33rd Degree Masons Again

Mason Harry Lyons reports that a person in Alexandria, Virginia knows why the postal rates in the U. S. have gone from 32 cents to 33 cents. It's all a conspiracy by the 33rd Degree Masons! In fact, Harry heard her tell postal clerks that the new Square and Compass being built on the lawn of the George Washington National Masonic Memorial was to signal the space ship of the Anti-Christ!

Got time to spare?

It seems that the few anti-Masons really enjoy 'flocking together'. From the graphic below, it looks like they'd planned to get together recently although we didn't find any notice of the meeting in the 'usual places'. Even the participants didn't want to announce it on their web sites, it appears. Curious....

"Defend the Faith"? Hardly....

Mason John Glenn Returns Safely...

...but some conspiracy theorists are convinced that another Mason never really landed on the Moon and that everybody involved in the space program is a Mason and part of the cover-up! Really? Yep! There's no end to some of the things anti-Masons can dream up. Point your browser here to see...

And welcome home, Brother John! We'll be looking forward to seeing that 33rd Degree Scottish Rite ring you took along on the flight.

Freemasonry and the U.K.

In an online article titled "It's the Old World Order,Chaps!", the current furor surrounding Freemasonry in England is summarized and there are several links there to various news articles. Register that you're a Mason? Then what? Your religion?

We bring you this link here on our What's New page because of the importance of this matter.

Japanese Nerve Gas Update

Those involved in the cult which released nerve gas in a Tokyo subway (a cult which believed that the United States would take over Japan under the direction of Freemasons and Jews!) are now receiving prison sentences. See the information on 'Supreme Truth' here on our site.

TIME Magazine writes about Freemasonry

TIME Magazine ran an article in its May 25, 1998 issue called "Endangered Conspirators" by David Van Biema. It's sub-title is: "Freemasons, who used to be blamed for everything, now seem almost quaint. Can a youth movement rescue them?"

As might be expected in a capsule-like story, not everything is quite accurate. Some things, in fact, are downright misleading and there are a couple of just plain errors. That notwithstanding, it's an interesting read. Point your browser here.


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