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Think that we've sent you some kind of junk e-mail? Nope: it's not us!  Put simply, you are  NOT receiving emails or viruses from masonicinfo.com! In fact, MANY of those we see being rejected come from addresses such as Mary @ masonicinfo.com - a totally fictitious address since the only one we use with a name is ours! 

The Klez email worm infects computers running Windows and spoofs the return address on the messages it sends using Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Outlook Express to mask the location of the infected machine. The 'Doom' (and its variations) worm/virus seems to do the same.

You should know that we use an e-mail program which is immune to the type of address book stealing and identity spoofing that has become so common these days. Further, we use two anti-virus programs to screen all of our files, we update them twice daily, and we refuse to accept files with attachments without prior arrangements. While we feel we are (almost) immune from infection by the Klez worm and others, many folks - both Masons and anti-Masons -  are sadly unaware of viruses in their own machines and likely they're spreading these things accidentally. Because we're in SO many address books, it's inevitable that some of the spoofing would use our address as the fake. We apologize for any inconvenience but assure you: "It isn't us!".

For further information, please see Klez Virus on Symantec or Klez Virus on Network Associates/MacAfee.

Here's the deal: we NEVER send bulk e-mails and we ONLY write to those visitors to this site who have written to us and whose mail has actually gotten through - as explained on the footer of each page!

Sorry for any inconvenience: it's a pain in our backside too!


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E-Mail Garbage



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