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What's Here?

Since the earliest days of Freemasonry and for over three centuries, there have been people and groups who opposed its existence for various reasons. On this site, we describe:

The objections to Freemasonry - including New World Order, conspiracies, 'Freemasonry is a religion' and more
Those who oppose Masons and Masonry - with lots of information about Masonophobia
Freemasonry itself - including Masonic Charities, books about Masonry, Famous Masons, joining Masonry, and much more....

Our site contains over 370 pages of facts. We hope you'll find it both interesting and enlightening. We've got a search engine link at the footer of every page. It'll help you to find things more easily. Or, you may be particularly interested in these things:


Should you join Freemasonry?

How does somebody join Masonry?


Pike & Lucifer ~ Morals & Dogma


President Obama is NOT a Mason! 

Fake Masonry? Really?
Find out more here....

In addition, here are are a few other specific pages that many visitors have found of interest:


We have tried to present 'just the facts' on this site but if you're absolutely sure that Masonry is wrong and you know this beyond a shadow of doubt, click here and go directly to some things especially for you! If you'd like to read a message about Masonry and anti-Masonry (antimasonry) from the top leader of Freemasonry, just click here. For the curious, there's also some information about this site at our page titled 'Site Facts'.

Regular visitors should watch our What's New page to see what's different since their last visit. Those with older browsers may need to refresh their browser each time in order to see our changes. We hope you find the information on this site helpful.

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And just so you know: this site was last updated on Thursday, January 01, 2015.
If you haven't been here since then, you'll find new material inside (with a listing of all it here)!

We're now in our SEVENTEENTH YEAR ONLINE (and we're older than Google!)
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We offer only factual information designed to educate you about Freemasonry. Thanks for visiting.

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