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You searched?

You searched?

The Atomz search engine we use to power our site provides us with a monthly report of the most common search queries. Don't worry: it doesn't track who's asking so we don't know who you are. It does tell us, however, what folks have come here looking for. We've created this page to add a little snippet of information about some of those things which have been sought in the past but about which we have little or nothing. Here's what's been sought - and what we've got to say about it:

Jay-Z - Every week, without fail, there are 2 or more searches on this. Honestly, I'm not sure if they think it'll suddenly appear if they keep coming back to check but the simple fact is that - except for the whacko conspiracy sites who claim everybody from Jesus to your Aunt Tilly is a Mason - there's no reason to ASSUME that Jay-Z is. (You do understand that adage about 'assume', right? Oh, and yes, I CAN assume that he's not - particularly since there's no evidence of any kind that he is!)

Fellowcraft Lecture - Well, I don't have any of the ritual for the various degrees on our site. Ritual varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction so having the FC Lecture from California, for example, wouldn't help a Texas Mason one bit. If you need rituals, contact your Grand Secretary. He'll be happy to sell you one!

Phi Delta Theta - Many college fraternities in the US were modeled after either the concepts or the rituals of Freemasonry - or both! Others would 'borrow' from them and Masons, being of the type who found fraternal involvement of interest, would be members or founders. This is an area which we have not had the time to write on in depth. Suffice it to say: those fraternities whose initiations were filled with pranks and hazing were those which, if seeming Masonic-like, were probably corruptions of some ritual exposure such as Duncan's or Richardson's. Those which were somber, serious and filled with the hope of a higher purpose for the members were likely those which were started by Masons or greatly influenced by those with Mason-like purpose.

Brisco - Somebody was looking for this. We thought it was the name of a character in "Law and Order". Ok, Lennie?

Songs - Regrettably, we don't have any here. I could maybe play a few bars on my trombone if you'd like....???

Amazing Lid of Palenque / Kebroath - We don't even have a clue on these. A Palenque is a place for bringing up poultry but even the Oxford English Dictionary online has no clue as to the meaning of Kebroath! It's truly amazing what the report shows folks looking for...

Masonic Homes - We suspect that the person searching may have hoped for a list of homes or their location on the web. It might be fastest to contact the Grand Lodge of the jurisdiction in which you've got an interest and ask them directly.

Burrows - A person's name perhaps? We're curious....

Abaddon - Used in Rev.. ix. 11 as equivalent to the Gr. {Alenis}{pi}{omicron}{lambda}{lambda}{guacu}{omega}{nu}, destroyer, as the name of ‘the angel of the bottomless pit.’ Hence applied by Milton to the bottomless pit, or abyss of hell, itself. Any other questions?

Spear of Longinus - Less than two weeks after we'd made this page live, an alert surfer wrote to tell us that our "We give up." about this entry was surprising to him. Luis Felipe Morales of UCLA advises that "The Spear or Lance of Longinus is the legendary/apocryphal name given to the weapon that pierced the side of Christ, Longinus being supposed to be the name of the legionary who did the piercing. This same Longinus is often supposed to be the legionary who cried at Jesus' death, "Surely this is the Son of God!", and as such he has been raised to the status of saint, though St. Longinus is not one of the well known saints. This Lance has also shown up in Grail stories, dripping blood into the Holy Grail. It is occasionally bandied about that Adolf Hitler made attempts to find the Lance." Mr. Morales also provided us with a link to a website on this subject click here . We thank him for this information. We're unaware of this story appearing anywhere in any ritual of any Masonic -related body but will certainly welcome any further amplification. Thanks again, Mr. Morales! Oh, and now we've got a page about it - here.

Elo - If the OED has no clue, we don't either....

Grand Honors - Using ancient customs, Masons 'salute' their leadership with a ritualized set of signs and claps. Isn't this odd? Not really. If you've ever been to a wedding where guests at the reception would tap their knives against the side of their glasses to make a tinkling sound which indicates to the bride and groom that a kiss is deemed appropriate!

Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) - Nope: no connection (except, of course, that some Masons who are law enforcement officers are also members of this organization. We've commented about that here.

Andrew Jahson - A cousin of Andrew Jackson, perhaps? Someone searched on it eleven times one week....

Entreing - Looks like another case of poor spelling - but nine times?

Handshake - OOOOooooooo.....  It's a secret! Shake, pardner!

Famous People in Peru - Problem is, when one's not in a particular country, they must rely on information they find publicly available to them. We don't have much on this topic and, sad to say, the closest we've ever been to Peru was vicariously through a book about a train adventure! Beyond that, this site is about FREEMASONRY. "Famous People" - no matter where they're from - is FAR too broad a topic for consideration here.

Fadis - We keep wondering.

Human sacrifices - No, folks. Wrong place - DEFINITELY! Freemasonry isn't involved in human sacrifices in any way.

So Moted Be - Here again, spelling seems a problem but we can at least understand on this one.  At the end of a prayer, the usual Masonic response is "So Mote It Be." which is very much like saying "Amen" and, at some times in the past, was a regularly employed alternative to that amongst the general public.

Alchemy - If you can figure out how to make gold, PLEASE let us know - secretly, of course!

Machupichu - We suspect our friend Denis put that in the search engine just to see what would happen. He's been there as a photographer and his pictures are outstanding. Disliking heights, we're not going to put it on our itinerary for vacationing for a LONG time to come. 

More to come....



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