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Hatred for Jesus' sake

The internet's 'Kooks Museum' wrote this:

"Has Satan been knocking at your door? Is your life an eternal nightmare of alcohol, divorce, secularism, rock and roll and drugs? Jack Chick, in easy-to-read comic format, will tell you exactly what you need to do to be saved."

The "Curse" according to Chick ComicsWe couldn't have put it any better! In addition to the issues referenced, Freemasonry is yet another part of the Chick moralization empire. In fact, it's not unknown for those who drive vehicles with Masonic stickers on them to find the Chick comic, 'The Curse of Baphomet' tucked under a windshield wiper: an effort by some 'religious intolerant' who believes they are bringing 'the truth' to that poor, misguided Mason.

But Mr. Chick/Chick Publications version of the 'truth' seems conveniently adjustable in order to fit their preconceived disapproval of Freemasonry. As the graphics below show, this particular booklet used the 'Taxil Hoax' and the Baphomet lie in order to make their points. When it was pointed out that their argument was based on a fraud and that there was never a publication called "The Freemason - the organ of English Freemasonry", the quotation in the booklet was changed. To what? The publication in which the fraud appeared originally. Why let the truth get in the way?

chick.gif (124513 bytes)

And Chick's website also points - as a resource - to the incoherencies of Bill Schnoebelen, the fellow who doesn't know whether he's coming or going.

You can check out the many other things the comic book 'ministry' is against and see some of their tracts right here. Don't miss "Flight 144" where you'll read the parable of a Minister and his wife who spent 50 years in Africa, built 5 schools and 4 hospitals (one for lepers) but who were sent to  Hell because they did good works but ostensibly didn't 'believe in the Lord'. Perhaps it was just that they didn't believe in Him the way Jack Chick believes....

Interestingly, not only Masons find Chick's rhetoric loathsome. A group of Catholics have a web site which goes into some of his more egregious misrepresentations toward Catholicism by saying "DON'T BE A FOOL! Don't allow yourself to be deceived or mislead by Jack T. Chick's misrepresentations of Catholicism." And there are more: there's a site called "The Wonderful World of Jack Chick" as well as several other pages/sites which contain material that we simply wouldn't want to have links to as we try to keep our "G" family rating! Chick Publications certainly do attract some VERY strong reactions.

It is, perhaps, somewhat apocryphal that a short comic book would become the basis for someone's beliefs about an organization. Based on the constantly declining level of literacy, particularly in the United States where Chick is based, we can appreciate how material such as theirs could influence empty minds. It's a sad commentary on where things may be headed....

An equal opportunity bigot

Not only does Chick hate Freemasons, Catholics and Jews, but he seems to have a particular bias towards Blacks as well. Check out a particular tract's description as shown on the right. We were curious and went to the page where you can read it (here). Actually, there's not much to read at all because unlike the many, many other Chick tracts, there are virtually NO words: it's pretty much all just pictures. Compare any of the other tracts and you will see. Apparently in the Jack Chick world, "black audiences" can't read....

To reality

Might as well smile, eh?Are you more interested in the Kooks Museum? We don't blame you!
Click here to find them! Like many other sites, they've said goodbye, perhaps because there are now just far too many kooks online to even begin to categorize them. They are, though, archived at least.

There used to be a site with a very interesting essay titled "Venus, the Devil, Jack Chick and the Freemasons" which is now archived (without the pictures, sadly) here.

And other Catholic websites don't think too very much of ol' Jack either. Here's a LONG essay on his foolishness.

All of the above having been said, however, it's still important to note that many ostensible 'God-fearing Christians' believe that they are spreading the Gospel of love and acceptance by distributing these hateful and deceitful tracts. They are, they truly believe in their hearts, following in Jesus' footsteps.... It is shameful.

U. S. News & World Report coverHEY! Jack's getting the recognition he deserves and in a national magazine, no less. The highly respected U. S. News & World Report in their article on Greatest Hoaxes gives #3 billing to the Taxil Hoax. You know: the one Jack Chick uses!  They even mention Jack's comic which we've debunked above. Sadly, it's no longer online.

Poor Jack: debunked nationally for all to see.... Maybe it's true, though, that any publicity is good publicity. Guess we'll just have to wait and see.

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