"As one knows the poet by his fine music, so one can recognise the liar by his rich rhythmic utterance, and in neither case will the casual inspiration of the moment suffice. Here, as elsewhere, practice must precede perfection."
Oscar Wilde (1854–1900), Anglo-Irish playwright, author. Vivian, in "The Decay of Lying" (published in Intentions, 1891).

    As soon as our site was first posted, anti-Masons appeared on the alt.freemasonry newsgroup under false identities, begging and/or demanding a listing here. For some, it would seem, the measure of 'success' in their lives of hate, disruption and deceit is recognition on this web site. It seemed bizarre to us because those who were demanding they be 'memorialized' were posting from 'anonymous' mailing addresses and their real names were unknown.

    Some of these anti-Masons even issue taunts: "Bet you don't dare to list me....", they'll write. For what purpose do they want some secret identity to be listed? How can they brag to their friends: "See? That's me!" when there's no way to prove the fact? It just seems SO immature but then again, that's often the way so very much of anti-Masonry appears to the rational individual. There have also been those who've even pretended to be Masons and there are others who apparently feel they've accomplished something in life if they can cause someone else to be upset.

    We ultimately decided to list a short 'rogue's gallery' consisting of the online identities who've been particularly noxious or disruptive online. The list is long but there are only a handful of actual persons represented below: it's a common tactic of anti-Masons to 'change nicks' when they're 'spotted'. While this list does not include the dozens and dozens of identities directly attributed to Ken Mitchell (which you can find here), we felt it was only fair to give these poor souls the recognition they so desperately crave - listing of their 'secret identity' on the internet. Their parents must be SO proud!

Masons through their fraternal and service efforts will be remembered in a much better way and for a far longer period! 

Here they are:

anonymous, nobody, Jean Charles André Quintal, David B. Cooper, prankerd, paghat, lunatic (Lunatic Alcoholic Psycho), Thug4Life, Kidney John, Irish Rover, David A. Brown (DB), oned4u, John C. Holmes, Astaldo Megillian, Church Lady, ryb, TSUN, Goma oyan, Lilly, KildaJuice, nomason, MI, wildwings, Cyber-Fish, Mortal Truth, A N Other, Raymond DiOrio, Prince Hall Muslim, airborne, masonictruth (in a despicable attempt to confuse with another poster, a true and wonderfully gentle man, Manny Blanco who uses Mason Truth), Mason Strange, LPPCQ Snarky, Ed Jacobs, Mike Croley, frater sapientiae, Fall of America, Mars, Banana, Rev. Juust Out, Johnny Flowerpotman, nucleus, Librarian, Fred, Numbre Treize, and more to come as these individuals waste more of their precious life's time. Those listed in Red have been identified as various onscreen identities of a John Birkinshaw, an individual who has been described as VERY heavily into 'pot'. Mr. Birkinshaw spends countless hours pouring out drivel and regularly creates identities to argue with each other in a way to sucker the unwitting into conversations with him. 

And we can't but take special notice of a particularly odious troll who appeared on alt.freemasonry in March, 2001 signing his posts as Paul S. Kennedy, M.M., Grand Lodge of California. This individual, whose behavior was eerily similar to a couple of those pseudonyms above (particularly Thug4Life and John C. Holmes) claimed to be a "Special Investigator" for the Grand Lodge of California announcing on the internet that a much beloved member of that newsgroup (Manny Blanco) had been suspended for morals violations. Needless to say, it was a pitiful and hurtful fraud done - as the poster subsequently wrote - just to see how many people would respond to the message.  To what depths will anti-Masons sink?  Libeling a good and upright man with horrific charges using a hidden identity just because 'Mason-bashing' was sport.... It's disgusting - but it's the type of thing one finds every day amongst anti-Masons!

Continuing in our tiny type - since little type is all the attention these social misfits and outcasts warrant - we also take note of Gennady Kalmykov also known as "Librarian" also known as "Nukleus" or "Nucleus" who also posts as "Librarian" and has also posted as Acharya Veeren and "Bloxy's". This particularly insufferable nuisance loves playing the part of 'internet bad boy' and does everything he can to foster that image. At one point, he fancied himself as a particularly important figure in the techno-music world using his insults and raucous behavior to compensate for his shortcomings. In his early usenet postings, he blathered on about bio-robots using the term only, it seemed, as an insult. Nevertheless, it seems that at some point he thought he had been denied access to a Usenet discussion group on artificial intelligence. From then on, he tried to prove that everyone in the Usenet management hierarchy was ‘out to get him’ and even now, several years later, continues rants about particular individuals as if he’d been challenged by them just yesterday. His reaction to this imagined slight was a determination to wreak vengeance in the only way he could: post so much and so frequently that he simply could not be ignored or dismissed. Under the identity of “Bloxy’s”, but sometimes using a variety of other pseudonyms as well, his modus operandi moved from simply ranting about perceived injustices he had suffered on Usenet to acerbic and relentless ranting about US politics and imagined conspiracies.

We believe that this individual lives currently in California although we, frankly, could care less. He was, apparently, from the Ukraine and manages some sort of online accessibility through there. Perhaps he has returned? Who cares.... Having failed to achieve notice from his insufferable rants about techno-music and about usenet policies, he has of late resorted to endless fuming about the actions/activities of US President, George W. Bush. His language is sometimes pointedly stilted to enhance the assumption about his physical location and he will sometimes make references to Eastern Europe as well. Is it a ruse? More to the point: does anybody actually care?! Obviously, it seems a tad incongruous that someone in the Ukraine would vent so much energy (all wasted) prattling on about U.S. politics and comparing the President to Hitler through many ‘attributions’ to “Adolph Bush”. Such, though, is the stupidity of some that they can’t fully appreciate their own impotence! Even in conspiracy newsgroups where the most absolutely bizarre claims are seized upon and gnawed over, his diatribes are totally ignored save the sporadic profanity posted in response.

In the past, this individual seemed to simply include the alt.freemasonry newsgroup in his ‘carpet bombing’ messages. There were even times when his rants about a “Russ” involved in the Usenet hierarchy were confused with an intermittent alt.freemasonry poster whose name is also “Russ”. On alt.freemasonry, however, where the most egregiously ridiculous claims are commonplace, some individuals (including this website’s author) patiently took the time to sort through the massive amounts of rant to provide disclaimers to the cut and paste charges against the fraternity. After a couple of years of mostly ignoring responses to his drivel, he apparently became SO desperate for any small crumb of attention, he hurled himself into a frenzied attack on the newsgroup and its regular members. Cutting paragraphs out of posts, some from months earlier, he’d repost them with pithy (and sometimes totally incongruous) comments inserted. His commentary, observed in single instances and from a distance, presented the appearance of a detached commentator when, in reality, it was simply more frothing from someone whose world-view is so horribly skewed and with a need for attention so enormous, that he will write anything to anyone as long as they pay attention to him. And thus it continues: dozens upon dozens of huge messages posted weekly. Political diatribes, interspersed with alt.freemasonry posts from months earlier, all pulled from a ‘library’ of raving he has created and repeats regularly. His most common game is to now include large chunks of the anti-Semitic Protocols of the Elders of Zion and, based on secondary comments made by him occasionally, it would appear that anti-Semitism is, in fact, something he supports vigorously. Much of his material has been refuted in responses to messages and all of the rest is refuted on this website. Despite this, he labors on, clearly finding enjoyment in the disruption of others' lives. It’s too bad, really, that someone who was once so seemingly interested in artificial intelligence and whose skills, whatever they might be, could have been used for the benefit of mankind, has become a caricature of a joke. 

Mason Ron Boutwell, one of the earliest alt.freemasonry newsgroup participants, decided to "have some fun" with this particular nuisance and forged a number of his posts - with contents exactly opposite what might be expected. By writing apologies for bad behavior, admissions of stupidity and the like, Ron succeeded in agitating this troll into even more of a frenzy. If you find a post from "Nukleus" or "Librarian" apologizing for his egregious behavior, you can rest assured that it was only Ron confusing and obfuscating the matter. We've been outspoken in our criticism of these tactics but Ron has disagreed strongly with our position and feels that it is just 'harmless fun'. Either way, "Librarian" remains an anti-Semitic and apparently very hate-filled individual desperately seeking attention. 
February 27, 2004. Updated May 13, 2004 with Mr. Kalmykov's name included. Altered a bit 11 January 2006.  

And MORE silly games: one of the above "identities" pretended to be a Mason and loudly proclaimed that if s/he received recognition on this web site, they'd 'reveal' their "Masonic credentials". It was, of course, impossible: those who lie about Masonry and/or their connections to it are frauds. Nevertheless, we called their bluff and listed them here a couple of years ago. Predictably, immediately after the posting of this page, the person who claimed to be a Mason and the founder of a fictitious "Masons Against The Scottish Rite" simply disappeared. Typical.... 

And we must admit that we've found it supremely ironic SO many of those who object to Freemasonry because they believe it goes against Christianity will then resort to lies, deceit, fraud, and all sorts of deception (often laced with filthy profanity) to prove just how much they love Jesus. Do they - or you - think that Jesus would approve of such tactics were He here today? We certainly don't!

At times, there seems to be no end to the foolishness that appears on the internet - and those named on this page seem to us to be the 'worst of the breed'!

Were we not concerned about keeping this site rated "G" so that all might learn from it, we'd post some of the email we've received from them and other anti-Masons. Pretty impressive the gutter language that they've managed to learn, particularly when so many of them are trying to convince Masons that their religious beliefs are so very strong!

Page last updated 25 October 2004


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