The Secret Founding of America

Nicholas Hagger


I heartily endorse the book for anyone interested in the subject of Freemasonry. Bravo, Bro. Chris!!!  <Masonicinfo Note: We can't agree more!>

If you've read this book, you may have noted that one chapter that is mentioned in the introductory remarks (on pages 5 and 288), "Ten Common Masonic Phrases," has gone missing. This was done by the publisher, without telling the author, to cut down a few pages. Brother Hodapp He has made it available online at which, like everything else in the book, is worth a look.

It is noted too that Bro. Hodapp has listed actor Leonardo DiCaprio as a Famous Mason. Mr. DiCaprio is NOT a member of the Masonic fraternity and we explain that on our page about Famous Non-Masons here. Bro. Hodapp on his website generously mentions our research and agrees that he was in error in so stating. Maybe he'll invite us to travel on his next speaking tour? WOW!

And don't forget to see the other books by Chris as well. You'll definitely advance your Masonic knowledge by so doing!


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