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"Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity."
Martin Luther King, Jr. (192968), U.S. clergyman, civil rights leader.

The web - WOW!

The world wide web is FULL of strange things. While many people recognize that material presented there can be error-filled (either by accident or design), biased, or simply a lie that's often overlooked as the 'grab and run' method of thinking becomes more and more prevalent.

Nearly everyone who has web access seems to create their own web site, Facebook page, YouTube account etc., often because they're just SO starved for attention that they figure this will get them what they rightfully deserve: recognition! Persons who otherwise would have never been noticed by anyone suddenly imagine themselves as masters of an information domain in which they are free to express their often idiosyncratic views. Regretfully too, discernment by readers can be woefully absent. "I saw it on the web." seems to somehow give any item great credibility. (Of course, just having it published in a book isn't much better these days with the level of editorial oversight totally gone as self-publishing reigns and even formerly credible publishing houses pay scant attention to accuracy.... <sigh>) 


A second phenomena which sometimes seems to rule our society just as it did in the times of nights without lights is rampant paranoia. Far too many people imagine huge cabals plotting secretly against them personally and doing so with reckless abandon. They seek answers in the comfort of evangelical religion or the imagined security of like-minded persons in 'militias' or 'anti-<whatever>' groups. Attempting to gird themselves for the coming terror, they band together using religious exhortations or political fervor - hoping that somehow they will not succumb to the evils of someone else's beliefs.

It is within this context that so many people today find out about Freemasonry. Because of the mobility of so many, family ties within which they might have learned of a relative's proud involvement are now lost. Seeing websites ominously filled with seemingly supported claims of devil-worship or world domination, they wonder if this group of older men whom they happen to notice coming out of an old building which has few visitors most of the time are really who they seem to be.

Today, information about Freemasonry is spread by the internet. Much of it, unfortunately, is false. On our website, we have tried to present information which will help the intelligent reader decide what is right. If you can believe that a group of 70 year old grandfathers are going off once a month to worship lucifer or plot to finally take over the world after some three hundred years of their organization's existence, we doubt that the information contained here will be of much interest to you. If, on the other hand, you'd like to find out the truth about the objections and objectors to Freemasonry, you've come to the right place. Click on any of the names on your right and learn about their arguments and claims: see if you think they make sense.

Single arguments ad infinitum

Our research in preparing this site has led us to conclude, regretfully,  that most anti-Masons are not 'one trick ponies' and that their hatred extends into other areas as well. One Mason has commented: "Scratch an anti-Mason and you'll find an anti-Semite!" We believe that this is pretty accurate - although not all anti-Masons will admit to harboring hatred towards the Jews.

(Masonicinfo hint: whenever anyone refers to the 'Protocols',
they fall into that category without any further consideration!)

A very relevant example of 'hate-sharing' involves the attorney accused of the  recent hate killings in Pennsylvania, USA, Richard Baumhammers. Compare, for example, Baumhammers' "Free Market Party" on whose web site was written "Sustained and prolonged immigration has been detrimental to White Americans." with a vocal anti-Mason "St. John the Sublime" and his diatribes against immigrants ("Since 1978 over 5,000,000 Third World Immigrants and their families have been added to a handful of our already crowded principal cities (we only have a handful), completely changing their culture, ambiance and livability."). Both saw Orientals as the root of their concerns. Just a coincidence perhaps but were we to look further, we'd find the same theme running through the other hatreds of those who hate Freemasonry. It's not coincidental: hatred breeds hatred! 

Whoops! Caught....

Since this web site first appeared some in July, 1998, certain anti-Masons have found that their exposure has been more than embarrassing. They've even tried to counter by claiming that this is part of some huge Masonic conspiracy to silence them. How ironic that one person with web access and the capability of creating a website can find and expose their hatred so easily - and yet they feel threatened by the imagined evils of Freemasonry! Comical, we think!

It's also pretty comical - when you think of it - that some of these folks claim they've discovered long-buried secrets of Freemasonry's evil yet Masons themselves don't even know about them!!!

But what's the reality?

Whether it's the religious intolerant filled with the fire of youth and intemperance or hardened by the losses of years and particular bitter or it's the young conspiracist who's convinced that they've found something several hundred million others have overlooked or the older conspiracist whose only recognition in life has been their continued harangues that something terrible is just around the corner, they all find Freemasonry a very attractive target. With its "secret" meetings (no more secret or heinous than any meeting of the Board of Directors of a company or the Executive Committee of the local school board) or their "secret signs" (which have only been in published books for only about three hundred years), it's something to fear - and they're going to tell you why.

In the process, they'll eschew beloved members of their own family who were members of and supported Freemasonry. They'll ignore factual information in favor of contrived fantasies and they'll consistently cut down rather than building up. Theirs are lives of negativism, fear and hatred while Masonry continues espousing brotherly love, relief, truth, temperance, fortitude, prudence and justice - which make the lives of its detractors far more livable than they otherwise would have been.

Read on and you'll learn about those who would rather curse the darkness than light a candle....


Updated 30 August 2009 with minor changes 16 October 2012

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