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"I know of no more disagreeable situation than to be left feeling generally angry without anybody in particular to be angry at."
Frank Moore Colby (1865–1925), U.S. editor, essayist. The Colby Essays, vol. 1, "The Literature of Malicious Exposure" (1926).


The self-created "Saint" has at least one 'cause' which motivates him. Beyond his stated goal of destroying Freemasonry (promised for July, 1999 - so a bit behind schedule at this point), he also virulently opposes Canada's immigration policy. How does he pursue this activity? The same way as he (thinks he) is "achieving" the demise of Freemasonry: by using the internet as a bludgeon.

Posting under a different alias, he has directly supported causes and activities which promote racial division and hatred. In fact, here are some of the responses that his cross-posted messages to various Canadian and immigration usenet newsgroups. While most were met with yawns, surely because folks recognized him as a troll, others were to the point:

"Keep your dirty stuff to yourself.!!!! This is not the place to write these things. Nor is any other place."

"This is not an Immigration Canada Web Site, but the Canadian version of the KKK's Web Site."

"I am saddened to see this sorry posting that spews forth old and emerging intolerant propaganda. For the REAL thing ... go see   "

"It's one issue to want to facilitate discussion on a specific issue, or focus, but it is spam to misidentify a web site. How do you expect to gain support by such tactics?"

"I think you should be concerned with Canada becoming a 'Third World' country with people of your kind of quality."

"If you're complaining about the fact that there are many immigrants, you're implicitly complaining that you dislike their culture and the fact that many of them are poor. If this is the case, you are a racist xenophobe who doesn't care for the poor. Being one of the richest countries in the world, we can definitely support more poor people and improve the quality of at least some lives. Being one of the self-proclaimed most tolerant countries, we can certainly tolerate people who have different customs from our own. After all, our customs are no more valid than theirs. Granted, there is a point when we might need to defend our own culture from assimilation, but this is hardly the case in Canada (except in Quebec)."

"I am not in the habit of taking the same side on any subject as Randy Wittchen, whom I find to be a thoroughly disagreeable character, one who cannot respect other people or their privacy. Still, ... I do have to point out to you that what you have written makes it plain that you are a real <profanity snipped> first, and a real Reformer second. Kind of like some of the party's MPs."

"I see at your website that you quote link extensively to the CFIRC website. CFIRC promotes racism, white supremacy and Neo-nazi tripe and was set up by Paul Fromm fronting for Herr Ernst Zundel. Please tell us who are the principals and organizers behind the "Citizens Concerned About Continued Mass (NON-WHITE) Third World Immigration To Canada". Are you just dupes taken in by CFIRC, Fomm, Zundel, et al. or are you fellow travellers?  The civilian intelligence oversight committee (SIRC) appointed by Parliament has warned that the racists are trying to mainstream their message of hate by coopting the immigration and refugee issues as set out below."  <lengthy article snipped>

"About 98% of ALL Canadians who read this message, are immigrants or have ancestors who were immigrants. Canada is a country made by immigrants; 300 years ago, there was only wild nature and a handful of native people. All immigrants that came to Canada were in search for a better life; this is a basic right of every human being. Being concerned about 'mass third world immigration' is a statement based on egoism and fascism: - It denies the basic right of every human being to improve his/her personal circumstances. - It reflects aversion of giving some of Canada's wealth to support the poor in this world. - It reflects and generates fear instead of openness and understanding. - It gives a biased opinion on immigration because most immigrants are successful people that help build the country and make it more interesting to live in. Thank-you, A Citizen Concerned About Intolerance and Egoism in Canada."

And even those who don't speak French can probably figure this one out:

"Visiter ce site, c'est encourager le racisme et la xénophobie. Si vous croyez encore aux valeurs libérales à la source des sociétés canadiennes et québécoises, évitez-le."

Clearly, it's not only Masons who can see the hatred, racism, and deceit propagated by the self-created "Saint". {You can find the "Saint's" way of 'saving Canada' right here.} - Well, actually, you can't since the site has been taken down!

On the website, there were always self-congratulatory 'polls'. Since the questions AND display of answers were controlled by the site owner, it was convenient for him to simply trash any poll which began to show something other than his desired outcome. In fact, at the site's origination, there was a question which specifically mentioned racism. When votes became overwhelming with viewers feeling that the site was racist, the question was removed and replaced - and opinions were never requested on THAT again. Just another defeat for a liar. Before its demise, his racist site also claimed that "immigration terrorists" were ruining his polling. Was it that - or were the results simply unfavorable to the self-created "Saint"?

Is it really from the "Reformer"?

Seeing the tepid response his anti-immigration web site received - coupled with the obviously racist bent which was being challenged by yours truly in the alt.freemasonry newsgroup, the "Saint" in November, 1999 began to mildly assert that he did not have a web site - although he admitted to an interest in this particular issue and has also admitted to having correspondence in a particular newsgroup - which was, in fact, sparked by the 'announcement' of the site. Following that, he specifically declared that he had NO web site and that the "Save Canada" site was not his. We believe that his rational for this may well be the same as that of Ken Mitchell who would assert that an internet identity was totally separate and distinct from the physical  being of the person who created it.... Make sense? Only in the upside-down, inside-out world of anti-Masonry it would appear!

A repeat of the 'announcement' postings occurred in January, 2000 and attempts were made to claim that this site's owner forged them. Claims were also made at this time also that the replies above were from responses received to these supposedly forged posts. Of course.... 

Typical of the lies and deceit of this individual seemingly obsessed with both the destruction of Freemasonry and the embarrassment of this site's owner, this was not the case and, in fact, the replies above were from the original messages he posted in September, 1999. 

Want some proof? Take a peek at Google's newsgroup search where you'll see the various postings to BOTH the immigration newsgroups AND alt.freemasonry from the same poster - none other than "Saint John the Sublime Reformer". Click here and you can read the message for yourself! For further validation, go to and click on the link to usenet discussions. When there, look for the "Power Search" link. Upon arriving there, you need only enter the information of poster ( and there you'll find the many posts about Canadian immigration PLUS the two 'errors' made by our little self-created "Saint" when he posted to alt.freemasonry. (Link here and notice the third message down posted to alt.freemasonry)

And - curiously as well - the address for the message board at this site unanimously declared to be racist by those who regularly post in immigration newsgroups is:

Now what do you suppose are the odds of that "thereformer" name just appearing there by coincidence, huh? 

It's pretty simple, really: this poster lies - and lies constantly. He doesn't have the courage of his convictions to reveal his real identity in any situation. Beyond that, if he'd lie about something he's vitally interested in and ostensibly proud of (stopping third world immigration into Canada), can you believe him when he tells you about the 'evils of Freemasonry'?

Reviewed and updated 1 March 2004


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