Words can evoke provocative images.

Anti-Masons often clothe themselves in generally positive images such as 'bible-believing', 'religious', 'patriotic' while casting Freemasonry as an evil - 'cult', 'racist', etc..

One of the most glaring examples of fraud we've found on the web is the site titled ''. If one arrives at it initially (after a horribly long wait for graphics downloading), they find this statement:

This web site is dedicated to Mary Most Holy, the Great Mother of God, in defense of the Faith, looking forward to the Reign of Christ the Sovereign King; we support the Catholic restoration through the promulgation of the Traditional Latin Mass. "Our Lord dislikes nothing more than discord, especially on doctrinal matters, because in dissensions and contests Satan wins a victory."
St. Pius X, Recipe for Holiness, P. 64

And, in fact, one might even scroll down to this graphic:

combating.gif (6921 bytes)

If you stopped there, it would appear that the site was strongly pro-Catholic and supportive of all that's good. Seeing a huge graphic of angels with trumpets etc, you also read the following:

HOLY WAR is a web based organization that monitors the growing and evolving threat of Anti-Semitic, Nazi Racist Jewish Hate Group activity on the Internet, and in our society. HOLY WAR provides an online resource for concerned individuals, academics, activists and the media to keep abreast of and to combat online Racist Jewish bigotry. We must be vigilant in monitoring THE INTERNATIONAL RACIST JEWISH MAFIA violent people and their activities in cyberspace. The information found here may be offensive to some but we believe the best way to fight this RACIST JEWISH cultural poison is to face it head on.

Wait a minute: what did that say? 

They're against racism and Jewish hate, right? Read that description more carefully! Our minds quickly pick up the fact that this site must be about stamping out anti-Semitism yet the third sentence asserts the presence of an international racist Jewish Mafia and their methodology of 'facing it head on' is to provide all sorts of anti-Semitic material (including, of course, the fraudulent Protocols of the Elders of Zion).

Hiding under the guise of Catholicism, the site oozes with hatred for Jews. A graphic we 'swiped' from their site shows what they're really all about:

fist_star.gif (4288 bytes)

Do you still think that 'HolyWar" is an objective, religiously-oriented site?

Freemasonry does not brand others with inflammatory names or use heated rhetoric to make its points. It does not recruit members and is content to let those who might have wrongly formed a poor opinion of it to retain their beliefs. It has no 'agenda' and thus, there's no need to label those who oppose it. Obviously, that's not good enough for the anti-Masonic faction, convinced that they're right!


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