Tall Tales

"A fool takes no pleasure in understanding, but only in expressing his opinion."
'Proverbs' 18:2 RSV

Over the centuries, there have been many 'tales' - some true and some not - about Freemasons and Freemasonry. The small minority which oppose the organization and its members use these 'tales' to persuade others that Freemasonry is an evil organization. These are the "regulars" that one can find in any anti-Mason's 'book of tricks':

Albert Pike

Ku Klux Klan

The Red Fez

The Morgan Affair

Violent Penalties

"Bloody" Oaths

B'nai B'rith


Works not Faith

Masonry-A Religion

Lucifer (and more)

Christ Forbidden

Unequally Yoked


The Papal Bull

Leo Taxi


Witchcraft Occultism Satanism
Resurrection The Altar/Furniture Hiramic Legend
Plan of Salvation Funeral Rites False Gods


The Obelisk

Baal Worship

The "Goat"


Ritual Abuse


5-Pointed Star (Pentagram)

Using Symbols Nazism Rosicrucianism
Sacred Geometry


The Great Seal of the U.S. The U.S. Dollar Bill
New World Order The All Seeing Eye
British Police P-2 Scandal
The City of Washington, D. C.
The Illuminati Secret Society "Once a Mason"
High Ranking Masons The Term "Brother"
Masonic Titles Worshipful Master
Protocols of the Elders of Zion
Knights of Columbus Knights Templars
Religious Tolerance Universal Freemasonry

Masonic Authors' Writings

Religious Bans

We've collected the most common here for you to consider. We'll explain that:


In an on-going endeavor to claim that a man now dead for over 100 years is a driving force behind today's Masonry, critics point to Albert Pike (of the United States' Scottish Rite Southern Jurisdiction). We'll talk about him in detail and explain "the rest of the story" to you.


Often quoted are statements supposedly made by Pike as "Supreme Grand Pontiff of the World" and published by one Leo Taxil (ultimately repeated by others almost endlessly). Taxil subsequently confessed to the world that it was a giant hoax on the Catholic Church for their paranoia about Freemasonry - but that doesn't stop a few anti-Masonic adherents from continuing to use Taxil's admitted lies today.


And then there's the oft-told story of William Morgan who is supposedly a victim of Masonic retribution and supposedly murdered by Masons because he published an exposť on Freemasonry. It's a strange tale which blends fact and fiction (as well as the prejudices of those who've written about it). The purported event occurred 170 years ago and to this day, no one really knows what happened! We'll give a summary of this - the single example to which anti-Masons can point when they want to claim that the vengeance of Freemasonry extracts on members who do not adhere to the so-called "bloody oaths"!


And finally, there's the concept in vogue with conspiracy theorists since the early 1700's that Freemasonry is plotting some sort of New World Order or world domination. They've had three hundred years to do it; wonder when the 'time will be right'???....

In order to learn more than what's here, though, you may wish to do some reading on your own. We encourage intelligent research and hope that every person will read to find out more about Freemasonry independently of this or any other source. When you do, we believe you'll see Freemasonry for the upstanding institution it is!

If you'd like to read some books which Masons read, go here and we'll give you some pointers. It should be remembered, though, that while anti-Masons often take selected (and often partial out-of-context) quotes from individual writers to 'prove their point', no single person can speak for Masonry except a Grand Master - and then only during his term of office and in his own jurisdiction! Additionally, words quoted out of context (particularly when the context is totally contradictory) are more than misleading: they're a LIE!

To encourage your Reality Check, we ask you to consider the following:

bulletDo the writings of Roentgen (who discovered x-rays four years after Pike's death) "influence" Radiology today - in the way we'd normally think of the word 'influence'?
bulletDid what Alexander Graham Bell wrote about the telephone (writing at just about the time Pike was writing 'Morals and Dogma') influence telephone workers today?

We could cite numerous other examples but you can decide for yourself - and we hope that Masonic authors, both current and past, will provide you with interesting reading! We'll also add some more "Tall Tales Told As Truth" as time goes on. Please come back!


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