Types of Opposers

"Defoe says that there were a hundred thousand country fellows in his time ready to fight to the death against popery, without knowing whether popery was a man or a horse."
William Hazlitt (1778–1830), English essayist. Sketches and Essays, "On Prejudice" (1839).

Broadly classified, we believe that those who oppose Freemasonry today will generally fall into one or more of these four groupings:

Religious Intolerants Conspiracy Theorists Hate 'Groups' Self-Servers
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"Religious Intolerants" use their religious beliefs to argue that Masons and Masonry are evil. Their understanding (or misunderstanding) of beliefs is often in conflict with many mainstream religious groups.

"Conspiracy Theorists" are convinced there is a huge, evil, world-wide conspiracy afoot. Many believe that the Masons are involved in this conspiracy or perhaps even leading it. (Some argue that it's only the "higher degree" Masons who are involved.)

"Hate Groups" can be either a group or a single individual who exhibits rage and hatred (far more than simple animosity) towards other groups or individuals. Freemasonry is sometimes the object of their passion.

"Self-Servers" have seen the opportunity to make money, gain attention or both. Their primary motivation is their own self-interest.

The differences between these groupings are frequently blurred.
For example:

bulletThe 'Religious Intolerant' and 'Self-Servers', while stating an intention to obey the commandments of Jesus Christ, can be found selling a wide variety of books and tapes and asking for donations to their personal 'ministry' (usually one with special tax treatment from the government).
bullet'Self-Servers' will use any argument for attention and will rail against Masonry often using the arguments of the 'Religious Intolerant' or the 'Conspiracy Theorist' in order to further their personal goals. When their 'revelations' are shown as foolishness, they feel justified in joining those who hate Freemasonry.
bullet'Hate Groups' will detest any other group which contains a someone who represents the object of their hate. Thus anti-Semites see Freemasonry having members of the Jewish faith and will rail against it; white supremacists will find Masonic members who are black and thus hate all Masons; and those not content spreading the message of love and redemption as taught by their religion will use religions arguments to complain bitterly that men of mixed religions are welcome in the fraternity, Freemasonry. Those who hate will also jump at the opportunity to find a 'conspiracy' of some sort supposedly hidden in the fantasized secrecy of Freemasonry.

In our ongoing research, we've found a web site created by a Christian man who refutes the many conspiracy theorists. He makes the point that, curiously no religious leader today is trying to refute New World Order foolishness. There are some excellent essays on this site and we recommend you check it out. Gerry Rough is doing a great job - and is a great guy personally as well!



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