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Fake Masonry EVERYWHERE - or so it seems sometimes....

The Black Community in the United States, more than any other group it seems, has been beset by the shams of 'fraudulent' Masonry. The material below will be more understandable by Americans who know the racial divide of their country than by those where men of all colors and creeds have always stood together as Masons.

We believe that there's a reasonable and rational explanation for this calumny in America. Black men have been involved with Freemasonry since Colonial times. Prince Hall, a 'Negro', became a Mason during the Revolutionary War and despite the segregation then rampant in a supposedly 'free' country, lodges of Black men grew and prospered. They were pillars of the community: business and political leaders amongst their segregated and oppressed people. Masonry was a uniting force in their separate and far less than equal community and the Freemasons helped develop new generations of leadership. (Additional information here.)

As invariable happens though, hucksters and opportunists observed the respect with which the Black community held up Freemasonry - and they determined to gain as a result. Gain they did, through the formation of 'make-believe' Masonic groups - created out of thin air, sometimes by disgruntled or overly ambitious ex-Masons and sometimes by those looking to make a quick buck. Following in the tradition where Prince Hall led his lodge/grand lodge for a lifetime, those lodges which drew their heritage from that source likewise had Grand Masters whose grip on the reigns of leadership would extend for decades, thus chafing the more aggressive who themselves wanted to be in charge.

One on every corner - and internet location...

And thus arose many groups, claiming to be Masons but having no legitimacy of origin (a matter of particular concern to Freemasonry with no one entitled to simply go off and start their own Masonic group), they were shunned within the Prince Hall Masonic community but were nevertheless successful in seducing many men into believing that they had really and truly become 'Masons'.

As we expanded our section on 'Fake Freemasonry', we asked the permission of Bro. Ralph L. McNeal, Jr., FPS, Director of the Phylaxis Society's Commission on Bogus Practices, an unofficial but highly respected group, to include their listing of these pseudo-Masonic groups here so that you could see how many will attempt to use Freemasonry for their own, usually selfish, ends. While these groups purport to be "Masonic", they have no legitimacy outside of their own VERY small circle. Should you choose to join one of these groups, you'll find that no one will accept you as a Mason (except the group itself) and that your hope of sharing friendship and fraternity worldwide will, instead, most likely result in ostracism and embarrassment.

The entire Masonic community appreciates the efforts of Bro. McNeal and the Commission in trying to eliminate the confusion which pseudo-masonic groups can cause. You'll find several of the Commission's reports right here and if you're interested in the sordid details of Bogus Freemasonry, you should definitely not miss their material! Their listings appear numbered and in rust-colored text. We've added some other groups (no numbers preceding them) in black text as well.  

Online (Only, it appears)

Grand Lodge of All England - Never more than a fantasy in the mind of a couple of people, their 'Grand Secretary' pranced and prattled all over the internet until he apparently found a real job: acting! Now defunct.

World Egyptian Rite Masons - This is one of the most bizarre groups you'll find. It's SO whacky that we've even set up a separate page about them HERE. However, with the death of their apparently only member, you probably won't hear about them in their present form again.

Yahoo Grand Lodge - a Yahoo chat group which was apparently busiest in 2004-2005. Don't bother!

Hiram United Sovereign Grand Lodge - their website tries to show that they have members located all through the Southern United States and they claim to be far more than just a state organization but, strangely, none of their meeting locations are identified and the Grand Lodge location is in a Post Office box! Oh, and while looking at their Grand Lodge officers, do be sure to click on the listing of State Grand Masters. You'll notice a lot of boxes with no names and those pictures which do appear, curiously, match right up with the officers of the HUSGL. How interesting, eh?

No one specific place - claims of lodges vary

Masonic Talk Podcast - Although claiming to be "The ultimate Masonic Platform" for "The Ultimate Masonic Podcast Real Talk, Real Masons, All Positive", they're not - as judged Grand Lodges who are a part of the worldwide body of regular/recognized Masonry. When a knowledgeable Mason looks at the titles of their guests, it's easy to see that this bunch is as bogus as the day is long. They pretty well hide the name of their so-called Grand Lodge elsewhere, however, and thus even long-term regular Masons (including one I know from Massachusetts who should know better) has friended them on their Facebook page here. Their website is down as of this writing and perhaps may never reappear. Who knows? What we do know is that they're simply not - in the accepted sense of the word in the Masonic world - REAL MASONS!

The American National supreme council, Ancient Free and Accepted Scottish Rite Freemasons of the World, Thirty-third and Last Degree and Order of Eastern Star (Now THERE's a title - copied from their website here - complete with the odd lack of capitalization for Supreme Council!)

Grand Masonic Orient of Ireland

Grand Lodge of Jerusalem (of Freemasons) -- With a Facebook page, who could ask for anything more? However, the Grand Lodge of the State of Israel (GLSI) has indicated in no uncertain terms that this group, formed by Moti Zwim whom they describe as a self-appointed Grand Master - has no regularity of standing and should be avoided. (That warning notwithstanding, some regular/recognized Masons have nevertheless 'friended' them on Facebook most likely out of ignorance - or in a hope of garnering new book sales and magazine subscriptions for their ventures.)

Grand Orient of the United States - We've devoted an entire page to this group because of their {former} pernicious and persistent web presence. Read all about it here.

International Masonic Order Delphi including the Grand Mixed Lodge Delphi of the USA.

Le Droit Humain. One of their American proponents is the owner of things at the PhoenixMasonry website. See our story about him here.


1. Most Worshipful National Grand Lodge of F&AAYM of U.S.A., Prince Hall Origin & Parent Body of All Legitimate Masons, York Scottish (AL) 

2. Lincoln Grand Lodge, Free and Accepted Colored Masons of America (AL) 

3. Supreme Workshop of Modern Free and Accepted Colored Masons of America (AL) 

4. King Solomon Grand Lodge, AF&AM (AL) (AR) (DC) 

5. Grand Lodge AF&AM, Scottish Rite (AL) 

6. The Most Worshipful King Solomon Grand Lodge, A.F.&A.M., Scottish Rite of the State of Alabama, Inc (AL)

Grand Consistory of the Scottish-Ecossais Rite, Mother Supreme Consistory Council of North America. Yet another Blogger site created by disgruntled former Mason David Cooksey whose fantasies seemed boundless but whose creations were merely Blogger websites proclaiming himself titular ruler. You can read more about the late Mr. Cooksey's foolishness here on our site.

Regulus Lodge, Birmingham - An internet creation of the bogus Grand Orient of the United States. As of February, 2013, their last post was that their light was getting brighter in 2008 - which should give you some idea as to how bright it really got. It was, most likely, just a website created to marginalize Vulcan Lodge, the next entry.

Vulcan Lodge, Birmingham - the creation of a Mason who quit regular/recognized Freemasonry in a huff and went on to a convoluted flirtation with the GOOFUS group (mentioned directly above), ultimately forming this group with a small group of friends. It has passed from memory with his passing - except here where you can read all about it.


Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Alaska (PHA) - Trying to obfuscate with their website. See address and link for the regular/recognized Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Alaska here.


 7. Ezra Grand Lodge, AF&AM (AZ)


8. King David Grand Lodge, AF&AM (AR) 

9. St. John's Grand Lodge, AF&AM (AR) (CT) (DC) 

10. St. James Grand Lodge, AF&AM (AR)

-- MW Joshua Grand Lodge (& Naomi Grand Chapter)

-- King Solomon Grand Lodge (& Oziel Grand Chapter)


11. Ivanhoe Grand Lodge, AF&AM (CO)


12. Sons of Light Grand Lodge, AF&AM (CA) 

13. Hiram of Tyre Grand Lodge, AF&AM (formerly "Fletcher Grand Lodge") (CA) 

14. Eureka Grand Lodge, F&AAYM (CA) 

15. King Solomon Grand Lodge F&AAYM (National Compact) CA 

16. St. John's Grand Lodge AF&AM of Canada and California (CA) 

17. St. Anthony's Grand Lodge, AF&AM 

18. Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Ancient York Masons (CA) 

19. Pyramid Grand Lodge AF&AM (CA 

20. Esoteric Grand Lodge of America (CA) 

21. Enoch Grand Lodge AF&AM (CA) 

22. St. Matthew's Grand Lodge (CA) 

23. True Light Grand Lodge AF&AM (CA) 

24. Mount Logan Grand Lodge AF&AM (CA) 

25. Most Worshipful Mt. Tabor Grand Lodge AF&AM, Inc., Scottish Rite (CA)

-- Grand Lodge of Luxor (Why these characters even have a YouTube video claiming you can't be in the Illuminati unless you're a Mason. What a bunch of stupidity! Their self-claimed Secretary posted on Twitter in 2012 that England had given them recognition. He was probably confusing the England most of us know with some other England since they are not now - and from their behavior online will NEVER be - regular and recognized Freemasons.)

-- California Grand Lodge of the Universe - which, you must admit, is a pretty bold title. It's hard to believe that their members really think that....No, wait: they probably DO think they control the universe. Amazing! See their Facebook page for a laugh.


26. Harmony Grand Lodge F&AAYM (National Compact) on the Continent of North America (DE) 

27. Orient Grand Lodge AF&AM, Inc., Scottish Rite (DE) 

28. Two Individual Lodges (DE)

Most Worshipful Eagle Grand Lodge - Not 'fast food' Freemasonry, but certainly not regular/recognized either although they'd like you to think they are! Their website is slick and so are their attempts to pretend they're part of the world-wide Masonic movement.

Washington, D.C. 

29. Grand Lodge AF&AM, Inc. (unit of McBlain Thomson's American Federation) (DC) 

30. National Ethiopian Supreme Council of the Universal Order of Freemasons (Ethiopian Rites Exclusive) (DC) 

31. Universal Grand Lodge AF&AM (DC) 

32. Sovereign Grand Lodge AF&AM (DC) 

33. Grand Orient of the District of Columbia (DC) 

34. Washington Consistory No. I AASR (DC) 

35. Benderson Grand Lodge (DC)

General Grand Masonic Congress - formed, ostensibly, in 1847 and NOT part of the 'regular' system of Prince Hall Freemasonry. Their website is filled with password protected information (oh, whee!!!) and they use a lot of buzz-words and phraseology to make you think they're the 'real deal'. They're not - and as stated elsewhere, membership in any one of the groups listed on this page will prohibit you from being recognized as a Mason except within the confines of that specific group and not even the rest of the make-believe, so-called Masonic groups on this page!


36. Prince Hall Grand Lodge AF&AM, Inc. (FL) 

37. Grand Lodge AF&AM (FL) 

38. Most Worshipful Cypress Grand Lodge, AF&AM of Florida (FL)

-- and another addition: Sovereign Grand Lodge of Ancient Free and Accepted Masons of Universal Masonic Brotherhood, Inc. (Website here devoid of any relevant information except that which is designed to create an appearance of legitimacy. Don't be misled! Hilariously, their 'search for a lodge' is nothing but a blank page - not even a fillable form...)

-- Universal Masonic Brotherhood Inc. (and variations of that name) apparently 'headquartered' in Seffner, Florida.


39. Grand Lodge F&AAYM, Inc. (GA) 

40. International Free and Accepted Masons (GA) 

41. Smooth Ashlar Grand Lodge F&AAYM (GA) 

42. Supreme Grand Lodge of Modern Free and Accepted Masons of the USA (GA) 

43. St. Joseph's Grand Lodge AF&AM (GA)

-- Nehemiah Grand Lodge - a part of the Hiram United Sovereign Grand Lodge listed above.

-- The Most Worshipful John Pine Grand Lodge of Ancient Free & Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry

-- Jeff Long Grand Lodge : King David #6 - Their website is but they claim to be located in the Atlanta metro area rather than Florida. Who knows when you've got two-card monte games like this?


44. Most Worshipful Sovereign Grand Lodge AF&AM of the USA - Regular Masonic Succession, Instituted A.D.1901 (IL) 

45. St. Mark's Grand Lodge F&AAYM (National Compact) Prince Hall Origin (IL) 

46. St. John's Grand Lodge AF&AM (IL) 

47. Grand Lodge AF&AM (IL) 

48. St. James Grand Lodge AF&AM (IL) 

49. Hiram Grand Lodge AF&AM (IL) 

50. W.T.M. Grant Jr. Grand Lodge AF&AM (IL) 

51. King David Grand Lodge AF&AM (IL) 

52. Ancient Free and Accepted Masons - Working In and For the USA, Its Dependencies, Territories, Canada and the Free World (IL) 

53. Most Worshipful United Grand Lodge, AF&AM of Illinois, Inc. (IL) 

54. Most Worshipful St. Ezra Grand Lodge (IL) (est. 1999) 

55. The Original Most Worshipful St. John's Grand Lodge of Illinois, AF&AM (IL) 

56. Most Worshipful St. Paul Grand Lodge (IL) 

57. Moses Grand Lodge (IL) 

58. Shadrach Grand Lodge (IL)

Most Worshipful United Grand Lodge, Ancient and Accepted Freemasons, State of Illinois and its Jurisdiction (formed in 2008) (IL)

Most Worshipful King Cyrus Grand Lodge A.F.& A.M. (Chicago, IL)


59. Hiram Grand Lodge AF&AM (IN) 

60. King Solomon Grand Lodge AF&AM (IN) (KS) 

61. King George Grand Lodge AF&AM (IN)


62. King David Grand Lodge AF&AM (IA) 

63. St. James Grand Lodge AF&AM (IA)


64. St. John the Evangelist Grand Lodge AF&AM (KS) 

65. St. Mark's Grand Lodge AF&AM (KS)


66. United King George Grand Lodge AF&AM (LA) 

67. Universal Grand Lodge AF&AM (LA) 

68. United St. John's Grand Lodge AF&AM (LA) 

69. St. Andrew's Grand Lodge AF&AM (LA) 

70. Jerusalem Grand Lodge AF&AM (LA) 

71. St. John's Grand Lodge AF&AM (LA) 

72. Prince Hall Grand Lodge of F&AAYM (PH origin) Compact (LA)


73. Alpha Grand Lodge AF&AM (MA) 

74. Eureka Alpha Grand Lodge of AF&AM Scottish Rite Colored Masons of Massachusetts (MA)

75. George W. Carver Grand Lodge AF&AM (MA) 

76. Hiram Grand Lodge AF&AM (MA)


77. Hiram Grand Lodge AF&AM, Inc (MD) 

78. Zerubbabel Grand Lodge (MD)


79. Mt. Nebo Grand Lodge AF&AM (MI) 

80. United Grand Lodge, Inc., Scottish Rite Masons (MI) 

81. Mt. Sinai Grand Lodge AF&AM (MI) 

82. Atomic Grand Lodge AF&AM (MI) 

83. St. John's Grand Lodge AF&AM (MI) 

84. Pride of the East Grand Lodge AF&AM (MI) 

85. King Solomon Grand Lodge AF&AM (MI) 

86. Mount Olive Grand Lodge of AYM (MI) 

87. Universal Grand Lodge of AYM of the Provinces of the Continent of North America (MI) 

88. International Free and Accepted Modern Masons, Inc. (MI) 

89. King David Grand Lodge AF&AM (MI) 

90. Tyree Grand Lodge AF&AM (MI)

Most Worshipful Enoch Grand Lodge of A.F. & A.M. of Michigan
          These frauds STOLE copyright material from OUR website (this very site that you're reading!) and had it on theirs for over two years trying to enhance their credibility!

World Egyptian Rite Masons - This is one of the most bizarre groups you'll find. Its 'big guy' is from, it seems, Pontiac Michigan, so we've listed them in this state section. We have a separate page about them HERE.


91. Prince Hall Grand Lodge AF&AM (MS) 

92. King Hiram Grand Lodge AF&AM (MS) 

93. King David Grand Lodge AF&AM (MS) 

94. Cuey Grand Lodge AF&AM (MS) 

95. King Solomon Grand Lodge AF&AM (MS) 

96. Grand Lodge AF&AM, Inc. (MS) 

97. W.T.M. Grant, Jr., Grand Lodge AF&AM (MS)


98. St. Matthew's Grand Lodge AF&AM (MO) 

99. St. Mark's Grand Lodge AF&AM (MO) 

100. Tyre Grand Lodge AF&AM (MO) 

101. Grand Lodge AF&AM (MO) 

102. St. Andrew's Grand Lodge (MO) Afro-American Free and Accepted Masons of U.S. (MO) 

103. St. Matthew Grand Lodge (MO)

 New Jersey 

104. Oriental Grand Lodge AF&AM (NJ) 

105. St. John's Grand Lodge AF&AM (NJ) (NY) 

106. King Hiram Grand Lodge AF&AM, Inc., Scottish Rite (its constitution styles it as "William Hiram Pilgrim") (NJ) 

107. King David Grand Lodge AF&AM (NJ) 

108. D.U.B.F.K.S. and K.M.T. Grand Lodge No. 1, AF&AM (NJ) 

109. King William Grand Lodge AF&AM (NJ) 

110. King Solomon Grand Lodge AF&AM (NJ) 

111. York Grand Lodge (NJ) 

112. Union Grand Lodge AF&AM (NJ) 

113. Most Worshipful New Birth Grand Lodge  (Break-off from the United Masonic Brotherhood) (NJ) 

114. Most Worshipful Garden State Grand Lodge (Break-off from Oriental G.L.) (NJ) 

115. United Masonic Brotherhood (NJ)

New York 

116. Enoch Grand Lodge AF&AM (NY) 

117. United Grand Orient (NY) 

118. Universal Grand Orient, Inc. (NY) 

119. King Solomon Grand Lodge AF&AM (NY) 

120. Orient Grand Lodge AF&AM of the State of New York (NY) 

121. St. John's Grand Lodge AF&AM of the World (NY) 

122. Esoteric Grand Lodge of America, Inc. (pending) (NY) 

123. Hiram Grand Lodge AF&AM No. I (Bronx) (NY) 

124. Hiram Grand Lodge AF&AM No. 2 (Manhattan) (NY) 

125. Mecca Grand Lodge AASR (NY) 

126. Unity Grand Lodge AF&AM (NY) 

127. King Cyrus Grand Lodge AF&AM (NY) 

128. Grand Lodge AF&AM of the State of New York (NY) 

129. United Grand Lodge AF&AM Scottish Rite (NY) 

130. St. John's Grand Lodge, Scottish Rite (NY) 

131. Oriental Grand Lodge AF&AM of State of New York (NY) 

132. Alpha Grand Lodge AF&AM (NY) 

133. Most Worshipful Doric Grand Lodge AF&AM, State of New York, Inc. (NY) 

134. Most Worshipful Mystic Tie Grand Lodge (NY)

New Mexico 

135. King Solomon Grand Lodge AF&AM  (NM)

 North Carolina 

136. Brotherly Love Grand Lodge AF&AM (NC)  

137. Grand Lodge AF&AM (NC) 

138. Keystone Grand Lodge AF&AM (NC) 

139. Omega Grand Lodge AF&AM (NC)


 140. North Star Grand Lodge F&AAYM (MN)


141. Sovereign Grand Lodge AF&AM of U.S.A. (OH) 

142. United Grand Lodge AF&AM (OH) 

143. Most Worshipful Grand Lodge AF&AM Under the authority of Haiti (OH) 

144. Titus Grand Lodge AF&AM (OH) 

145. St. John's Grand Lodge AF&AM (OH) 

146. King George Grand Lodge AF&AM (OH) 

147. Benevolent Grand Lodge AF&AM (OH) 

148. Royal Craft Grand Lodge F&AM of the World (OH) 

149. Rising Heights Grand Lodge AF&AM (OH) 

150. Eureka Grand Lodge AF&AM (OH)

Halcyon Lodge, Grand Orient of the United States - You can read more about these fakes here.


151. National Grand Lodge F&AYM of USA Colored, Inc. (OK) 

152. Mount Moriah Grand Lodge AF&AM (OK) 

153. Oriental Grand Lodge AF&AM (OK) 

154. Eureka Grand Lodge F&AAYM (OK) 

155. St. Joseph's Grand Lodge AF&AM (OK) 

156. King David Grand Lodge AF&AM (OK)


157. Rising Hiram or King Hiram Grand Lodge AF&AM, Scottish Rite (OR)


158. Imperial Grand Council AF&AM of Philadelphia (PA) 

159. King Solomon Grand Lodge AF&AM (PA) 

160. Masonic Brothers of Philadelphia (PA) 

161. Hiram Grand Lodge AF&AM (PA) 

162. Grand Lodge F&AA York Rite Masons (PA) 

163. H.T. Broadus Grand Lodge of A.F. and African Masons of Philadelphia (PA) 

164. Widow's Son Grand Lodge AF&AM (PA) 

165. Keystone Grand Lodge AF&AM (PA) 

166. Nehamiah Grand Lodge AF&AM (PA) 

167. Pride of Pennsylvania Grand Lodge AF&AM (PA) 

168. Knight of St. John Grand Lodge (PA) 

169. Most Worshipful Pennsylvania Grand Lodge F&AAYM, Prince Hall origin, National Compact (PA)

 South Carolina 

Al Malik Grand Lodge  - (also posing as The Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of the State of South Carolina) / Al Nuir Lodge / Supreme Council, Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry of the Southern and Western Hemisphere, Inc.)

170. Williams Grand Lodge AF&AM (SC) 

171. Palmetto Grand Lodge F&AAYM (SC) - More inaccuracies and deceit in their history than you can count!

172. Most Worshipful B Natural Grand Lodge (SC)



173. King David Grand Lodge AF&AM (TN) 

174. Hiram Grand Lodge AF&AM (TN) 

175. King Solomon Grand Lodge AF&AM (TN) 

176. Grand Orient of America A&ASR Masons (TN)

-- Albaniyya #8 Masonic Lodge of the Universal Masonic Brotherhood, Inc. (headquartered in Florida)


177. St. John's Grand Lodge AF&AM, Inc. (TX) 

178. Alpha Grand Lodge AF&AM (TX) 

179. Sunset Grand Lodge AF&AM (TX) 

180. St. Joseph Grand Lodge (Colored) AF&AM (TX) 

181. King Solomon Grand Lodge (Colored) AF&AM (TX) 

182. King Solomon United Grand Lodge AF&AM (TX) 

183. Dozo Grand Lodge AF&AM (TX) 

184. United Most Worshipful Scottish Rite Grand Lodge, Inc. (TX)  (See the story on Dr. Conrad Murray here!)

185. Universal Grand Lodge AF&AM (TX) 

186. Mount Carmel Grand Lodge AF&AM (TX) 

187. Mount Sinai Grand Lodge AF&AM (TX) 

188. Hiram Tyrar Grand Lodge AF&AM (TX)

Most Worshipful H. B. Turner Grand Lodge (TX)  (And apparently in Kansas too! See court case here.)

Regular Grand Lodge of Texas (one of several groups using the moniker of 'Regular' in conjunction with their connection to the "Regular Grand Lodge of England" - all quite bogus, thank you very much!)

Most Worshipful East Texas Grand Lodge

Most Worshipful Eureka Grand Lodge of Texas

Most Worshipful Brighter Light Grand Lodge

Mt. Lebanon or Mount Lebanon Grand Lodge

St. Johns/St. Joseph Grand Lodge, PHO

Abraham Grand Lodge

Grand Lodge of Deliberation of Texas

Most Worshipful Sons of Light Grand Lodge

Mt. Corinth Masonic Grand Lodge AF&AM of Texas, Inc.

Federation of Masons of the World

St John's Lodge At Texas Ancient Anglo Saxon Freemasonry -- From their Facebook page, looks like a few racist Texans didn't like the regular/recognized Grand Lodge of Texas recognizing Prince Hall Masonry. If that's the case, Masonry's FAR better off without these ignorant people - but sadly, they will continue to claim that they are 'Masons' and use the trappings of Masonry to push their goal, however wrong-headed that is.

◊ All lodges marked with this emblem have been added thanks to Bro. Curtis Black and others on Facebook.


189. Mount Olive Grand Lodge, Inc., for the U.S.A. (VA) 

190. Sovereign Grand Lodge AF&AM (VA) 

191. Grand Lodge F&AM (VA) 

192. St. John's F&AM (Prince Hall Origin) (VA) 

193. Prince Hall Grand Lodge AF&AM (VA)

   -- Not to be confused with the Regular/Recognized Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Virginia, Free & Accepted Masons, Incorporated! We've received a couple of notes about this - and this is EXACTLY why these organizations name themselves with VERY close-sounding names: to deceive!

194. Most Worshipful Consolidated Hiram Grand Lodge, AF&AM Scottish Rite, Jurisdiction of Virginia, Inc. (VA)

195. Most Worshipful United Grand Lodge of AF&AM of the Democratic Republics


196. Universal Grand Lodge AF&AM (WA)

 West Virginia 

197. King Hiram Grand Lodge AF&AM (WV) 

198. Royal Craft Grand Lodge F&AAYM (WV)


199. Mount Olive Grand Lodge AF&AM (WI) 

200. King Solomon Grand Lodge, Inc. (WI) 

201. Most Worshipful St. Mark Grand Lodge AF&AM of Wisconsin, Inc (WI) 

202. International Masons and OES (WI) 

203. National Compact Grand Lodge (WI)


Note: This list was current when composed. Please check with the Phylaxis Society's Commission on Bogus Practices if you have questions about any group listed here in rust colored type or contact this site (instructions below) for those in black type.

Updated November 9, 2014 -
and constantly being added to as more phonies attempt to attract followers (and cash) through the Internet!


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