Dr. Conrad Murray

FAKE MASONRY rears its head once again!

On our page about 'fake Masonry', we've tried to explain the many, many small groups who pretend to be Freemasons. A handful of people here or there, getting together on a regular basis, and dressing as regular/recognized Masons may seem to the non-Masonic world (and even, sadly, to a small handful of uneducated Freemasons) as being harmless pretenders to the three century old organization. Nothing, however, could be further from the truth. If you haven't read the page about Fake Masonry, we encourage you to do so before proceeding, taking particular notes of the comments regarding how Black Freemasonry has suffered as a result of these pretenders.

Did the Masons kill Michael Jackson?

Dr. Conrad Murray, currently under arrest for his role in the death of rock star Michael Jackson, is ostensibly a member of what is known as the "United Most Worshipful Scottish Rite Grand Lodge of Texas, A.F.& A.M." This group has been long recognized as a BOGUS organization and they've been listed as such in several places on the web including on our site for the past 6-8 years (as of 2009).

As this page is written, Dr. Murray faces very serious charges but in addition, he is also reportedly under severe pressure financially and had been for some time before the Michael Jackson death. Dr. Murray's lawyer has released the photo on the right showing Dr. Murray in Masonic regalia and claiming that he has been a Freemason for some three years. What the lawyer omitted (perhaps unknowingly) is that the organization to which Dr. Murray belongs is simply NOT recognized within the Masonic world and that he would NEVER be admitted to ANY regular/recognized Masonic lodge anywhere in the world. His organization probably has less than 100 members compared to the worldwide Masonic membership of several million. Why his lawyer would release such photos seems to indicate that an individual is seeking to use a (supposed) affiliation for personal gain - an all-too-common trait amongst those involved with FAKE MASONRY.

Still further, it should be noted that Dr. Murray is listed as the Grand Medical Director, an absurd title for a Masonic Grand Lodge. It seems - to this author at least - that both Dr. Murray and his so-called Grand Lodge were using the other for mercenary purposes.

We're not going to spend any time keeping this page up to date as the matter of Mr. Jackson's untimely death is litigated or not, as the case may be. We simply want to note that once again, a bogus/fake so-called Masonic group has created problems and confusion for regular/recognized Freemasonry.

And just for clarification

Despite the fancy sounding name, this group has NO connection whatsoever to either the Grand Lodge of Texas, The Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Texas or the Scottish Rite bodies of Texas - or of any other place actually!

And while they don't have a web site, you could head to the Yahoo Discussion Group they formed in 2003. The summary page shows TWO members so they'd probably love some company - although the actual sign up page shows them with double that number (4). WOW! The last post was in February of 2005 so you probably won't have any trouble keeping up.

And here's their headquarters. Awfully impressive, isn't it? Taking over the world certainly isn't very profitable, it would seem - or that 'low profile' stuff has really been taken to heart.

Mason John Hairston has written an well-researched paper about this group. You can find it in PDF form here. Do read it for the FACTS!

Why not visit?

Here's their building - which might give you some idea about.... well....

Or you could visit their Facebook page which had 54 likes as of January 4, 2014 despite the fact that there was not a single thing on it: no picture, no post, no nothing. Just a page with their name.

But in the interest of being honest, after a couple of members of this organization had seen the above pictures posted on this site, they apparently set to work to make the place look a bit better. Several months later, one of them started regularly commenting that the pictures didn't represent them accurately. Here, from Google Earth view, is what their building looks like as of January, 2014. So are the above pictures wrong in their presentation? Not at all: they showed what the building looked like when this all came to light. The fact that they've put on some new siding recently doesn't change that.

U. S. Justice System helps Masons...

Someone will surely claim that the Masons set things up so that the good doctor would escape punishment for his ostensible deeds. He was sentenced to four years imprisonment and served half of that term. Many claim that's not justice for an ostensible murder but 'Monday Morning Quarterbacking' is the 'sport du jour' in the United States and everyone thinks they know better than those who did the deciding. Check the story here for more information on this - and try to prove, if you can, that any regular/recognized Mason had anything to do with any of this stuff!

Watchy loves the income

Prancing happily, the Freemasonry Watch website lures the curious in so that his ad revenue will continue to climb. He gleefully brags "Let them try to deny this!" but, of course, like all of his claims, it's on a foundation of sand. As stated above, the organization to which Dr. Murray belongs is, simply, NOT a regular/recognized Masonic lodge of any kind. To claim otherwise is to lie. Then again, that's something that Watchy is a Past Master at....

Created 6 September 2009, updated April, 2010 and again January, 2014

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