World Egyptian Rite Masons 97

World Egyptian Rite Masons 97 - Michigan and doubtful anywhere else.

Here's their claim:

THE WORLD EGYPTIAN RITE MASONS OF THE 97 DEGREE are a secret Masonic order run by Warren Rodgers 33/97 based out of Pontiac,mi.and EGYPT and in 37 states , 16 country's.

{The above was written by their leader, Warren Rodgers himself (as you can see if you follow the link here) with grammatical and spelling errors left intact.}


 , bragging that "WE ARE NOT FREEMASONS, WE ARE MASONS. FREEMASONRY CAME FROM THE TEACHINGS OF OUR ORDER. WE ARE THE FATHERS OF FREEMASONRY. WERM MASONRY HAS ALL THE SECRETS OF THEIR ORDERS,THEY HAVE NONE OF OURS." What a joke. They talk about delivering food to a (conveniently unnamed) African country and then go there armed to supposedly force some warlord to release it to the people under threat of harm to himself and family. Read "WHAT WERM EXSPECT'S  WHEN WERM SENDS FOOD TO AFRICA ?" for a hearty laugh (starting with the misspelled title, of course!). Such a wonderful example.

Did you notice too that their Grand Hierophant doesn't even have his purple whatever-it-is on correctly? See the backward 97??? Of course, based on his misspellings everywhere, it's hardly unexpected that he'd be so sloppy in this too. Farcical in the extreme! 

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