"Simply put, there are not many men in the world with my research capabilities or my DNA which virtually allows me to smell the truth, a lie or an impostor at will."
From the absurdly contrived genealogy of Moe Bedard at http://knightstemplar.tv/bedard-geneology

As of January 1, 2014, Mr. Bedard seems to be content with his GnosticWarrior.org website and his webmastermasons site is now being 'held' by GoDaddy. Ah, well: guess you won't get all of his invaluable help after all.... Sorry!

Wow! Website help

There you are - on some perfectly fine section of the internet - and you come across a person who 'seems to be' a Mason offering to help your lodge better project themselves with an new or enhanced website. Gosh: it's SO great - and something that's so needed. And this person even has a website where he talks about all of this as well. Amazing. Time to jump right aboard!


As Masons, we all seek to help our Brother Masons. A stranger is not a stranger: he's a part of our 'family'. That's what we practice daily, isn't it?

Sadly, there are many who prey on this outgoingness which Freemasons exhibit one with another. They use that open acceptance to foster their own agenda. Online, we forget the admonition so often inculcated by our parents: "Don't talk to strangers!" Yes, yes: it must be true, though: you read it on the internet, right? <SIGH>

Thus we meet Moe Bedard also known as Maurice Bedard: the owner of the webmastermasons.org domain and who's nothing if not simply 'wonderful'. Just ask him! Of course, he's not your 'average' Mason - and he'll tell you that quite directly too:

"This is where we differ and how this one website plans to change the landscape of Freemasonry.

For the past approximately 40 years, I have developed the skills necessary to become the Grand Master and founder of this organization. My current live <sic>, past lives and my bloodline give me the royal rite <sic> to make such statements."

Oh, WOW! A Grand Master even. Offering to help out. Really great! - but what's that about his "current live" <sic>? Or his "past lives"? And since when did a "bloodline give <him or anyone> the royal rite <sic> to make such statements"? Not even in fantasy worlds that we know about. But this is not, certainly, the first time there's been a fantastic sole-created theory of what Freemasonry was, is and will be. During the latter half of the first decade of the 2000s, the so-called "Grand Lodge of All England" and its self-aggrandizing Grand Secretary made many such claims. (Read about them here.) Mr. Bedard seems to follow this line of foolishness as well - but why not? It's SO much easier to live in a fantasy world than to deal with reality apparently.

And either Mr. Bedard is remarkably well preserved or he started developing these skills quite close to his birth date.

"If any of you knew anything about Masonry and why it was started, you would know that it is ALL about blood line, family and our royal rites and NOT about what it is today"
From a posting on Linkedin on 12/26/2011.

Mr. Bedard clearly knows something that thousands of Masonic scholars and millions of Masons don't. Isn't it wonderful to be so self-assured? Isn't this the person you want to be getting your advice from? Well, sure....

Oh, and on this website, Mr. Bedard (formerly) very clearly set the date of the founding of Freemasonry at 685 B.C. Perhaps he was there in an earlier "live" {deliberately misspelled as if he were writing} to know. (And, despite it having been redesigned with no obvious references to Freemasonry, take a peek up in the title at the top of your browser and you can see "Moe Bedard | Fiat Lux". Yeah, right!

But wait: there's still more....

Well, I have a message for you “regular” brothers who discriminate and judge from my ancestor who speaks through my soul and this current human vehicle, “You are a disgrace to the brotherhood and my ancestors who had founded the organization!”

Ahhhh.... So his ancestors founded Freemasonry! Glad we've finally gotten that information which has vexed Masonic scholars for many a century. Then again, you can see how - through a claimed blood test - that Mr. Bedard creates genealogies which would make ANYONE laugh - right here where he's also got a Knights Templar website that purports to be 'the truth' too. Of course, the link to the blood comparison is a dead one - and it's so awfully convenient to claim an ancestral link just because your name is 'something like' somebody in history. Based on his logic, I trump his genealogy with my 'King' name by miles - but that's stupid and we'll just ignore that.... <chuckle>

And then there's this:

However, if you look down on me or think I am less than you because I am not a member of your regular lodge or because I am a convicted felon, then I wish and hope to flush your selfish and judgemental Freemason ass down the Masonic toilet where you belong because you are not a brother, but just a selfish wanna be who thinks you own my soul or the secret teachings.

So an admitted convicted felon on top of it all. Yep, this is certainly the person you want to associate YOUR lodge with, isn't it? A non-Mason who claims to be.... well, read on:

I have news for most all of you, I can guarantee if you feel that way about the Webmaster Masons and or me then you are simply  ignorant, judgmental, a low level Mason (1-32 degrees), I know more about Freemasonry than you and I am must be your Grand Master Daddy!

Yep. Your are must be.... Amazing! The three quotes above taken from Mr. Bedard's "welcome" page - and a fine welcome it is too, don't you think?

You might want to also do a quick search using your favorite search engine putting in "Mo Bedard" and "scam" along with the words "loan" or "financing". It would appear that we aren't the only place who has questions about his methods etc.

However, as we've repeatedly written in this section: if you want to get involved with bogus Masonry in any of its incarnations, don't let us stop you. Follow your intuition - but don't say you weren't warned!

We just LOVE Email!

Now normally we don't put e-mail that we've received on this website, simply because it encourages the anti-Masonic faction to become even more absurd than they already are. However, this one was SO strange, it seemed to cry out for further distribution. Take a read and see if you don't agree that you could immediately benefit by a close association with Mr. Bedard and his offerings:

Sender: moeseo@gmail.com
Received: by with HTTP; Mon, 16 Jan 2012 05:27:53 -0800 (PST)
Date: Mon, 16 Jan 2012 05:27:53 -0800
X-Google-Sender-Auth: qSpxVuhktU7VgNjqwaG7UNQEx6c
Message-ID: <CAGMzz_93rfuK59giQmL3hDShN=++ocXRsfYZotrCEP1x6L-sJQ@mail.gmail.com>
Subject: MasonicInfo - Ed King and Webmastermasons
From: Moe Bedard <moe@
To: reply@masonicinfo.com

Mr Jesus Ed King,  <---The clever Mr. Bedard apparently thinks this is cute. Do you?

Who gives you the rite
{sic - he means 'right', we think} to judge others and their work as you sit on your lowly freemason stool in a fraternity that doesn't even know its true origins let alone 99% of you Freemasons have no idea who the [obscenity deleted] you work for.{We don't? Oh, wait: this assumes that Mr. Bedard knows we work for somebody in Freemasonry, doesn't it? Read on....} It is profane Masons like your Mr. King make me and my ancestors sick and I AM going to teach you and others masons who think they are holier than thou a lesson or 2 in being a true mason.

You ALL work for the Catholic Church and just lil pawns in the building of the Temple with your lil
[obscenity deleted] degrees as if you mean anything in the great work.

I could safely bet that I KNOW more than you about Masonry and why your fraternity exists. To serve the church. Keep it up Mr King. I AM ready to take you and your Mason cronies on. I will make a public campaign agints
<sic> you and SEO your name, lodge and life until the day I die [obscenity deleted].
Best regards,

Moe Bedard
CEO & Founder

<Four company names and web addresses redacted>
CONFIDENTIALITY NOTICE: This message may contain proprietary information. The information contained in this email message is confidential and may also be protected by attorney-client and/or the attorney/work product privilege. If the person actually receiving this email or any other reader of the email is not the named recipient or the employee or agent responsible to deliver it to the named recipient, any use, dissemination, distribution, or copying of the communication is strictly prohibited.

Well, we apologize if we've made any dead folks sick and if all of us are working for the Catholic Church, they'd darn well better start sending weekly payments! Certainly Mr. Bedard's use of profanity also reflects a behavior that might cause you to wonder about his understanding of Masonic tenets as well, eh?....

And no need to worry about my having copied Mr. Bedard's email here. No proprietary information - and certainly not protected by any attorney privilege (since Mr. Bedard isn't an attorney and as a convicted felon, isn't going to be ever). It should, however, give you an idea of the type of person you'll sometimes find on the internet holding out offers to Masons and pretending themselves to be a Mason.

If you think Mr. Bedard's behavior towards us was unique, you may wish to read this blog about his threats towards the National Legal Help Center. He uses some of his obscene language with them also....

And what's he up to now?

Exposing "secret societies" and teaching folks how to be "Gnostic Warriors". Yeah, right! Poke around his site and you'll find he's still fantasizing about his DNA and more. Apparently leading a better life isn't interrupted by little blips like the language above. Ya gotta wonder about some folks....

Page begun on December 26, 2011. Updated October 20, 2012 and on January 4, 2014.

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