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"The proper cure for bad information is more information, not secrecy or censorship."
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We're regularly asked, "Why do people go out and form these groups?" Sometimes Masons are far less than kind in their responses but from our perspective, it all boils down to the most unpleasant aspects of human behavior - primarily ego.

It's easy for anyone to look at someone else and say, "I could do that job a whole lot better than they're doing it." It's also easy to brag that "If I were in charge...." But who has the unbelievable gall to think that they can create a better organization than one that has existed for over THREE CENTURIES, through World Wars, etc. - and do it all in a couple of years? Do they really think that they are so charismatic - that their idea, brand new and unexecuted by anyone else - is compelling enough to bring millions (or even a few thousand) to their way of thinking?

And who on earth would want to sign up for an organization where the rules change every day, practically. Where the 'leader' promises all sorts of great things but is then unable to deliver? Why would anyone wan t to take part in such foolishness?

Some of the 'true believers' (perhaps better referred to as 'sheep'), will argue that the unique qualities of the leader have marked him or her as fit for such a task. Sadly, however, such claims are always unsubstantiated and are based on personal opinion alone. For example: in 2006 (perhaps 2007), the founder of the so-called Grand Orient of the United States did a lecture on the origins of Freemasonry. At the time, another person known for his pretentious airs and offensive behavior wrote this:



Vices have been long defined by religion and today is generally used referring to a fault, a defect, an infirmity, generally of one's behavior or personality.Lots of heat - often little light

Created June 30, 2011

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