Dissembling Lodges

"I was done with Freemasonry a long time ago but was asked to make some introductions to the brothers in Paris. I did what I was asked and helped put things together. I'm done. I did what I promised I would do.
I don't have any interest in being a part of any form of Freemasonry. It's devolved into a political quagmire that focuses on administration and not knowledge or brotherhood."
 Jeff Peace posting using his pseudonym of Antoninus9 in December, 2007 - and yet, not long after this, he's identified as the GOOFUS Grand Junior Warden. Go figure!

"Pretending with the intention to deceive."
"The act of deceiving."

"Not your Grandfather's Masonry"

...so claims the self-styled Grand Orient of the United States. Actually, it's really not Masonry at all, in the eyes of most of the world but putting that argument aside, would you really want THAT? I mean, after all: they list 'famous Freemasons' who were part of 'your Grandfather's Freemasonry', they talk about historical events that were part and parcel of 'your Grandfather's Masonry' and some of them were even members of 'your Grandfather's Freemasonry' - but decided that they knew a better way than the ten plus million members over the world across three centuries. Good to know everyone has options here, eh?

And as part of their 'new idea', their lodges have 'sprung up' (on the internet at least) and then - in the blink of an eye - have vanished. One pundit suggested you need a scorecard to keep track of the many machinations they've gone though. Well, here it is, folks: the Grand Orient Of The United States LODGE SCORECARD, comments and personal opinion from Ed King, this site's author and the person who has - as everyone will agree - 'called it right' from the start of the several predecessor organizations which did things like recruiting online in Holocaust denier newsgroups - and SO much more!

This page is provided because, it would seem, their own list of their constantly changing "lodges" was becoming too much of an embarrassment - as you can see below. From now on, it'll apparently be secret so that they can better obfuscate what's going on. Is this what you want to get involved with? Have at it if you do - but when you've been 'ridden hard and put away wet', do drop us a note and let us know how that worked out for you, OK?

Pink coloring indicates that the lodge is now 'missing in action'. Aqua Coloring indicates that the Lodge doesn't have a website and exists/existed in name only. Yellow coloring indicates that the lodge is/was claimed to exist and has a website but it hasn't been updated in a year or more - perhaps a sign that it too is 'going, going, gone!'. No coloring indicates an active group (although 'group' probably means a 'one-man band') based on what their website shows. How many 'no color' lines can you spot below? (PS: This test counts only if you're not color blind!)

Date Lodge Name and Number Location Principal Instigator Status Comments Other Comments
2007 Red Cross of Gold #1 A Starbucks near Atlanta Jeff Peace Gone and forgotten - or perhaps now a semi-private motorcycle club? (No, we're not joking!) This was once the whole organization Abandoned as a lodge so as to preclude embarrassment?
2008 Lodge des Neuf Soeurs #1 ("Founding") Supposedly at Washington, DC Jeff Peace Probably created so Jeff claim the name of a 'prestige lodge' to come from - even though it was at DC and he was in Georgia. Makes sense, huh? The Second #1 lodge for GOOFUS also referred to by themselves as GOUSA. Nobody else except Jeff Peace ever claimed membership in this one. Why is that, do you suppose?
2008 Halcyon #2 Cleveland, Ohio Jeff/Others Founded in 1875, this lodge was (some would say) 'stolen' from the Grand Lodge of Ohio by a small group of unhappy members. Having won their pyrrhic victory in court (each side having to pay their own legal fees), the new 'owners' of the lodge seem now seem to only be sporadically active. It has now been declared the GOOFUS national headquarters because it's a real building, unlike the fantasies of Sirius etc. The 'Pied Piper' began a revolution - but what's the long-term result? Time will tell! Sporadic announcements when the half-dozen members in Cleveland happen to think about it. The building was supposed to lead a 'community Renaissance' in Cleveland but seems to have fallen flat in its goals and has essentially no one hiring the premises.
2008 Vulcan Birmingham, Alabama G. David Cooksey Begun by the first - and soon thereafter removed or resigned - Grand Secretary of the predecessor to GOOFUS. Mr. Cooksey now seems, at times, to be desperately trying to reconnect with GOOFUS and had created a 'holding' website sans specifics, apparently designed to cozy up to GOOFUS despite his claims of eternal independence. See here for more. Read about the Vulcans and Mr. Cooksey's blog creation du jour here. Because this so-called lodge is now simply a fantasy dream, it's listing is pink. They had perhaps left GOOFUS but seemed to want to go back but then wanted to.... it's just TOO confusing! We'll change it to another color when (IF, actually) proof of activity shows up.
2008 Euclid Grand Rapids, Michigan Anthony S. (Tony) Melton The lodge of the second - and soon removed - Grand Secretary They became "independent" from GOUSA and were soon thereafter gone Last blog post in 2009
2008 Lodge Intrepid Los Angeles, California John Slifko? This lodge seemed to have 'appeared' with the announcement of Mr. Slifko as the GOOFUS Grand Master It suddenly disappeared from discussion when Mr. Slifko was bounced out as Grand Master after he served his purpose a few brief months as Grand Master. More here. Los Angeles apparently wasn't big enough to sustain this group.... or, more accurately, it was one person and when they booted him, it was gone.
2008 Deucalion Patras, Greece (Never identified) This one was a fantasy, start to finish and, curiously, has been completely dropped from their lists. NOTHING seems to have ever appeared online about this, save its mention on 1-2 GOOFUS websites. Creating fantasy lodges is something very much in vogue. See the fantasy 1613 Nation for other examples.
2008 Sirius #7 Atlanta, Georgia
(A Starbucks or Hooters - although pictures of an office space of the (former?) employer of Mr. Peace was claimed to be their physical location)
Jeff Peace The physical address shown on their former website doesn't exist on Google or Mapquest. Wonder what THAT tells us, eh? Shortly after the fall from Grand Mastership of Mr. Peace, the site was trashed for several weeks. In December 2011, it was ostensibly in WordPress Maintenance mode to return in 60 minutes. Over 2 years and we're still waiting.... Remember the pictures of their 'new building'? (Well, they were both the Rite of the Rose Croix of Gold AND Sirus which was its incarnation after the RRCG became such a joke). In reality, they were of Jeff's employer's new offices. And as of May, 2011, the site was gone completely - after all these (couple of) years. Pictures are gone from that link so we've put them below.... But they do claim to head to Hooter's (the restaurant known for its... well, check the website) on a weekly basis. Great for esoteric thinking perhaps?

And there's also the motorcycle thing to add to the excitement though they were never part of the Masonic Widow's Sons Motorcycle Association - so even more 'renegade behavior'.

2008 Emeth
  (A Triangle)
Phoenix, Arizona Stuart Evan McGee He quit GOOFUS and took his 0-2 followers with him Became a "Blue Sky Lodge" - another illusionary concept - after an apparent dust-up with the GOOFUS founder. Their website is now gone too - another failure of fake Masonry.
2008 Regulus (#9)
 (A Triangle)
Mobile, Alabama Dale Brown Their last blog post in October, 2008 indicated that the light was starting to brighten for Regulus in Mobile. Really? It's almost 2012 and we ain't seen nothin' yet! And then the light just seemed to die. Too bad. How sad. Wonder why - although after failing in bid for elective office, Mr. Brown is still hustling for GOOFUS.... Shall we also soon sing, "That's the night when the lights went out in Georgia"?
2008 Liberty Rockford, Illinois Stephen Quest Their website was gone a few months after its creation. Mr. Quest now flaps around with various new online imitations of real Freemasonry built with a coterie of disaffected whiners who can do nothing but complain about regular/recognized Freemasonry but don't have the moral courage of their convictions to leave it! He's published a one-issue newsletter which includes copyrighted material from our site without permission - but lawbreaking seems to be 'no big deal' to these guys....
2008 Cosmopolitan New York, New York Stevan Nikolic Never seemed to have more than one member It's creator likened the Grand Master of (REAL Freemasonry) in New York to Stalin - and defaulted on a subscription deal. More here. Now defunct/unknown
2009 Hellen Genarchis Greece (Location undisclosed - but it's a small country so maybe everybody knows, eh?) (Never identified) This - like the other Greek lodge listed above - seems to have been a total and complete fantasy. It's not listed on their lodge list any more. See comments above for Deucalion. Funny how they never talk about their 'Greek connection'.... Maybe the Google translator isn't working too well? You'd think that IF they had lodges on foreign soil, they'd be talking about them all the time, wouldn't you? They'll probably say it's because of the civil unrest... Yeah,mmmmm, right!
2009 Praxis
  (A one-person Triangle)
Boise, Idaho Krispen Hartung You can read more about this one here. All about atheism; only tangentially related to the GOOFUS irregular form of  Freemasonry. Want to bet how long this one will last now that nobody's paying attention to Krispen's whining? A self-created 'lodge' which found GOOFUS a convenient hook. Seems to have led the way to wholesale abandonment of belief in deity by them. Quit or tossed out 2/2011 - as predicted!
2009 Merope New York, New York
(but in their PDF list of lodges, listed as Detroit, Michigan)
(Never identified) Seems to have been another 'name only' "lodge". Put down a name and maybe no one will ever question it. That's the idea, it seems. Apparently this entity was geographically-challenged....
2009 Golden Orb Los Angeles (Never identified) This one got left off of our listing originally. Appeared in the online PDF of lodges but nowhere else. How curious....  
2009 Universelle
   (Another one-person 'lodge' or whatever)
Los Angeles then Claremont, California Jef Travis An aspiring actor who set up a nice Joomla! website in mid-2010 but put it in 'maintenance' mode very shortly thereafter - and forever after! Website inaccessible and no further information about their existence. Their Facebook page only had one post in July, 2010. Another dispute with the founder or just reality set in fast....?? If you've read this far and haven't seen a pattern here, you're obviously not reading for comprehension! <smile>
2010 Sir Francis Bacon Lodge of Research Atlanta, Georgia Jeff Peace How appropriate that they'd name a lodge of "Research" after a figure proven to be totally unrelated to Freemasonry. Another 'fantasy' created for effect, it would appear.
2010 Traditions
   (A Triangle)
Palm Coast, Florida (Never identified) Their website showed no meetings and no changes from 5/2010 to 12/15/2010. Following Christmas 2010, even the graphics on their website were gone. Guess this one didn't work out either....  As of 2/4/2011, it's a 'link farm', completely abandoned.  
2010 Electra Madison, Wisconsin (Never identified) Another fantasy creation?    
2010 Phaecia Lodge #10 Greece (Location unidentified) (Never identified) What connection do ANY of the GOOFUS boys have with Greece? Answer "none whatsoever" and you'd be SO right! Did someone take a cruise there one summer perhaps and decide they should list a bunch of places there as 'lodges'??? Astute readers will note that this is chronologically #20 (or 19 or 18 or 17, depending on what you leave in and/or take out). What's that all about?
2010 Benjamin Franklin #11 Washington, DC and more recently as Falls Church, Virginia (but actual meeting location was a big secret! Why??) David Tamayo
(for a a couple of fortnights their 'Grand Secretary of External Affairs)
Fifteen days after I began creating this page, this "lodge" decided to part ways with GOOFUS and for a few weeks was on his own but supposedly was going to connect with yet another bogus group. This is the way it goes with these things - invariably! Formerly a regular/recognized Mason, Tamayo became an atheist and made a big pronouncement at the close of his term as Master of a regular, recognized lodge. Apparently he didn't get enough attention from that and he couldn't work with Jeff so this group's now out of the stable too. They won't do any better independently but at least there won't be the foolishness of GOOFUS to deal with.... Comically, we're told that Tamayo is still with them, apparently having his cake and eating it too?
2010 Sterope Detroit, Michigan (Never identified) Just a name, as far as is known    
2010 Excelsior
  (A Triangle)
Bowling Green, Kentucky (Never identified) A website appeared on 12 June 2010 proudly proclaiming this 'Triangle''s website had "gone live". It was just one gasp at life, it would appear as nothing has appeared there since. Nothing. Zero. Nada!  
2010 Benedict Spinoza Miami, Florida (Never identified) Just a listing, as far as is known    
2010 Universelle #18 Claremont, California (See above also) Jef Travis Not to be confused with Universelle from 2009 - or maybe it should! Why create new lodges when you can just 'rebrand' an old one - if the one person involved doesn't mind? But regardless, the website has been in 'maintenance mode' since October, 2010 so Mr. Travis seems to have given up on it all. Just three lodges after Lodge #11. The counting is just amazing.... but this lodge ceased to be visible after just a few weeks on the internet. Not surprising....
2010 Lodge of Three Luminaries Grand Rapids, Michigan (Not a one of those luminaries has been publicly identified! <G>) This "lodge" only appeared on the Praxis website. Tail wagging the dog and imminent fall from grace for Mr. Hartung perhaps? Amazing how the parent group wouldn't list one of their own lodges, isn't it - or crow about its formation? Well, not so much since it just adds to the attrition rate when it's gone in a couple of months (or weeks).... Does this seem to show what we meant about 'smoke and mirrors'?
2011 Mercury Lodge #8 Los Angeles, California Jef Travis (again!) & Andrew Perry (sycophant in training) Created apparently just after the Founder (Peace) was removed as Grand Master in late May, 2011. Not a thing on their blog since April 2012. Guess they lost interest.... The only person known to be associated with lodge #18, now has Lodge #8 created afterwards - along with one other person. But hey, with all the ads on the website, maybe GOOFUS will make some money now. Will Brian Roper still be the Treasurer? Who knows?  UPDATE: Sensibility has prevailed and the two men involved have now realized just exactly what sort of shell game they were conned into. They've moved on and we wish them both well. Unfortunate....
2011 Bigelow Lodge #243 Cleveland, Ohio A Halcyon Lodge announcement which means nothing! Just a fantasy, as far as anyone can see. It's been "resurrected" without members or anything else! The Grand Orient themselves haven't acknowledged this but their one "functioning" lodge announced that they and the Grand Orient have "resurrected" a lodge which was consolidated with Halycon many years ago. "...during the period of Masonic decline (1963-2005)." Why the governing body never made even a mention of this anywhere (despite multiple daily postings to their Facebook page at the time of Halcyon's announcement) reflects the fact that everything that's done amongst these internet creations is nothing more than smoke and mirrors.
2012 Spinoza Lodge Ft. Lauderdale, Florida No one identified - as is the norm now and nothing posted since April, 2012 Was just another website designed to sucker in the gullible and increase their search engine ratings. Claimed as the lodge of their 2013 Grand Master but the last post was April, 2012. Any connection to Benedict Spinoza Lodge from above? None stated - but then again, if I write there is none, they'll whine that I've "lied". On the other hand, that one was in Miami and this one is in Ft. Lauderdale. That's NOT the same place, kiddies, so it's going to be hard to claim the connection - or do you create two lodges in the same state just to be helpful?

Atlantis Lodge or maybe Atlantis Lodge #13 based on their domain name

OFFLINE as of 12/2013. No one identified - of course. (Richard Holt is the domain applicant) Yet another website - but this one with a 'twist' - although since there's nothing on their site since April, 2012, it's hard to believe this is real either. Appealing to those who imagine that they can become Masons and participate in Masonic meetings online, this "lodge" claims to have started in 2011 although their domain name wasn't registered until 1-16-2012. It's hard to figure out how an online lodge existed without a domain but that's hardly the least of the shuck and jive that these boys use to deceive. In their FAQ, they claim the author Dan Brown is a Mason. Of course, that's pure fallacy!
2013, 2014    What next? Nothing?   They come and go - often in name only. Stay tuned. We'll be here to cover this ever-changing scene!

When GOOFUS revised their primary website in December 2010, "Triangles" morphed into "Chapters" of what appears to be a politically-oriented "charity" which, like the anti-Masons, seems to use US tax laws to further their agenda. This change certainly sounds less child-like and, after all, there are "Chapters" in other parts of regular/recognized Freemasonry - the better to confuse the unwary. It eliminates the distinction that most of their organization consists of short-lived interest by a single individual who seemed to soon become aware of a larger picture that isn't as pretty as the Pied Piper painted it. (Notice the predominant pink above? That should be a clue....) Of course, why these 'hip' guys didn't do a Google search and wind up here to check things out first is also pretty telling, isn't it?

We began this page the day after Christmas 2010. At that time there were two so-called 'lodges' that appeared active. Less than three weeks later, there was one. A day after we posted a page with that information, there were NONE. Four months later there was one ad-ridden website being flogged by the FOURTH new Grand Master on their Facebook page. It continues to be SO comical....

Looking back, it seems as if ANYONE contacting them could get themselves set up as a lodge in the blink of an eye - and it gave the impression to onlookers that the so-called Grand Orient of the United States was really going places fast. This was apparently the information given to the gullible Grand Orient of France in order to get their 'sharing of rituals' and 'treaty of amity'. Based on reports of emails filled with profanities should anyone dare to question 'authority', it should have been enough to make even the blind see - but it wasn't. (There's a long history of THAT stuff as the graphic below shows. Wonder what it said BEFORE the editing thirty seconds later.... <chuckle> Great way to start a work day, huh?) Nope: it's sure not your Grandfather's Freemasonry!

Good ol' Ben Franklin: we hardly knew ye....

Talk about a 'fall from grace': here was their Lodge #11 with a well designed website (albeit with all sorts of material cribbed from regular/recognized sources and bastardized to meet their atheistic agenda), a multi-lingual leader who immediately became their 'Grand Secretary for External Affairs' (proud to be seen wearing a Masonic tie with the letter 'G' quite prominent - apparently to mean 'Gnostic' as their rituals claim). He spoke a foreign language which no one else did (it must have been like heaven to give up on the Google translators), plus a great physical location close to the imaginary other lodge that Jeff claimed to belong to in Washington, DC. And yet, within the blink of an eye, it was over and the #11 was gone with AFM and then a day or two later AYM replacing it. Hey, wait! Weren't these guys supposed to be MODERN and not ANCIENT??? (Maybe it meant 'Atheists For Masonry' or 'A Fine Mess'....) And then they were gone from the web altogether except for a couple of fleeting appearances in blog comments made by him trying to distance himself from the bizarre behavior of Halcyon. We waited for a dueling contest of domains since Mr. Tamayo owned the web address of grandorientusa.org but it didn't happen.

So we hope that not too many of you tied your dreams to that star. We received one message saying there were 10-12 members and the pictures on their website showed a party of men and women, milling around together but we suspect the latter had nothing at all to do with anything Masonic and the information from our correspondent had been gleaned from GOOFUS directly, something no one wanting facts should have ever done. It's all just TOO comical for words - but it's a potent reminder that if you want to be a Mason, you need to be part of a regular/recognized lodge. Those who thought they knew better are now out in the cold!

This is but one example of many showing the VERY fleeting nature of this 'make-believe' Masonry: using the trappings and rituals of a three hundred year old organization but having no more permanence than a set of underwear. Actually, based on their past performance and that of other similarly-situated groups, you'd probably find your underwear to last longer than they do.


We should know better than to make changes on this page even within hours of publishing it because SOMETHING even more crazy will occur. They removed their e-mail contact requiring a written letter for a while and now have returned to use a web form for communications. Apparently Mr. Brown has lots of time on his hands to deal with this. It's is all pretty strange thing for a group that tried SO hard to appeal to young, upwardly-mobile and internet-engaged professionals, isn't it? Of course, we realize that every organization is entitled to a certain amount of privacy so you could, perhaps, argue that it's none of our business what goes on. It seems terribly strange, though, if they ARE a vibrant and growing organization that they'd be doing/not doing things like this - at least the way we see it. Oh, and their touted relationship with the Grand Orient of France is apparently so significant that the French site doesn't even link to these folks any longer despite links to other irregular US bodies such as the George Washington Union. Though vigorously denied by one GOOFUS member who seems incapable of high school level spelling ('We've still got this here plate from their gift store so obviously they're in fraternal relations....' is his logic), there are NO refutations from the Grand Master thus once more leading to speculation as to whether one member is grossly (perhaps deliberately) uninformed and/or is dissembling.

Just for clarification....

We'd previously mentioned that on every GOOFUS lodge website there were different listings of their sister lodges. Now, with nearly all of these sites gone, it's impossible for you to see that for yourself. Their once highly-touted but barely used discussion board at tracingboard.com became simply an 'ad farm' for a few weeks but then was back up only not as a forum but rather a place for rants and fabrications. It's now being used by the defrocked creator and former "Grand Master" for dissertations on how smart he is with long essays pretending to be research papers. (The difference? No footnotes whatsoever. It's easier to claim things when you don't have to prove them.) But there are no 'discussion groups' any longer because it's like the sound of one hand clapping.... We thought that the site might finally be transferred to our ownership as promised in 2005.<GRIN> Guess they missed that memo....

To us at least, it seems as if - with the overthrow of the founder - the train has finally come off the rails but, as with that type of accident, things continue to plunge ahead on inertia for some distance and surely the new engineer - living a thousand miles away from their 'headquarters' and unable to have ever formed a lodge in his own town - probably thinks that somehow he'll achieve where the zealous founder didn't. All of this notwithstanding, we would again, however, remind readers that they are free to make their own decisions about affiliations etc. and not let the facts we've presented bar you from participation should you so desire.

NOT 'regular/recognized' Freemasonry - and proud of it!

Remember that NONE of the members of any of the so-called 'lodges' shown above would be welcomed to share fellowship with any of those 'local lodges' whose buildings you see in so many places (except for that one building in Cleveland, Ohio 'taken' from a group of Masons who'd begun the lodge and nurtured it from 1875 through 2008). Don't believe us and think there are big groups around the world associated with this organization and just waiting to welcome you? OK. Enjoy then - and let us know how that works out....

In mid-2012

Their 'discussion forum' no longer exists: it's just too embarrassing to have so few participants it would seem. The domain has gone up for sale. The Halcyon Charities and Halcyon Lodge website were non-functional at the end of 2011 while they scurried around to find someone to pay the bill but they're up and running again. The GOOFUS Facebook page has irregular postings, sometimes simply a duplicate of what's on the Travis/Perry website for the 2 person California contingent. And lately they've been creating more and more websites that all mirror each other in several ways. Looks like somebody has a lot of time on their hands....

Every now and then, they go through an explosion of "Ed King is horrible" postings, whining about my having stated that something happened in March when it really happened in February (according to them) and some of these explosions were online for just a couple of days so it's hard to tell if somebody's smoking something strange and then coming to their senses or what. Moreover, doesn't it appear a bit unseemly to you that a LODGE - or a "GRAND LODGE" - would take time out of their busy schedule to whine about postings on the seventh or eighth level down in a website that they claim is completely inaccurate anyway? One just has to wonder.

You know, for all the problems these kiddies found in regular/recognized Freemasonry, we'd opine that they're NOTHING to the mess they've created. Nothing at all!

The Sirius Building:

Yep: here was the building they claimed was going to be their building but, comically, one of their leaders later admitted that these were actually design pictures of the building the Grand Poo-Bah's employer was building. So much for honesty and integrity, eh?


First uploaded February 3, 2011 -- and you might expect to see some wholesale updates to their websites soon although when the parent organization refuses to list their entities, it's not a very good sign. But never fret: we can prove what they had when this was written.
The information above may appear to some (especially if they have a grudge to carry against regular/recognized Freemasonry) to be judgmental and defamatory. However, sometimes facts don't paint a very rosy picture - and all of the above is FACT!

Updated February 4, 2011 when Praxis Lodge 'hit the dust'.... Just one day in the life of GOOFUS.... and again on March 28th just after Ben Franklin Lodge disappeared from the web, as just another in the long line of 'here today ~ gone tomorrow' creations by one person.

Updated May 15, 2011. A few minor changes and typo fixes plus the notation about lack of Grand Orient of France linkage to the GOOFUS website. Updated again on August 30, 2011 with the addition of another their two person lodge in California and a fantasy lodge in Cleveland and a couple of tweaks in December, 2011 as Dale loses interest and the golden boys from California do likewise.

Updated May 25, 2012 with a couple more of their 'website only' "lodges". Updated December, 2013, noting the departure of yet more of the (very few) faithful and the lack of any meaningful web engagement for nearly two years. Added the Sirius building pictures in February, 2014.

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