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Over one million (1,000,000) children are reported missing or kidnapped each year in the United States alone according to some statistics. Stepping in to assist in this enormous problem has been the fraternity of Freemasons with their CHIP - Child Identification - Programs.

It's a unique concept: Masons - at no cost or obligation to the families involved - will provide a CD with film footage of the child, fingerprints, teeth impressions, and - in some cases - a DNA swab to the parents or guardian of a child so as to aid in their identification should some tragedy (abduction, accident, or whatever) befall the child. 

Many grand jurisdictions throughout the world are now implementing such programs in the hopes that the location of a missing child might be more readily found.Massachusetts Child Identification Protection Program

There are several US states and Canadian provinces which participate and several have their own websites to announce upcoming program dates and locations. The Massachusetts ChIP Program is one such example.

The cost of such programs are - clearly - high, both in terms of materials and personnel donated time. Having people available to perform the technical tasks (obtaining good fingerprints on a two year old isn't the easiest job in the world {grin}) as well as simple logistics (setting up tables, directing parents to the next 'station', keeping children from becoming bored with the wait which sometimes occurs) is extensive and exhaustive yet Freemasons give freely of both time and money for this wonderful charity.

If your child (or grandchild) hasn't taken part in such a program, contact the Grand Lodge in your state/province to see if they offer one. (A list can be found on our site here.)

Seeing the effectiveness of such a program, the Lions clubs in some states are also offering such services and we commend them for their efforts to help keep children safe. It's an example of a great idea that can really help!

Important note: Some anti-Masons have eschewed these child identification programs with dark allusions about 'Big Brother' and microchip implanting fantasies. They hint about sinister motivations involving this extraordinary program and that the Freemasons are part of some over-arching conspiracy to identify children.... 

In fact, NOT A SINGLE PIECE of information collected about the children is kept by the Masons. Not a name, not a tooth imprint, NOTHING!!! All materials - video tapes, etc. - are given to the parent (or grandparent) who brings the child to the event. Freemasonry sees a way to help in the continuing battle against child abduction and is taking a leading role - but a handful of detractors continue to hint that there is some ulterior motive involved.

In my jurisdiction, for example, computers are used to provide a DVD of the child answering innocuous questions ("Do you have any pets?" "What do you like best in school?") so as to assist law enforcement in seeing the mannerisms and speech of a missing child thus giving them a better tool for their search efforts and also a much more personal involvement with the victim. However, these computers were specially bought so that immediately following the creation of the DVD, ALL information about the child is erased. You cannot enter a new child's information unless the old information has been erased. In the unlikely event of a computer crash, the information is also erased. Even further, if the computer has been idle for more than 10 minutes, it will erase all of the information - in each case using Department of Defense encryption standards. The absurdity of those saying that the Masons are storing information is beyond the pale and completely false.

We invite them to provide PROOF of their ludicrous and insulting claims!

In September, 2012, we got a hilarious laugh at the claim that the CHiP program was collecting DNA. Here's the ominous, rambling and disjointed story:

Freemasons Forming DNA Database

Did you know that the Freemasons are collected DNA samples on children throughout North America?  Well, they are. Of course, things like this have been going on for a long with, more more than the Freemasons involved. The Conference of Masonic Grand Masters of North America have formed a program, called, interestingly enough, “Masonichip.” If that’s not creepy enough, how about a schedule in which you can have your local Canadian lodge arrange for ‘events’ to take the DNA?  Well, I’m sure a lot of people out there are saying, “This won’t come to America.”

Let’s remember the Masonic slogan on their Masonichip website:

“It’s not what we do…it’s who we do it for.”

Indeed, who are they doing it for?

But, as we know, the media and the people who say ‘conspiracy theories’ are not proper for ‘Christians’, would have us ignore things like this. The same folks who made claims that the EPA was doing live human experimentation should have been ignored also (that is, until the lawsuit). But, you know, human experimenation on individuals is something of the past. I guess we could go on about other things, but, we’re supposed to believe that governments (especially if its the Pentagon, Homeland Security, etc), big business (which has essentially become the government in many areas), and private organizations (composed of powerful individuals in government and business), don’t ever do bad things. Apparently, they don’t ever attempt to cover matters like this up; or lie for each other.

A conspiracy proper, is one multiple individuals collude to defraud or do illegal things (in a legal sense); or in a broader sense, when multiple persons collude with a secret agenda.  It doesn’t take reptoid aliens to presuppose that there are powerful people who have their own interests totally separate from those of the general public.

There are literally dozens of stories like this everywhere.  They just don’t get reported on.

They don't get reported on because they're grossly inadequate. The Masonic CHIP program has been going for a decade now so this breathless expose is even more laughable. Claiming that the computer information is kept is laughable: 99% of the people doing CHIP programs can barely turn on a computer let alone exploit it after military-grade erasure (required after EACH child and before the next one begins) occurs. The computers are NEVER connected to any outside access (no wi-fi or anything) and they don't even have modems in them! They can't 'phone home' with data even if there was any - which there isn't. Ask me: I know. The most frustrating and time-delaying thing in the entire CHIP event is waiting for the computer to purge its data after each child. Does the DNA swab help? Perhaps only marginally - but would anyone want to take that chance, particularly when dealing with a child's life?

Updated September 29, 2012


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