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Freemasonry supports good citizenship and as a result, not all charitable works involve simply writing a check or tossing a few coins into a collection basket. Here are some of the ways groups of Masons contribute of their time and talents to help others....

Halloween Helpers

Prince Hall Masons of Michigan (USA) again in 1998 stood united against the 'devil's night' misbehavior which has plagued the city of Detroit in years past on Halloween when hundreds of fires were set and much looting and damage occurred. This year some 650 Masonic Brothers patrolled the streets in the 7th Precinct and for the 4th year in a row, NO fires were reported! Thanks for your good work, Brethren!

Speaking of Halloween....
Want some 'different' information on that "Carefree Children's Holiday or Demonic Day of Darkness?" stuff that gets spread around the web and elsewhere every year? Head off to the web site titled "Propaganda for the Paranoid" and read all about it from the person who says he started it - as a SPOOF!

Masonry and Sports

Hockey PlayerThe Jefferson, New York District Masons, in conjunction with the Watertown Hockey Association, continue to sponsor an International Youth Hockey Tournament. Held in February at the Watertown, NY Ice Arena. In 1997, 18 teams from Canada, northern and central New York participated. Masons volunteer their time to serve as adult supervisors in the penalty boxes.

We note too that Pennsylvania's 50th District Masons sponsor a Little League Team. These are just two of the Masonic groups that are involved in community sports activities, keeping them vibrant and involved.

Maine State Police Recognizes Mason

The Maine State Police in 1999 began running television 'spot' to promote the image of their organization by highlighting the involvement of troopers in their communities. Narrated by the Chief of the Maine State Police, the subject is Sgt. Jon Mahon of Machias. Noted is Trooper Mahon's participation in town planning, Special Olympics, Lions, and - of course - Shrine! Another Mason contributing to his community and a credit to himself and his state. Congratulations, Brother Mahon. Folks can see you in your Shriners mini-NASCAR at various parades during the summer!

Tennessee Masons Help Rebuild (and Build) Shattered Lives

In 1997, the District 8 Charity fund began assisting a Davidson County Abused Spouse Shelter by providing brethren to perform facility repairs on an as-needed basis and by coordinating donations of money and needed supplies.

This program is being expanded state-wide throughout Tennessee and Masons are encouraged to contact their local shelters since all have similar needs. In addition to assisting with a shelter's material needs, Masons can also be a positive male role model to many shelter residents.

In addition, Tennessee Masons have a very active program in partnership with Habitat for Humanity helping build housing for those in need.

Spring Clean-Up

The Masons of Rising Star Lodge #47, F&AM, of Newmarket, New Hampshire like many, many other lodges participate in roadside clean-up days in the US every spring. We congratulate all those Masons who take the time to help make our travel more enjoyable - without any recognition or reward other than that of having helped their fellow man.

And - like the other pages involving Masonic Charities -
there's SO much that's not reported!


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