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In addition to their works in health care and saving history, Freemasons provide 'helping hands' in many, many other ways. Scholarships are probably the most common and we've mentioned just a very few of them on a separate page. Here we look at some of the others....

Masons also provide 'Helping Hands' in a non-monetary way. Check out our page titled "Not Just Money" to see more!

Out of misery comes charity in Africa

From the magazine 'Freemasonry Today', we learn that District Grand Master of East Africa, Bro. JK Chande has announced the Masons will assist children of the bread-winners who died in the embassy bomb explosions which took place on 7 August 1998. For this purpose, District Grand Charity has established a fund with an initial contribution of 1.7 million Kenyan shillings.

Freemasons will use this fund to provide education and preparation for life for the children of the diseased. In cases of eye, ear and facial injuries, treatment could be considered in Kenya using the services of specialists who are brethren. Bro. Chande disclosed that a committee has been established under the chairmanship of well known ear, nose and throat specialist, Dr Harish Rudani, who is currently Master of a Nairobi lodge.

On August 19, some 255 masons from Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya and the Seychelles met and provided Bro. Chande with the opportunity of donating Kshs 100,000 to the Kwale Eye Centre, while the same sum was also given to the Likoni Association for the Physically Disabled and the Msambweni School for the Handicapped.

Children's Home

Masonic Home of GeorgiaThe Masonic Home of Georgia has been located in historic Macon, Georgia for more than 90 years. The Home is a residential child care facility which is funded by the Masons of Georgia.

The children living at the Masonic Home range in age from six years and up. Kindergarten, elementary and high school children
attend private and public schools in the Macon area. Graduates attend college and/or technical schools throughout the State. All children are encouraged to take advantage of the excellent educational opportunities available through the Home.

Recreational and social activities are available throughout the year and the children have the opportunity to pursue interests and relationships both on and off campus. The Masonic Home Camp, located on the Georgia Coast, hosts many summer activities.

Love, Security, Personal Growth and Achievement are the primary goals of the Home. We believe that a warm, secure atmosphere helps to develop independence and confidence in children. The Home's aim is to prepare children for independent living by creating as normal an environment for them as possible.

Pennsylvania Masons support D.A.R.E

fc1.gif (4351 bytes)Through a a partnership between The PA Commission on Crime and Delinquency, D.A.R.E. America, and The Pennsylvania Masonic Foundation for Children, police officers in Pennsylvania are trained in the Drug and Alcohol Resistance Education program.  The Masonic Homes, Patton Campus is designated the D.A.R.E. Training Center of Pennsylvania. The Foundation provides lodging, meals, classrooms, recreation and training materials for the Officers while in training. Upon graduation, the Foundation gives each new D.A.R.E. Officer a supply of two thousand Cop Trading Cards, similar to Baseball and Football Trading Cards.

As of January 22, 1999 a total of 450 Police Officers were trained courtesy of Pennsylvania Masons.

Good Citizenship

The members of Meridian Lodge #60, AF&AM, Franklin, New Hampshire, USA spent much of 1998 sponsoring the "Images of Life Campaign" to raise the $40,000 needed to purchase two state-of-the-art cameras used by firefighters to help locate those trapped in buildings during fires. The cameras were dedicated to the memory of three children tragically lost to fires in this small community. Many communities in the US are actively involved in purchasing such units and this Lodge is one of many who are in the forefront of providing service to their neighbors. The Lodge will own these units and will provide for their maintenance. Congratulations, Brethren!

Many Masonic Lodges throughout the United States and United Kingdom are now involved in efforts to help their local fire departments/brigades obtain this new, life-saving technology. We applaud their efforts.

California's Masonic Student Assistance Program (MSAP)

For the last three and one half years, over 1200 educators representing more than 325 schools have attended these workshops, sponsored by the Masons of California.  In the 1996/97 school year, over 3,000 students were assisted by using the MSAP strategies.MSAP provides to each core team specific strategies in working with other
personnel at their school to first identify kids at risk in the areas of academics, health, behavior and attendance, to follow up by gathering the necessary information about the child, and to then develop a school-based action plan appropriate to the specific needs of each child. Just another example of Freemasons helping their communities and the world!

Georgia's Secret Santa Project

One of the most unique and wonderful charities we've found is this project by the Georgia Masons. The way it works is as follows: Lodges are encouraged to form a "SECRET SANTA" committee and vote to allow them to spend whatever amount the Lodge feels it can afford on the project or vote to have one fundraiser just for this purpose and have the money available by Thanksgiving.

Santa ClausThen the "SECRET SANTA" committee or one of its members meets with one of the town's Pastors (School Principals, Teachers, etc.) to explain that the Lodge wishes to SECRETLY help 1 or more families with a child or children at Christmas. They tell the Pastor that he ALONE is to pick out such a family (or families) and provides the appropriate information (ages of children, clothing sizes etc.).

The committee then makes appropriate purchases, wraps the presents, and (if they wish, with the families of the "SECRET SANTA" committee) meet at the Lodge Christmas Eve at about 6:30 PM for coffee and cake. Just as it is getting dark, the "SECRET SANTA" committee (or the whole Lodge and their families) go to the residence of the family that has been chosen and have only two or three go to the Door QUIETLY with the boxes. They put the boxes down, knock on the door and QUIETLY back away.

The members and their families understand that they are never to mention this to anyone outside their family. The ONLY ONE outside the Lodge to know is the Pastor.   Lodges can do this at different times of the year if it wishes (Birthdays for needy children, etc.); but they remember Christmas is special for all of us kids.


korset.gif (1724 bytes)Swedish Order of Freemasons - Grand Lodge of Sweden

Charity grants are distributed from the Board of Benevolence of the Swedish Order of Freemasons, from Lodges and Fraternal Societies and from funds under the jurisdiction of the Swedish Order of Freemasons to a total amount of SEK 15,4 million annually (approx. 1,3 million).

Donations and grants are distributed in the following main areas:
- scientific research in geriatrics
- geriatric activities
- actions against narcotics among young people
- aid to disabled young people
- aid to young people adrift
- donations and scholarships to young artists, writers and artisans.

Fingerprinting Children

From Maine and Connecticut to New Mexico and California, Grand Lodges and local lodges of Masons all over the United States are providing time, personnel, and equipment to fingerprint (and sometimes dental print and/or videotape) children so that should the unthinkable happen, there are more means by which they might be found. Other charitable groups and individuals have been involved in these activities as well so Masonic involvement is not unique. Having commitments of thousands of dollars to the concept, however, is unusual - and again, points to Freemasonry's dedication to serving mankind.

Community Defense Programs

Masons in Massachusetts through their Masonic Home and in conjunction with the Charlton, Mass. Police Department offer the R.A.D. System Program to community residents. The R.A.D. System, Rape Aggression Defense System, is a program developed to teach self defense techniques to women. The program works to increase women's awareness of their surroundings and to avoid potentially dangerous situations.

There's FAR more....


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