Two Crowns for America - Katherine KurtzTwo Crowns For America

Katherine Kurtz

 Those who loved the "Adept" series will find themselves in for a shock when they read this work from a woman who writes not only excellent sci-fi/fantasy but who is blessed with an extraordinary sensitivity to fraternal subtleties.

An apparition of Massachusetts Grand Master Joseph Warren appearing shortly after his untimely death at the Battle of Bunker Hill at the start of the American Revolution sets the scene for this work in which Scottish loyalists attempt to use the newly-forming colonies as a seat of power for the rightful heir to the Stuart throne.  (Can we hear the faint wail of bagpipes and memories of the '45?). The story is at once plausible and unbelievable with Freemasonic events interwoven throughout actual incidents of the American Revolution. You'll find yourself believing that this might be non-fiction if you allow your imagination to wander a bit.

If you loved the 'Adept' series of books and were looking for something similar, you may find this one a bit 'tough' at the beginning. This reviewer found the 'apparition' scene totally implausible at the outset and almost stopped there. We persisted, however, and soon found ourselves lost in a fantasy world where Masonry is an integral part of every event helping to shape the nation.

With typical Kurtz style and grace, the themes are woven together nicely and historical fact is always considered. While Kurtz sometimes blends Freemasonry with the 'occult' sciences, even to a point where some might think that Freemasonry was a bunch of magicians with spells, anyone understanding that this is a work of fiction will not be misled.  If read by a Mason, there will be a bit of chuckling; read by an anti-Mason, it's sure to become the subject of some slander a decade from now. (And the story of Charles Stuart and the Scottish throne is, after all, often interwoven with Masonic 'Tall Tales' already!)

After I got over the shock of Grand Master Warren as a ghost, I found the book pretty darn enjoyable!

We certainly recommend this one for a snowy winter evening or a leisurely summer day by the pool!

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