The "Adept" Series

Katherine Kurtz & Deborah Turner Harris

At present, the five books shown here comprise this series by a writer otherwise known for sci-fi/fantasy works. Ms. Kurtz has created an ongoing series (much like her Deryni series of books) which follows the activities of psychiatrist Adam Sinclair as he fights the eternal war of good versus evil. Sinclair is 'heir' to mystical knowledge and power from "the Light" and the books in this series weave intricate tales of the battles he and his associates face as they engage in mortal combat with the 'forces of darkness'.  

Although the reading taste of many Masons would not normally go towards this type of material, we suspect that this series quickly engage them through its deft wrapping of a good 'yarn' with the elements of a detective mystery, science-fiction thriller, and more than a bit of Masonic symbolism and reference thrown in on top. Adam is a Scottish nobleman and is, as are most of his associates, a Mason. His #2 person in the work of 'doing good' on planes outside of the ones in which we exist is quite active in the Lodge, in fact, and uses his Masonic contacts for more than just information.

Obviously, the types of activities ascribed to Freemasonry by Kurtz and Harris are fiction but they make good reading nevertheless and you might find these works great for a summer afternoon by the beach or a cold and windy winter's night! 

Masonicinfo Note: If you're going to read the Adept series, BE SURE to start with the first and read them in order! They build on allusions as they go and although they can be read independently, the experience will be enriched if you start at the beginning - The Adept, a book which is sometimes difficult to find.

We loved 'em! Hope you do too~~~~~~

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