Hidden Secrets - Burns

"Hidden Secrets of Freemasonry"

Dr. Cathy Burns


  There are precious few books about Freemasonry by women and practically none which are anti-Masonic. Were Masonry to be the evil institution its few detractors make it out to be, we'd think there would be far more. The author of this particular work clearly has an agenda which, simply stated, is 'If it's not what I KNOW TO BE CHRISTIAN, it's evil.' In addition to this work and a similar one about the Order of the Eastern Star (a group, primarily in the United States, for the female relatives of Masons), she takes identical aim at Mormons, Alcoholics Anonymous (for their 'false teachings') and various other organizations which she deems 'new age' - and thus totally unacceptable.

In this work of less than 50 pages, Burns begins with early use of quotes from Masonic authors taken totally out of context in order to 'make her case' while proven liars such as Jim Shaw are quoted extensively. In addition to the usual out of context quotes from Pike, the remainder of her 'sources' are from anti-Masonic authors including the Arcana Workshops, Decker, Chick and a plethora of other anti-Masons. Taking great license with the actual activities of the lodge, Burns makes the ludicrous and unsupportable claim that the 'Masonic God is Lucifer' and ascribes the typical anti-Masonic symbolism. She claims there are over 1,000 degrees in Freemasonry and her (lack of) scholarship is no more clearly evident then when she quotes the Taxil hoax directly from Ed Decker's book.

You can read some additional information about this particular author and this book here.

If you like diatribes, this is indeed the book to get!

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