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Masonic Awards
Other Awards

From Pietre-Stones, we've received "5 Caps" (the best!) for an
Outstanding Masonic Website both in 1998 AND 1999!

Pietre-Stones 1999 - 5 Caps AGAIN!Pietre-Stones Award 1998 - 5 CAPS!!!

" PIETRE-STONES " - Review of Free Thought & Freemasonry
A truly outstanding web site as well! Be very sure to visit them: it's worth the trip!

We were very pleased with these awards! <grin>

The Labora &c. Award is presented by Keepitsimplestu...(KISS) Websites to encourage simplicity and elegance in website design:  Labora & c. AwardDesign devoted to enhancing the content of the site, and content designed to enlighten those who use the internet. The idea behind KISS Websites is to make websites that are appealing to the eye and ear, with a minimum of extra activity. No frames and few images are used to improve download time and to be friendly to visitors with less than state-of-the-art equipment. The research and information is credited as well as possible, and the theme of each site is narrowed to maintain the interest of both the visitors and contributors alike. Judge J. R. Martin is an active and involved Mason whose military career spans conflicts from Vietnam to Desert Storm. His web site has some wonderful information about Music in Masonry!

The design for this beautiful award is thanks to Al Varelas, USMC, Decorated Vietnam Combat Veteran, webmaster of Masons In The Military Web Ring and many patriotic sites. It is an absolute joy for us to have!


The Master's Piece


Pyramid Lodge #43 F&AM in Reno, Nevada USA has presented us with this beautiful award titled "The Master's Piece Award of Excellence". We accept it with thanks to their Awards Committee and hope that some day we'll be able to visit in person to thank them for this wonderful recognition. They've got a great site too! Just click on the graphic and see....


Square Work Award

Square Work AwardThe Valley of Toledo, Ohio USA Ancient & Accepted Scottish Rite honored us in December, 1999 with this wonderful award showing an ancient craftsman. What a great visual reminder of our Masonic heritage in these times of ever-increasing technology. It's great.

Thanks, Brethren. We certainly appreciate this!  

We'd also note that the Valley's web site has pulled together some GREAT links and information which will surely benefit Masons: links to abandoned bank accounts, super recipes, and a whole lot more. Be sure to click on the link and visit them: there's an eclectic mix that's sure to be helpful for every member of the family - and best of all, you don't have to be a Mason to take advantage of this. Another shining example of the unsung services that Freemasonry provides! Congratulations to Brother Pete Baker for his outstanding devotion to the Craft and his Valley! 

We think that this is another absolutely gorgeous award. It arrived with this message: "Dear Brother King,
Your site is the first and only site so far this year to receive a perfect score of 30.

Anti-Masonry Points of View should be read by everyone and, with your permission will be our Website of the month in August." (1999)

"You have done an outstanding job!!!!!!!!!

Roger L. Gotthardt, Webmaster   West Milton Lodge 577 F.&A.M."

 Needless to say, we're pretty darn proud!!!

F G Masonic Website Award

Awards from our fraternal brothers and sisters are particularly appreciated as was this F. G. Masonic Website award for overall quality and content!


MarshaOES.gif (5918 bytes)An award from Sister Marsha, a wonderful person with a truly inspiring way of looking at life. It's an honor to have this one and we encourage you to check out her site! Her site has changed so we can't send you along to visit her.... Some day we hope to find her out there in cyberspace again!

Åke Eldberg has a rndarrow.gif (874 bytes)really great site which totally and completely debunks the claims of  "Ex-Masons for Jesus" (Duane Washum) - and does it in EXCELLENT detail! Do visit his site: we think you'll agree that it's one of the most sensible and definitive there is - and written from a very unique perspective! Congratulations, Brother, on an excellent work. We think YOU deserve an award for your site too!!!



Prince, the Search DogJust click on "Prince, the Search Dog" to find things on our site. He's on every page and he'll take you directly to our search form where you can see if we've written about whatever it is you're interested in. Prince has a great memory; he always remembers where things are!

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