"Unholy Worship?"  by DafoeUnholy Worship - The Myth of The Baphomet, Templar, Freemason Connection

by Stephen Dafoe

As his second book on Templar issues, Dafoe does a commendable job 'debunking' the foolishness of the Baphomet myth. He explores in detail the trials of the Knights Templar and the charges which arose from their suppression.  He then goes on to describe theories surrounding the 'head' they were supposed to worship and interweaves them with the theories and descriptions of the devil of Christianity. Finally, he ties it all together with an excellent presentation of the Taxil hoax, showing the ludicrousness of the charges made today by certain religious intolerants. We found just one quibble': a piece of reference material used by Dafoe (a quote from the fanatical anti-Semite Nesta Webster) makes assumptions without proof - and the reference itself is hardly definitive. Notwithstanding, this small (75 page) book is one you will refer to again and again when you read yet another of the strange and contemptuous charges leveled against Freemasonry. 

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