Into Masonic Light

Douglas Wood with Dimitar Mavrov

This book is one that you might never encounter if you weren�t looking for it specifically but it�s one you�ll be glad you�ve bought. Exploring masonic symbolism as if though a prism lens, it looks at our Craft based on meditations (essays, really) derived from the many degrees including those from the York Rite bodies which have so much rich symbolism. The book begins by explaining the oft-overlooked (and sometimes misunderstood) timeline of the allegorical stories we find in our degree work and then places them in context, one with another.

The chapters are well illustrated although having them done in print quality color would have been so much more luscious. Had they been, though, this book would have been ten times the price so it's a trade-off. It would be lovely to have a 'special edition' for coffee table display nonetheless. Already in a larger format than most books (this one measures 8.5 x 11 inches making it standard US paper size with a binding adding a bit more), it's easy to see the points illustrated therein - and the writing is both 'tight' and well considered The author is an attorney so he's not prone to using a lot of extraneous blather. Don�t be deterred by this being self-published: it�s definitely a quality work.

What really attracted me to this book was that the preface is written by Bro. Kirk MacNulty, not only an acknowledged expert on Masonic symbolism but a Brother who rarely provides such endorsements. That he shares lodge membership with the Brothers Wood and Mavrov tells me that they�ve gotten some good training - and it certainly shows in this fine work which I highly recommend. It�s available at Amazon for only $30.

It's great reading both as background for understanding the degree meaning but also for enhancing one's appreciation of the rich tapestry that is often not totally understood. This book is highly recommended to both new and 'established' Masons and is one that will certainly provide 'enlightenment' as you move 'Into Masonic Light'.

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