The Freemasons Key
A Study of Masonic Symbolism

Edited by Michael R. Poll

Mike Poll has developed a keen sense of 'what's needed' in the publishing of Masonic books. In this work, he's filled a HUGE gap that has existed practically forever.

When one becomes a Mason, the very first thing they want to learn about is 'symbolism'. What does it all mean? What's behind it all? For several decades, the standard work to address these emergent questions has been Allen Roberts' The Craft and Its Symbols. This book will not take its place but it should easily become the SECOND reference for a new or inquiring Masonic mind. While Roberts has addressed the basics, relating them to each degree in a logical, patterned order, this work expands FAR beyond that and joins together essays from the best and brightest minds from the history of Freemasonry into a book which expands the richness of our symbolism in detail. Having these all in one easily handled volume makes it just SO much easier!

This is not to say that these essays themselves are easy: they are, for the most part, ones to which you will return again and again over the years, each time finding new gems of thought-provoking stimulation. They approach the subject of Masonic symbolism from varying angles, allowing the rich prism to shine and glow in your mind.

This is a book that has long been needed: ANY student of Masonic symbolism should add it to their 'read this now' list and to their library immediately.

Full disclosure: I've known Mike Poll since we were Sysops on the CompuServe Masonry Forum during the 1990s. This book was sent to me as a sample copy based on an interest in ordering over 100 copies. It was reviewed by my Masonic Lodge of Research and we proceeded to purchase a copy for each member of the Lodge. It was sent as a bonus book to the membership in 2006 - and was VERY well received!

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