The Boy Who Cried Wolf by Richard ThornThe Boy Who Cried Wolf
The Book That Breaks Masonic Silence

By Richard P. Thorn, M. D.

 A Fundamentalist Christian examines the rationale and reasoning behind those who use a religious argument against Freemasonry. Dr. Thorn provides a detailed examination of the claims of anti-Mason Ron Carlson in a point-by-point refutation of Reverend Carlson's claims. It covers a whole panoply of objections and addresses them with detail and scriptural defense.

Despite this book (and others like it), Pastor Ron Carlson continues to use the same tired charges against Masons and Masonry, proving that anti-Masons are not often willing to 'change their tune' despite convincing evidence that they're wrong.

This book is unique because of Dr. Thorn's personal beliefs and although it hasn't received much attention in discussions of anti-Masonry, it should be read by those who want to learn about the inappropriateness of fundamentalist Christian arguments.

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