Born In BloodBorn in Blood

John J. Robinson

A very popular work written by a man who was not a Mason at the time. This book attempts to trace the unknown (but much speculated) history of Freemasonry back to the Knights Templars. Because the author was unfamiliar with many resources subsequently called to his attention by Masons (including the rich history of the Templars maintained by the various Grand Bodies in France), he made a great many assumptions. As a result, this book should be considered primarily historical fiction. It is, however, a very interesting read and makes a wonderful 'case' for the 'Templar Connection'. (See our page on the Templars for more information on this....)

As so many other reviews have been done on this work, we felt anything we might say would be superficial. We'd encourage you to get this work (found quite readily, including in libraries) and see for yourself.

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