Freemasonry in the 21st Century"Freemasonry in the 21st Century"

By Don Bradley

In the book's introduction, the author according to the introduction to his book, Mr. Bradley claims to be a Mason, Rosicrucian, author, composer, syndicated columnist, classical musician, credentialed teacher, network engineer and much more....  He says, "In the course of writing this book I received little encouragement from my so-called brothers." and Masons will understand why this complaint is made once they read that Mr. Bradley believes one of the two primary functions of Masonry is "To aid all life on our planet through the use of ceremonial White Magic." Interestingly, and not unexpectedly, nowhere is the author's Masonic membership data given. The picture on the back cover shows a person of quite young age supposedly living in the hills of Los Angeles when "...not traveling in search of new worlds and ancient wisdom."

When online discussion of this book has occurred, a couple of posters stated their belief that this was an exceptionally moving book; others, however, replied that they wished they had not wasted the money. We believe that this book it is wrongly classified as 'Non-fiction'. The bibliography is revealing: only thirteen authors are cited and just two of them are by Masons (although even those are suspect in that one citation is for Albert Pike while the other is Manley Hall's "The Lost Keys of Freemasonry" written at the age of twenty-one, some thirty years before Hall became a Mason).

Bradley has many more quotes including those from Alice Bailey, an occultist, as well as various Yoga masters. He writes exhaustively about what he perceives to be the lessons and reactions to the degrees of Freemasonry - and in some few cases, actually touches upon reality. With far too many of his examples, however, he makes great leaps and assumptions which no one (Mason or not) would, should, or could ever presuppose as the actual purpose or teaching of the degrees. While the cover is appealing, the book's contents and fanciful claims leave much to be desired. We feel this work is poor fiction which many Masons will be duped into buying simply because of its title. 

We certainly don't recommend it!

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