Religious Objections

"Take away hatred from some people, and you have men without faith."
Eric Hoffer (1902–83), U.S. philosopher.

If you're convinced that you know the 'truth of God' and that He has told you through your reading of the Bible or Koran that Masonry is evil, there's nothing we're going to say here which will convince you otherwise.
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In another section, we've attempted to identify some commonalities in those who object to Freemasonry on religious grounds. You can read that essay by clicking here. In this section, we outline the common (and often debunked) arguments. There are so many inconsistencies in the charges they make against Freemasonry and they're put forth by a small minority who claim to have the ultimate religious knowledge (we call them 'Religious Intolerants') that it sometimes seems fruitless to disagree. However, lies and shadings of truth, when allowed to stand as if they were the truth, can ultimately be perceived as such.

The charges against the fraternity take different tacks. Below, you can click on various links to read about them:

bulletFreemasonry is a Religion
bullet    Freemasons have a Masonic 'God' - the GAOTU
bullet    Albert Pike wrote confirming that Masons pray to Lucifer
bullet    Mackey's Masonic Encyclopedia said Freemasonry is religious
bulletFreemasonry is a cult
bulletFreemasonry prays to false gods and allows pagan worship
bullet    Wiccans and pagans are Masons
bullet    Mormons are Masons
bullet    Jews are Masons
bulletMasonry excludes Jesus
bulletMasons perform their worship in Temples
bullet    Members must obey their "Master" instead of Jesus
bullet    Masons refer to the Bible as 'furniture'
bullet    Masons worship numbers and/or practice numerology and/or astrology
bullet    The Masonic ritual represents resurrection
bulletMasonry is anti-Catholic
bullet    The Knights of Columbus hate the Masons (or vice-versa)
bulletMasonry offers its members an eschatology (concept of the after-life) and promotes good works as a way to salvation
bulletMasonry is esoteric
bulletThe symbols of Masonry are those of a false religion
bullet    The Eye in the Pyramid is a Masonic symbol
bullet    Baphomet is a God of Masonry
bullet    The Obelisk is a phallic Freemasonic emblem
bullet    Freemasons worship Satan or practice Satanism
bulletFreemasonry gives a name to God - Jabulon
bullet    Freemasonry uses the name/word Abaddon as a "Secret Word" in its rituals
bullet    The God Freemasons worship is the "Great Architect of the Universe"
bullet    Hiram Abiff is the Mason's Messiah
bulletMasonry descends from the evil Knights Templars
bulletNon-Christian organizations like B'nai B'rith are part of Masonry
bulletMasonry confuses its adherents and leads them away from God
bullet    Time spent being a Mason should be spent in church instead
bullet    "Low-level" Masons don't understand the evils of Masonry
bulletMasons take "Bloody Oaths" rather than letting their "...yes be yes and their no, no."
bulletThe Shriners mock Christianity by wearing a red fez

Masons want to destroy/subvert Catholicism (or your religion)


Freemasonry is part of the ADL (Anti-Defamation League) and supports British Israelism


Masons don't understand what they're into - and thus need the help of a 'good Christian' to escape the bonds in which they're ensnared


Masons practice 'Humanism' (something often paraphrased as 'live and let live')


Masons are Deists

In reality, though, these arguments really reflect different views of the same argument:

We need a villain - and you're it!

Trying to respond

When first confronted with any/all of the claims above, most Freemasons are either mildly amused or completely 'turned off'. Why? Because they know that these silly charges are simply not true. When faced with the earnestness and perseverance of the argument's proponent, regardless of any information given to them, the Freemason often becomes defensive or angry: Can't this person see the truth???

Dismissive or argumentative responses often result. Regrettably though, such actions can serve to confirm in the mind of the person presenting the claim - regardless of how ludicrous - that there must be some truth to it, else there would be a total refutation provided. Masons too can innocently confuse the naive inquirer who is simply repeating something which s/he has understood with someone having an 'agenda' of anti-Masonic action.

Freemasonry has for some 300 years simply ignored its detractors. Having an 'official position' on people who charge that Masons are in league with space aliens or that Masons are plotting to overthrow the worlds' governments seems just too foolish for the organization to even consider acknowledging. (For the record: no, we're not in league with space aliens nor are we planning any sort of world domination!)

Those who are Freemasons look around in their Lodge to see peace and harmony. They see men of various religious and political persuasions working together for the good of all. They see charity at so many levels. Why would anyone find this offensive - particularly someone who has never been inside a lodge and works only from hearsay and/or hatred?

In some cases, it seems as if certain so-called religious groups want to tear everyone else down in order to make themselves look better. Unable to compete, it's easier to disparage.

In the final analysis, it returns - we believe - to the same argument:

We need a villain - and you're it!

The summary? Freemasonry is neither a religion nor does it take a position vis--vis ANY religion. A member's religious beliefs are his own and while some detractors would want Masonry to mold itself into their interpretation of 'truth' - or see the organization as a threat - the fact remains that Freemasonry is a fraternity of like-minded men dedicated to the ideals of brotherly love, relief and truth.

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