In May, 2002 we received an e-mail from a 9th grade student in a Southern European country who wrote 

"Many 'antimasons' claim masonry has something or alot to do with lucifer and satanisam, and many organisations which endorse satanistic teachings often mention freemasonry in their texts (e.g. OTO ).I see you have made an effort to proov that these allegations are not true but i think that it has to be said very clearly that MASONS HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH SATANISTS, as not saying it clearly may seem like trying to hide something." 

Wise. A VERY wise young person!

So let's make it clear right here and now: Freemasonry has nothing - absolutely nothing - to do with Satan, or anything else of that nature.

First, in order to become a Mason, one must profess a belief in a Supreme Being. While someone might want to argue that Satan could be considered "Supreme", the fact of the matter is that the entire process of application would discourage someone with behavior which is so deviate from societal norms. 

But let's examine this further: would a person who might enjoy blaspheming God want to join a group which has an open Bible in the Lodge room? Would a person who thinks the Devil guides their actions want to stand and pray to the Supreme Architect of the Universe for help and guidance in his life? Would a person who would find pleasure in debasing Deity feel comfortable around a group of men, nearly all of whom were active in the practice of their faith and many of whom were leaders in their Church, Synagogue, or Mosque?

The only answer is - of course not!

But what about the bizarre claim that all Freemasons are actually Satanists or worshipping Satan? All one needs is a little common sense to debunk that foolishness. Don't you think that if such a thing WERE going on that there would be FAR more men leaving the organization - and speaking loudly about it? Do you really imagine that millions of men are so schizophrenic that they could worship with their families in their church, synagogue or mosque and then attend a lodge meeting to revile God just a few days later?

Or what about the variation on that theme: that it's the 33rd Degree (Scottish Rite) Masons who practice Satanism? Or maybe it's some other (undefined) 'high ranking Masons', then. Again, your 'manure detector' should be smelling something pretty foul. Men who spend year after year, decade after decade believing that Freemasonry is morally upright suddenly find they are expected to change their entire belief set to worship Satan just because they've been given some honor or made part of a special group? How silly is that? And, moreso, just how many do you think wouldn't scream to the rooftops about such stupidity?

And let's be honest: there are those who HAVE left Freemasonry over the past 300 years, claiming that the organization conflicted with their religious beliefs somehow. Not a single one, though, can point to ANY degree or ANY activity within the Masonic family that has Satan, Beelzebub, or ANY kind of devil or devil worship in ANY degree or ceremony. Certainly those who'd left claiming some type of religious objection would be CROWING about such a thing if there had been, don't you think?

The bottom line: Freemasonry has nothing whatsoever to do with Satanism. PERIOD! End of Discussion!!!!!

Devil Tower, WyomingThose looking for more information about Satanism (along with the greatly exaggerated claims about its membership which is likely but a few hundred people worldwide) can find a wealth of material at

And we can't resist taking just a little poke:

Masons MAY, in fact, know some things about the Devil: Devils Tower in Wyoming may be familiar to some (it is, after all, a U.S. Park Service National Monument) while there are those who probably support the Tampa Bay Devil Rays baseball team. Yep, those Masons could be said to be involved with the 'Devil'....

And if you've read about Albert Pike and Lucifer relating to this topic, you'll want to read all about that right here.

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