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"The search for conspiracy only increases the elements of morbidity and paranoia and fantasy in this country. It romanticizes crimes that are terrible because of their lack of purpose. It obscures our necessary understanding, all of us, that in this life there is often tragedy without reason."
Anthony Lewis (b. 1927), U.S. journalist. New York Times (25 Sept. 1975).

Some objections raised to Freemasonry seem to cross the lines between religious and societal objections. We've added them here. Of particular interest is the way and manner in which anti-Masons love to quote (or misquote - or quote totally out of context) the writings by Masons about Freemasonry. We've come across several of these claims and have listed them on our page titled "Books by Masons".  

In addition, there are some claims that can't be categorized such as the following:


Masonic authors themselves show the evil/wrongness of Freemasonry;


"Jack the Ripper" was a Mason and/or Masons protected him;


Masonry is part of (or runs or is run by) Illuminati';


Candidates are forced to suffer indignities including riding a goat during initiation ceremonies;


Freemasonry practices sexism;


Freemasonry practices racism;


Freemasonry is a cult;


Hitler and the Nazis were involved in Freemasonry;


There are many 'evils' in Freemasonry.

We'll add to this section as we find bizarre and unusual objections to Freemasonry.

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