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We recently found a poem we really liked and share it here with you as a reminder that regardless of how persuasive your argument, you will never convince the true anti-Mason that he (or she) is wrong. What is important - in our opinion - is maintaining the 'high moral ground' so that you cannot be disparaged later.

The "Anti" Secret Society

A little dog barked at the big, round moon
          that smiled in the evening sky,
And the neighbors smote him with rocks and shoon
But still he continued his rageful tune
          and he barked till his throat was dry.

The little dog bounced like a rubber ball,
          for his anger quite drove him wild;
And he said: "I'm a terror, although I am small,
And I dare you, you impudent fellow, to fall."
          but the moon only smiled and smiled.

Then the little dog barked at a terrible rate,
          But he challenged the moon in vain;
For as calm and slow as the working of fate
The moon moved along in a manner sedate,
          And smiled on the dog in disdain.

But soon 'neath a hill that obstructed the west
          The moon sank out of sight,
And it smiled as it slowly dropped under the crest,
But the little dog said, as he lay down to rest,
          "Well, I scared it away, all right!"
dogmoon3.gif (2819 bytes)

Our thanks to "The Northern Light", the publication of the Northern (US) Jurisdiction of the Scottish Rite for placing this in their February, 1998 edition where we found it!

We suspect that many who come to this page will be Masons - and for those who are and would like to read some more Masonic Poetry, we encourage you to check out the Masonic Poets Society from our friend and Brother Gerald Leighton. Some great stuff!



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