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The DeWint House at Tappan, New York  was a temporary headquarters of General George Washington on four separate occasions during the American Revolution and on one, it was used for the trial of Major Andre for treason.

It is today the oldest surviving structure in Rockland County, NY and is an outstanding example of Hudson Valley Colonial Dutch architecture. The site has undergone extensive restoration and upgrading. A fully functioning replica kitchen, as George Washington would have known it while he was a guest of the DeWints, was completed in 1996. It is named after the family that lived there when Washington visited in the 1780's. Built in 1700 by Daniel DeClark, a Hollander who emigrated to New York about 1676, one can see the black glazed bricks which mark the date of construction across the front of the building. The Carriage House in Tappan, NY., together with the surrounding grounds, comprise the George Washington National Historic Site. The property was acquired by the Grand Lodge of New York in 1932.

The "Washington Room" at the DeWint House in Tappan is a National Masonic Historic Site. The DeWint House is a wonderful historic place to visit for Masons and non-Masons alike and is preserved by the Masons of New York for our future.



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