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"The deed is all, and not the glory."
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe - German poet, playwright, scientist and Freemason

We've tried to be particularly careful with the members identified on our "Famous Freemasons" list. Anti-Masons seem to take great glee when someone mistakenly identifies a person as a Mason if they're not. As a result, the only names appearing are those whom several Masonic researchers have identified and/or those identified by other Masons through their personal knowledge. We regularly scan various Masonic publications and add information based on them as well. If an error has been made, it is not because Freemasonry has been attempting to gain some sort of 'credit' but rather, it's the result of one individual (yours truly) taking a bit of information for granted without checking it completely. Further, we've listed the many famous and important persons associated with the fraternity as an indication to all that many leaders in civil, religious, and intellectual fields have found Freemasonry an organization worthy of their time and support. 

Thanks, everyone! Your contribution is appreciated.Here are some of the many who've provided information directly. We send along a 'Tip o' the (Master's) Hat' to each and every one of them:

Bryan Dowtin was one of our early contributors and provided a goodly number of names of Masons in/around the Virginia area while we received some family names from Thomas Allen Bruce OSt.J, FSA (Scot), High Commissioner of the Chief of the Name of Bruce. In addition, Bro. Scott Bill Hirst has given us a bunch of names of those active in Rhode Island Freemasonry with a promise of more to come! Bro. Harry Lamb has graciously pointed me to several Masons and recently to more whose membership is validated by their attachment to Freemasonry even after their death as is evidenced by their grave markers seen on Find-a-Grave. Thanks to all! 

Bro. Robert A. Domingue whose service as Editor of 'The Philatelic Freemason', the Journal of the Masonic Study Unit of the American Topical Association has provided a wealth of information for well over two decades to many. His knowledge of those who're Masons seems boundless!

Alejandro Ruiz provided helpful information about Benito Juarez while Bro. Alec Stewart, a law student at LSU and Bro. Milo Dailey also added to our list. Bro. Rex Gooch added info about MW Bro. Truman and seeing the Ken Burns 'Civil War' series reminded us again of the remarkable deeds of Bro. Joshua L. Chamberlain - a personal hero. Bro.  Bro. Robert V. Monacelli, Commander in Chief, Valley of Northern NJ, AASR provided facts about Grand Master and Civil War veteran/diarist Elisha Hunt Rhodes. Kari Suni, IPM, Union Lodge #134 Humanus Loosi 61, Helsinki, Finland has added interesting details about Bro. Sibelius. 

Morgan James Peters has added some famous Prince Hall Brothers and we appreciate all of these! There are also numerous additions from those who belong to a lodge named in honor of a Famous Freemason including Michael Dodge and more.

We're grateful to them as well as so many others who've contributed to various Masonic publications.


We also get numerous e-mails noting typing errors and other lapses in our technical abilities. To the MANY who've brought such things to our attention over the years, we're quite grateful. As anyone who has ever typed a letter or hammered a nail will appreciate, things don't always go exactly as they're supposed to....  We do like to know where we've fouled up and we try to keep our chubby thumbs from creating more havoc.


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