Secret Plots & Hidden Agendas by CoughlinSecret Plots & Hidden Agendas
What you don't know about conspiracy theories

Paul T. Coughlin

Although much of the information you'll find in this book is also found on our web site, it's presented in an entirely different (perhaps more interesting?) way. Subtitled 'What You Don't Know About Conspiracy Theories', I found this to be an interesting and well-presented work outlining both the history and current status of many claims which - to 'fundamentalist Freemasons' like myself - seem absurd. 

Paul Coughlin writes from a unique perspective: not only editor and author, he was the long-time host of a radio talk-show program which dealt with the issues of things like the 'New World Order, United Nations, End-Times Conspiracies, etc. at length. He weaves his experiences into an organized presentation that's easily understood and well-documented. Beyond that, however, he's a Christian who argues very persuasively that when Christians are seduced by these messages, they're missing the entire concept of Jesus and His Redemption. 

Those interested in only the issues of Ruby Ridge, Oklahoma City and Waco (which he covers in a concise and relevant fashion, devoid of hyperbole or judgments) or of the NWO, UN, and the other host of conspiracies so popular on the internet and in 'pop' books, will find this book worthwhile reading. Christians with an open mind trying to resolve the many arguments presented by popular preachers who thrive on fear and hatred should find it very helpful in keeping perspective.

In our opinion, it's worth reading!

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