"He got away with it..."

"...because he was a Mason!"

If you've come to this page, it's most likely because you want to know what we have to say about the charges that Masons can get out of traffic tickets and court charges because they'll make some secret sign to show the police officer or judge that they're a Mason. Maybe you didn't get a promotion when a Mason did - and you're convinced that the boss is a Mason who'd shown favoritism.

While this COULD be, it's about as likely as either of us winning the lottery jackpot this week. That's not to say that it DIDN'T happen but that the odds that it did are infinitely small. The reality is that the 'wink and nod' sort of thing is more likely a fantasy than anything else. Further, though, bribery is a strong inducement to 'do the wrong thing' and bribery is something that's always present in society.

Masons aren't THAT good

While Masonophobes/Anti-Masons will argue that people become Freemasons for personal enrichment but the reality is far from that. Do some say that they're joining to make contacts and get more business? Yes, pretty regularly. If they say that's a reason for their application to anyone in the lodge, it's highly unlikely that they'll be accepted for membership. If, when they become a member, it's evident that they've joined for their own business gain then they'll be quickly shunned.

One of the VERY strong underlying concepts of Freemasonry is that the organization should NEVER be used for personal gain or advancement. 

The OTHER Sign

And as one correspondent has wryly noted, "I can tell you what kind of a hand sign I'd give these idiots...." Enough said!

Created 20 October 2009

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