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Hey! I'm a Mason!!!

Important world figures apparently feel the need to tell everyone that they and the Masons - of which they're secretly a part - are controlling the world. According to some "experts" (generally those with extreme paranoia who have nothing better to do than look for photos and video moments which will prove their bizarre theories), they're doing it by giving what they refer to as "handsigns".

Those of a strong and generally individual and self-created religious persuasion will claim that these hand signs signal the arrival of Satan to take over the world or that the endtimes is about to appear. With technology today, it's SO easy to get a glimpse of just that perfect moment. Couple this with the opportunity for them to express this dire danger to the entire world and become 'recognized' in the process and presto: a website, a blog, a Facebook page or more, all able to warn the world about these evil and Satanic Freemasons.

There are also those who believe that the world is descending into some type of political chaos unprecedented in history. It's convenient for them to ignore the wars, famines and plagues that have gone before over the past several thousand years and so they do, wailing and flailing about a coming 'New World Order' which will enslave all mankind. Their background for such wild and seemingly implausible charges? The same as the religious proselytizer: they sat at home and used selective examples all designed to prove their point. (At this point we should cue the scary music and the pictures of FEMA concentration camps!).

Both groups find great solace in having found "evidence" that these handsigns are being so widely used. Living a solitary life, sitting for untold hours in front of a computer screen, and having no education in world affairs (most lacking a post high-school education of any kind and holding menial jobs in a life with few friends), they find the 'clues' that everyone else is just too damn stupid to see. They pull selected quotes from a handful of authors to support their claims and then brag to the world that they - not the world experts or those with experience and study in international affairs - have found how we'll all be enslaved very, very soon.

A cottage industry has arisen combining social misfits with those whose income comes from inciting controversy, particularly when it produces visits to their websites for that precious 'affiliate income'. They'll quickly confirm that, indeed, these things do proclaim 'bad times ahead'.

Steps, signs and tokens....

OK. So you're read a Masonic ritual somewhere and saw the part about there being 'steps, signs and tokens'. Did you LOOK at the pen and ink engravings that usually accompany such exposures? (They were done in the late 1700 in nearly all cases!) Did you see any thing that looks at all like what you're being told today are 'Masonic handsigns'? Nope. Didn't think so.

The fact is that the steps, signs and tokens used by Masons are ONLY done in Lodge. Let me repeat: ONLY in Lodge! Not on a stage, not when cameras are turned on and not as you're greeting some world leader. You don't find Masons out in the street doing little foot and hand dances trying to get the attention of other Masons.

Although there have been a couple of reports over the years of some idiot trying to get a judge's attention nearly 100% of those who've done so were NOT Masons. Many of these reported incidents stem from a NON-Mason making an ASSUMPTION that the judge - because of his importance - and that the 'guilty party' must somehow be a Mason trying to garner a favor that the reporter thinks is inevitable but would be seen by any member of the fraternity as grossly inappropriate and worthy of disdain - including the judge who, if he were a Mason, would 'throw the book' at him!

But they're ALL Masons!

The other 'fatal flaw' in the whole argument of world leaders giving hand signs is that it presupposes that they're all Freemasons! Every American president (so the argument goes) from Regan to Bush, to Clinton, to another Bush and now to Obama is a Freemason despite quite ample evidence that they're not. Prince Philip - for whatever world power shift he's planning - does these hand-dances too along with the wife who just MUST be a female Freemason because otherwise this whole thing would look incredibly stupid and that would be simply intolerable for those who've worked SO hard finding scraps of evidence to support their claims while ignoring the mountains of evidence that dispel any such assumptions. Why we often see claims that dictators of fascist regimes are 'flashing these handsigns' to communicate to other world leaders that they're 'in the club'. Wouldn't you think that they'd just whisper in the other person's ear at some big summit meeting? Or pick up the darn phone? After all, it's not as if they'd have to pay for the long distance charges, eh?

What ARE they signaling anyway?

As noted above, there are a couple of different theories depending on the lack of touch with reality that the supporter of the idea has. Some folks seem to spend HUGE amounts of time obsessing on this. Once you go beyond this hugely vague notion that they're going to take over the planet, there's simply NO specifics. Now let's be honest: if they were so damn smart that they could show us how they're all signaling to each other and, according to some, to us, wouldn't you think they would have or could have or SHOULD have figured out what this means? Yeah, yeah: they're going to take over the planet. WHEN? According to them, Presidents Carter and Reagan were doing this umpteen years ago. If the group is so very powerful, wouldn't you think they'd want to do this NOW rather than let others do it after they're dead?

And you can pick ANY hand gesture: they'll all work

Perhaps most interesting is that these handsigns are not all the same. Some pictures even get 'Photoshopped' just to prove the author's point that the leader INTENDED to make such a sign apparently. Some folks, having no life whatsoever, will note that EVERYBODY is "Bro." so-and-so. Our long-time whacko "Watchy" (from the Freemasonry Watch website) is one such person. Pick a major (or even minor) event on the world stage, something that's got lots of photographs or videos which he can access from his home in Vancouver, British Columbia, and within days he'll have a blog post showing how "Bro." somebody was giving a handsign to "Bro." somebody else - even though neither are Masons. The President does it, all the leaders of the world do it, the Pope does it, and even late-night comedians do it - and Watchy documents it all. Honestly, if I were that worried about the world as I know it being whisked away from me in the flash of a handsign, I think I'd just end it all now. Wouldn't that be the smart thing to do? (Eh, Watchy?) They'll make us slaves and do evil things so why put up with it? Oh - a chance to achieve some recognition and get people to notice them, not seeing their sad, miserable real lives. THAT'S why!

(Just think what they're going to do to the people who tried unsuccessfully to 'rat them out' and be afraid! Be VERY afraid!!! <laughing uproariously>)

You might also be interested in seeing the FACTS about many of the people that our friends with Masonophobia have declared to be Masons. Check it out here.

How to tell - if someone is a Freemason

If it's a politician you hate, surely he's a Mason. If it's somebody who you think is controlling the world without your permission, then there's a perfect way to be sure beyond a doubt. Check out these instructions and you'll never be confused again!

The OTHER Sign

At some point we'll go looking for a photo of some 90,000 Texas Longhorns (the University of Texas at Austin) at a football game all making this 'devil sign', proclaiming that they're all Freemasons and are going to be taking over the world. One would think that'd make the hand-sign experts apoplectic.

The history of that Texas Longhorns sign can be found here. Spoiler alert: not a darn thing to do with the Masons!

And as one correspondent has wryly noted, "I can tell you what kind of a hand sign I'd give these idiots...." Enough said!

Created 20 August 2009 with the CORRECT Texas school named 28 January 2010 (Thanks, Alisa!). Added the 'How To Tell' link 6 April 2010 and the history of the sign link November 13, 2012.

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