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"This above all: to thine own self be true;
And it must follow, as the night the day,
Thou Canst not then be false to any man."
William Shakespeare - Polonius Advice to his Son, from Hamlet

PLEASE NOTE: This page was written in approximately 1998. It is LONG out of date and Mr. Mitchell does not now seem to be posting ANYWHERE on the internet - at least not about Freemasonry. Further, Mr. Mitchell's hometown was essentially destroyed in Hurricane Katrina so we suspect that he has far more pressing matters to address. Regardless, he'd stopped posting well before that, seemingly consumed with his religious beliefs.

One additional point: identities such as A. Melon, Nomen Nescio, and An Metet are used by ALL persons using those respective remailers. Just because Mr. Mitchell was one of hundreds of others who've used those hidden identity remailers should not lead anyone to draw the conclusion that the poster is Ken Mitchell. It's easy to make assumptions on the internet and many often do, smearing Ken when - in fact - the liklihood of it being him is practically zero!  This comment added 6 August 2011.

Internet remailing services can often shield a person's identity. There are dozens of places on the Web where one can get a 'hidden identity' account or one can just change Internet Service Providers to become a whole new and different 'person'. Doing this makes it harder to track who's who. When used by one person to deliberately defraud, the casual reader could also be led to believe there's far more support for a position than there really is. Childish? Of course! But that doesn't stop Ken Mitchell who uses this methodology to garner attention and to harass Masons.

Anonymous remailers have become the haven of anti-Masons like Ken. In fact, he actually spent $15 to open an account at anon.nymserver in order to have total anonymity. Having been removed from the various free services, this now gives him the opportunity to rant and rave at his pleasure. Of course, it does severely limit his ability to sends messages complimenting himself on his wonderful work!

Most of Ken's posts are now not archived. Remarkably, though, whenever a new Ken-identity appears, it uses a 'voice' identical to Ken's and will have a complete history of what has transpired on the newsgroup months earlier. With hundreds of posts a week, how do they obtain such information? Simple: they already have it because it's just Ken using a new screen name!

In September, 1998, Ken determined that he and his screen identity were two separate entities - each capable of independent thought and action. Accordingly, he feels that he can say, "I did not post...." when the "I" referred to the screen identity and NOT the person. Sound a bit bizarre? It sure is....

December, 1998 actually finds one of Ken's on-screen identities writing that he (the identity) had talked to Ken on the phone and was going to visit him at work. This serious bi-polar disassociation is becoming disconcerting to all who have tolerated what previously seemed to be harmless rants. 

Ken's Handiwork....Here are some of the many nicknames he has used in his ongoing quest to defame Freemasonry, an organization in which his deceased father and his brother were/are proud members. If this individual had something legitimate to say, would it be necessary to spend so much energy attempting to disguise himself as the following? Beginning with mid-October, 1998, we'll also list dates of 'first arrival' so you can see how juvenile Mr. Mitchell's actions really are. For someone who's claimed that he had to leave the internet to protect the safety of his family, it would appear that there's precious little concern - or yet another of his many lies!

"Unequally yoked"? Would you believe someone who does this? Just count how many 'screens' you go through to reach the end of this list.

bulletA.Melon <> (October 17, 2000) - Amazing how this hidden identity was able to post a message from 1998 relating to Ken - and yet, he claims that there's no proof that this identity is really him! <guffaw>

 (It should be remembered, though, that this address is one which can be used by ANYONE and thinking that everyone with this or the several subsequent anonymous posting 'nyms' is, in fact, Ken Mitchell reflects ignorance of how anonymous reposting works!)
bulletAnonymous <> (September 11, 2000)
bulletSecret Squirrel <> (First date unknown) An interesting choice of remailers as this one is also used by a frenetic, hate-filled anti-Semitic sub-human to post on the alt.conspiracy newsgroups. Could Kenny be that identity as well? While we'd certainly hope not, it's clear that much of the antagonism against certain Masons seems now to stem from his hatred of certain religious beliefs....
bulletNomen Nescio <> (Anonymous Remailer) (July 16, 2000) **This 'name' (or lack thereof) is also in use by another anti-Mason described elsewhere on this site! It can be SO confusing in the world of anti-Masonry obfuscation sometimes.... <SIGH>
bulletAn Metet <> (Anonymous Remailer used by him before) (July 10, 2000)
bulletAnon <> (Anonymous Remailer) (June, 2000)
bulletAnonymous Sender <> (Anonymous Remailer) (May 17, 2000)
bulletBilgates Remailer < (Anonymous Remailer) (April, 2000)
bulletAnonymous Remailer (Anonymous Remailer) (January, 2000) (December 1999) - Yet another anonymous remailing site that Ken has found to hide behind. 
bulletAnonymous <> (1 March 99)
Note: this particular address can be used by anyone so not all posts bearing this address may be from Kennie. The language pattern so telling, however, will easily identify those which are. Ken has chosen this location because, apparently, of problems with his 'rebel' identity having spoken out in support of Ernst Zundel, noted Holocaust denier and having made libelous statements regarding alt.freemasonry newsgroup members.
bullet"private" <>Using (still) but 'spoofing' a legitimate ISP (13 December 98)   (Subject to correction)
bulletRobert Liashoff<using - as well as a name nearly identical to that of the deceased Brother of a Mason on alt.freemasonry with whom Ken is fixated> (21 November 98)
bulletExposed<using - a $35/year hidden identity remailing service >  (3 November 98) Using the name of a Mason to confuse readers (25 Oct 98)   (18 Oct 98)
bulletafmrevil@aol.comQss <AFMrEVIL> (16 Oct 98)
bulletmason_slayer <> (using
bulletmason_slayer <>(using - when this account was cancelled on 26 October 1998, Ken loudly proclaimed it was NOT cancelled only to have it revealed that he was posting now with that identity from rather than - and that, indeed, the account WAS cancelled!) - Note: "Watcher" - one of Ken's earlier identities spelled backwards.
bulletRussy <> - In an attempt to confuse these posts with those of the true object of much of Ken's obsession
bulletMasonsLie <masonslie@aol.comooooo>  (note: earthling and not earthlink) - This account closed 23 July 98 by DejaNews. (x) (joken)
bulletifamason@candoitsocan.i (JackFlashz) (.)
bulletseesig@for.add (C.A.L.L.) (7 days in July, 1996)

The primary names by which Ken was known initially were joken, kwayne, C.A.L.L. (Christians Against Lucifer's Lodges) and hiram001. Reading the above list from the bottom upwards, one can see how Ken has increased his knowledge of hiding his identity - and has abused the services of those who offer remailing services.

Ken is also fond of pointing out that various other Masons have used a variety of addresses AND that many of the above names are simply derivations (commonly known as 'spam bots' to help deter junk mail). Count them yourself, however, and you'll find over 50 separate and distinct (non-related) identities. We know that some people will change Internet Service Providers, sometimes several times, before finding one they're happy with; these folks generally use the same or a similar nickname wherever they are. We take no issue with that but using that many different identities and then claiming that they're different posters, all of whom write exactly the same way.....?

And to what end these ruses? Simply, because each and every one of Ken's charges against Masons and Masonry have been refuted time and time again. Masons are appreciative of concerns about their fraternity and will try to resolve such issues. At some point, however, it becomes clear that Mr. Mitchell is simply striving for attention and/or is totally incapable of understanding. Sadly, it appears that he feels he is serving Jesus Christ through his attacks and cannot understand how anti-Christian his actions are.

As the days progress, it appears more and more clear that Ken's posts are less involved with criticizing Freemasonry then spewing hate and anger towards those who confront him. He lashes out at individuals rather than at the organization which first brought him to (his perception of) 'fame'.

In December, 1998, he began posting in alt.masonic.demolay, spewing forth more venom and subjecting young men to his veiled allusions of obscenities and his version of the 'truth'.

Readers of alt.freemasonry have become seriously concerned that the fantasies of such an individual who would troll other venues looking for 'dirt' on specific individuals and who resort to mindless postings in a futile craving for attention are reminiscent of symptoms reported in those who wreak havoc against individuals in fits of rage.

Each time members of alt.freemasonry read or hear news reports of bizarre activities of crazed individuals, we wonder if the report will mention a name which we know well....

alt.freemasonry users and thank Tom Krummell for keeping this list up-to-date! Tom signs his messages with this unique sig: "- The mockingbird can change its tune eighty-seven times in seven minutes. Politicians regard this interesting fact with envy."

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