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"As a first approximation, I define 'belief' not as the object of believing (a dogma, a program, etc.) but as the subject's investment in a proposition, the act of saying it and considering it as true."
Michel de Certeau, French author, critic

Several folks have written to ask about Ken Mitchell's beliefs. Based on postings to alt.freemasonry under his 60+ 'disguises', it's hard to comprehend just what this individual thinks. We know from past posts that he considers himself a Christian yet we cannot understand why someone who engages in such deceit and does such hurtful things would also think himself part of a religion which practices concepts like "Love thy neighbor" and "Do unto others". We've questioned Mr. Mitchell (under one of his many screen names) about his church membership, hoping to garner some insight into this matter. The replies were predictably evasive.

However, from past writings and from viewing several nearly identical web sites which Ken has created over the past months, it appears that he has three ideological 'heroes':


David Duke - The white supremacist turned politician (whom he claims is 'just a local politician';


David Irving - The Holocaust denier (whom Ken thinks is wrongly defamed - and says so on a couple of his web sites!);


Ernst Zundel - another, and perhaps the most noted Holocaust denier; and


'Pastor' Arnold Murray - the radio and television preacher from Arkansas who hosts a daily Bible study program on radio and via satellite television. It's also available on the Internet.

David Duke is a former leader of the Ku Klux Klan which promotes hate and violence against non-whites. Their activities, particularly in the United States are quite repugnant. Several years ago, Mr. Duke involved himself in legitimate politics and even mounted a brief attempt at the presidency of the US. Nevertheless, he has not left behind his racist views. Ken has spoken of meeting Mr. Duke at a local political rally but we must wonder if it was really a political gathering or one of the other kind which Mr. Duke continues to attend.

David Irving's notoriety comes from his many years denying the Holocaust actually occurred the way it is portrayed commonly in history. His hatred for Jews is thinly disguised and yet, Ken - based on knowledge which apparently transcends the rest of mankind - finds Mr. Irving to be 'just misunderstood'. When his web site makes its regular reappearance, one can comments like this one (found in January, 1999): "After viewing several tapes of `talks' given by Mr. David Irving, I hopped on the internet to search for more information about the gentleman. I found site after site attacking Mr. Irving, usually for no other reason than he reported the truth. I would like to thank Mr. Irving for his research, for his efforts to correctly report history, and to let him know that some people aren't blinded by deceptions passed off as 'truths' today."

Ernst Zundel is yet another person from whom Ken derives inspiration. Under a couple of his different identities, he has made reference to him. A recent one was in February of 1999 when he posted that "If you enjoy the truth and have a, you can catch Mr. Zundel on Sunday night 7:30 EST Galaxy 6 Transponder 7 or 9 or 11. I forget the exact transponder as I have it programmed into my tracker. His honor and honesty is way above the disgusting lies and hate we see coming from the freemasons."

For those unaware, Zundel was featured in a 1993 movie described by TV Guide as "A documentary portrait of professional agitator and historical revisionist Ewald Althans, PROFESSION: NEO-NAZI is quietly damning. Filmmaker Winfried Bonengel follows the superficially charming Althans as he travels from Germany to Canada and back, giving speeches, recruiting new members for the German neo-Nazi party, and hanging on every word uttered by notorious Holocaust denier Ernst Zundel, who praises Althens as a "junior Fuehrer." Ostensibly non-judgmental, the film allows its subjects to reveal themselves, and the result is unforgettably chilling."

With this potent combination of hate, it shouldn't be surprising that Ken has yet another important person in his life - one who combines the philosophies of neo-nazism and racism under the banner of religion.

A person many may not be familiar with is 'Pastor' Arnold Murray of his self-styled "Shepherd's Chapel". His 'church' exists on satellite television and radio and these are the 'church services' which Ken apparently attends.

Murray's style involves frequent insults and crass language. He thunders against those who write him letters (delivered while he sits behind a desk in front of an American flag). His following is large but so is his opposition. We found it ironic, in fact, that one of the web sites which Ken uses in his campaign to discredit Freemasonry also has a considerable section condemning Murray as well. Consistency and consensus of opinion has never been a hallmark of anti-Masonic activity nor has it been one of Ken's virtues either.


Because our web site is not about religious beliefs, we will not express our personal opinions on the validity of Murray's theological beliefs.

Those interested, however, may want to visit the online page titled "The Cultic Views of Arnold Murray and the Shepherd's Chapel" where it's reported that Murray:

bulletdenies the historic doctrine of the Trinity;
bulletBelieves that men were once gods who existed prior to living on earth;
bulletteaches that the Anglo-Saxons are the chosen race, and America and Great Britain are the lost tribes of the children of Israel;
bulletdenies the existence of Hell;
bulletbestows a special honor on himself, claiming to be God's exclusive end time messenger to the world; and
bulletfalsely claims to have a doctorate degree from a properly accredited university or seminary.

That site also reports that "...the core of his teaching centers around the sinister 'serpent seed' doctrine that has been linked to various identity 'Christian' and right-wing neo-nazi groups. What this doctrine teaches is that in the Garden of Eden, Eve's sin was that of having literal sexual intercourse with the serpent which resulted in the pregnancy that produced Cain; the devil's literal offspring. Murray says the descendants of this offspring are the 'Kenites', a hybrid that include the Jews of today."

In his tape titled "Grace: Baptism", Murray teaches that even among Christians the different races should have no fellowship. Any wonder, then, that Ken Mitchell feels so strongly about 'unequally yoking'?

Although Arnold Murray affirms that all the other races are good, he offers the public, without apology, the book "Tracing Our Ancestors" by Frederick Haberman. Haberman writes: "It must be noticed that there is a great difference between the three principal races of mankind...and there exists little relationship between the three. The white race were unquestionably the last comers, being in every way superior to the other two and constituting their leaders and teachers." Pastor Murray also teaches that even among Christians the different races should have no fellowship. All Identity groups certainly see the white race ruling over the other races.

Another web site critical of Murray commented on some of his more colorful statements including:

bullet"I'm gonna knock 'em on their coon dog. I'm gonna pop him harder than he pops me. I'm not gonna take any malarky... "
bullet"If his crime calls for the death penalty, hang the dude!"
bullet"If somebody wants trouble... Whoo! They came to the right place!"
bullet"God, give me reign over the stupid preachers. You thought marine boot camp was tough? If they make it through that 1,000 years (with me), they're gonna be real jim dandy cracker jacks!"

And in October, 2008, the Southern Poverty Law Center had an article about Murray titled "Secret Identity". It's pretty interesting. You can find it here.

For additional information about the Christian Identity Movement, you may wish to check here.

From Arnold Murray, David Irving, Ernst Zundel and David Duke,
Ken appears to base his belief system of

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Oh, and Ken: if you really believe that the Holocaust didn't happen, you might want to spend some of your extensive spare time by checking out the site put together by The Nizkor Project. It's quite worthwhile and presents history rather than revisionism!

"Nizkor" is a Hebrew word; it means "we will remember."

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